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Dell UltraSharp Monitors: 24" U2419HC $269 | 27" U2719D $399 | 27" U2719DC $439 Delivered (AS NEW) @ Dell Outlet


Update 3: Prices Dropped: U2419HC was $299 now $269, U2719DC was $489 now $439
Update 2: U2719D has SOLD OUT
Update 1: U2719D Back in Stock (3 available)

U2419HC Dell UltraSharp 24 Monitor $299.00 (IPS, Full HD 1920x1080 at 60Hz, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C) —- Price Drop: now $269

Quantity Available: 100 73
$299.00 is cheaper than current Dell Sale price of $418.19 (after SPRING29 29% Off code)
U2419HC product details (RRP $589.00)

U2719D Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor $399.00 (IPS, QHD 2560x1440 at 60Hz, HDMI, DisplayPort) —- SOLD OUT

Quantity Available: 42
$399.00 is cheaper than current Dell Sale price of $666.69 (after SPRING29 29% Off code)
U2719D product details (RRP $939.00)

U2719DC Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor $489.00 (IPS, QHD 2560x1440 at 60Hz, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C) —- Price Drop: now $439

Quantity Available: 179 85
$489.00 is cheaper than current Dell Sale price of $702.19 (after SPRING29 29% Off code)
U2719DC product details (RRP $989.00)

All listed monitors:
Condition: AS NEW
Warranty: 1 Year INCLUDED

To enquire or order, click on Check Availability > CHAT NOW
(Chat Operating Hours (AEST): Mon-Fri 10:00am-7:00pm)

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  • +2 votes

    Never bought from Dell Outlet but I've come across quite a few deals here and the U2719DC sounds enticing.

    Anyone ever bought anything, maybe a monitor, from them?

    • Bought an as new monitor from them a few years back, mainly positives to say about the monitor + service. Their whole reservation system feels archaic, but the postage was super fast and the monitor was flawless.


        Nice. Glad to hear that it went smooth for you. And yeah, the reservation thing is weird. They got 8 SKUs of U2719DC in 'As New' condition, so hopefully I'll be able to snag one in time. Thanks bud!

        • There's actually 179 x U2719DCs (AS NEW) in stock (click on NEXT).
          But it's better to reserve 1 early in case their stock list is out of date (which is common)

    • Just bought a U2719D for the same price on Dell Outlet on Friday.

      The ordering process is relatively straight forward, but note you do have to pay over the phone. Hopefully mine will be here in a few days (I believe the stock is Sydney based).

      • +2 votes

        I paid for my (Dell) laptop over the phone, and that was over 2 years ago. I think I can trust them now.

        I'll probably be getting it. Thanks for sharing your experience!

      • I have always paid through a CC portal, never had to do over the phone. They send you a Quotation first to review and once you are ready to proceed in the online chat, open the pop up for the CC details. Interesting you had to do it over the phone.

    • You can save a further $60 if you go for the refurbished unit. I've gotten a P2417H refurbished 2 years ago and it was pretty much new!

    • I have bought 7 monitors from Dell Outlet over the past few years. 2x 24" Ultrasharps and 5x of their P-series monitors in 22" and 24" configs. Both As New and Refurbished models. Yes, old fashioned ordering system but fast delivery and even the monitor U2414H I bought back in 2016 is still going strong. Always tempting whenever I see deals come up to resist getting more.

    • Bought a 43"4K monitor from them, the purchase process was manual, have to call them to order and pay, otherwise the product was delivered on time and still working well after a year.

    • I've bought several laptops from the Dell Outlet in the past few years - the process has always been smooth and pain-free. One laptop required warranty repair (motherboard died soon after receipt) and they replaced it within a week, on my kitchen table.

      I highly recommend the Dell Outlet as a source of computer hardware.

    • Jist picked up a Dell 2919DC… I have been dealing with both Dell direct and Dell Factory Outlet for years and never, ever had an issue with product, service or warranty.

      Will DFO items, you can still purchase addition warranty post sale. I am just upgrading a Dell 2407WP… 12 years old from DFO and never had a screwdriver near it. Great performer, however my eyesight is are not performing as well these days :)

      P.S. Another reason why I kept the 2407WP is that most new monitors from most manufactures no longer have legacy ports like DVI and VGA which I needed for testing thin terminals etc.

      Cheers and beers, BBB

  • Only issue is the 1 year warranty.

    • Consumer law still overrides the 1 year guarantee.

      • These are sold as is, not new. What ACL overrides?

      • In what way does the acl override the warranty considering its not set in stone, Dell may not agree with the fact that they need to provide repairs or replacement free of charge.

        Honestly there is too much hassle with the Acl, especially if you have tried to go through with it before.

        Is there some acl rule that provides an extra year of warranty or so? Such as with phones.

        • "Under the Australian Consumer Law, certain consumer guarantees apply automatically, including that a product must be reasonably fit for any purpose specified by the customer and agreed by the seller. If a product is not fit for a specified purpose, the consumer is entitled to a remedy." they are selling the monitors "As New" just because they are out of box outlet monitors doesn't override your right to a "fit for purpose" and "reasonably durable" product.

          • @TehGamer: Define reasonably durable see that's what i was stating earlier you can argue that 3 years should be reasonably durable and the cost of the product is also factored in if i'm not mistaken, they may argue that for the price your paying they believe its reasonably durable for 1 year, hence now what do u do deal with a tribunal ?

            • @Tehcookiemonsta: @Tehcookiemonsta price doesn't impact the durability of a product in the eyes of ACL. I would say electronics have minimum 2year guarantee when you can point to 24 month phone contracts. Dell markets the monitors "As New" no fine print can discredit that.

    • which can be bad because i got a 2515 from them a while ago died about 16 months into ownership.

    • Many fee paying credit cards provide up to 2 years warranty on top of the factory warranty, e.g. AMEX Platinum/Edge, ANZ VISA, etc…. See https://thepointsguy.com/guide/best-cards-for-extended-warra...

  • I wish there were 27" 16:10 Dell monitors available. I absolutely love my U2415, but want to upgrade.

  • These have issues with daisy chaining, would not recommend a dual setup for laptop users unless they have a dock that can take direct input from both.

    • What issues are you seeing with daisy chaining them? I've got a couple of people set up with dual P2419HCs (extremely similar to the U2419HC) at work using the USB-C to the laptop and daisy chained display port from monitor 1 to monitor 2 and all seems good. We're actually starting to deploy the P2419HCs (with a USB3 NIC) in place of the WD19 docks.

      • I assume the deployment are with win laptops? Also what is USB3 NIC?

        • As far as I know Mac's don't support DP MST (multiple monitors over a single DP connection)

          USB to Ethernet adapter

        • Yep all windows laptops - NIC = Network interface card, not specifically required as you could run people over wifi, but I prefer docked machines to use wired network.

      • I am looking at setting up dual monitor (extended display) from single usb-c port on my asus zenbook flip laptop. Can I do this without a docking station? Any guidance (web or video) would be great. I plan to get the 27 inch with usb c port.

  • Hey does USB-C support mean video over USB-C? or just has some USB-C hub built in?

    • +2 votes

      Had a P2419HC connected to an XPS 13 9360, and it charged the laptop, connected to the 4 USB ports on the monitor and output video, all through that one USB-C cable that came with the monitor.

      The XPS 13 does support Thunderbolt 3 through that USB-C port, so I'm not sure if it'll work on a laptop with a normal 'USB 3.1 Gen1' port with a Type-C connector. I did learn about Macbooks having some issues with charging when I was doing my research last year, maybe they've fixed it? I suppose not, but be wary.

    • If you PC/Laptop supports video over USB-C then yes the monitor also supports it, will also charge your laptop (up to 65W) etc so good to use in place of a dock. Note it doesn't have any USB-C output ports though.

    • +1 vote

      U2419HC + 2018 MacBook Air user here. USB-C cable handles video signal, power to charge laptop, and data to USB-A hub. It's very handy.

      I've read the monitors are capable of charging at up to 60W via USB-C, so if you're using a 15" MacBook Pro or similar Windows machine you want to continue using your external charger.

      • Did you have the charging noise issue @Truman17 had in later comment?

        • Nope, and we have about 25 users with this exact setup at work. Might be something specific to the 27" variant, or it could be to do with the MacBook Pro (we use Airs)

  • what exactly does 'as new' mean?

    • Usually returns/open box. I have always found the As New monitors I bought to be spotless still with energy rating stickers and all wrapping and cables in a brand new state.

    • From the Outlet FAQ…

      Q What are pre-configured new systems?
      A Pre-configured new systems are as new notebook and desktop computers and enterprise products that have never been used by an end user but may have been reconfigured by Dell. Dell pre-configured new systems do not have any cosmetic damage.

      Q What are pre-configured refurbished systems?
      A Pre-configured refurbished systems are notebook and desktop computers and enterprise products that have been returned to Dell and put through a rigorous retesting process. Dell pre-configured refurbished systems may have some observable cosmetic blemishes that will not affect performance.

    • For me, it was a completely new, totally factory sealed packaging with no indicators as to being "as new". Delivered in 24 hours via AusPost to regional NSW.

  • Good service for monitor, not so good service for my alienware laptop that had a known issue with the model

  • Got manufactured p2719hc with $219, which is quite a decent price.

    Its really really convenient to get connected and charged by only one cable if it is thunderbolt.

    But be aware that it is not compatible with mbp, and if you charge in this way, you can hear noisy!

    Contacted with their tech service and got confirmed that it is due to voltage differences and only happens on apple mbp.

    • Wow did you get it from Dell outlet as well?

      Interesting to know the mbp issue - by "not compatible" does it mean just not charge but image and usb ports are ok?

      • Yes, got it from Dell Outlet directly.

        It can get charged, but you can hear background noise like electric buzz. Many others face the same issue if you google it. I also called the Dell and got confirmed that it cannot be solved since it is an inborn problem due to the different voltage. It will not happen on other brands.

        That can be solved if you charge it via apple's genuine charger and use usb-c to transfer image.

  • I heard blacklight bleeding can be quite severe on these models.

  • great deal, was looking to update my aging u2713hb. anything that the u2713hb does better than the u2719d that i should i know about?

  • Might be time to upgrade my Dell Ultrasharp 2001FP this thing is that old but has a better picture than a monitor i got last year

  • $90 for a usb-c port?

    • You plug a single USB-C cable into your laptop and all of a sudden
      a) your laptop is charging
      b) your display is connected
      c) can connect a second monitor via DP-out on monitor
      d) you get access to 4xUSB ports and headphone out

      Maybe you can find a USB-C dock for less than the increase in cost of the monitor - but it's pretty convenient to have it integrated into your display don't you reckon

      • Wow didnt know that. Thanks. Do you know if this works as a kvm? Definitely worth it for a lot of people if it replaces a kvm.

      • Only a week too late. I bought a usb c dock for my thinkpad. But I didn't pay a whole lot more for 2x display port 2x hdmi 5x usb 1x lan port. Only gripe? My usb keyboard connects rather unreliably to the dock.

        That said I'll just get a u2719d anyway.

      • Didn't even know my laptop supported video out on USB-C …… I do now!

  • I already have a Dell 27" that runs at 1440p. If I was to get the 24 as a second monitor do you know if I can run that at 1080p? Or do both monitors need to run the same res?

  • Is it true that I have to wait until 10am AEST to live chat them to buy this? Or is there some easier way?

  • Currently got an Asus PG279Q, would the U2719D/C work well beside this?

  • Was just told by a sales rep via chat that these units to not come with monitor stand, anyone else getting the same info?

  • what it was not mentioned to me i dont think

  • 100% was not mentioned to me

    10/14/2019 07:03:22AM Agent (JOANNE_NIAN_CHI_TAN): "Thank you for holding. Unit is available, please help me with your details to proceed to reservation.
    1) Name (for Tax Invoice) :
    2) Contact Number :
    3) Email :
    4) Bill & Ship address :
    Proforma Invoice will be generate and email to you shortly.
    **System does not ship with carrying case, mouse or monitor.
    **Microsoft Office License to be purchase separately.

    was all that was said
    other than invoice will be 1-2 hours

    • Kindly check if is correct and reply “ good to proceed” to confirm.

      **Reservation only valid for 2 working days.

      **Microsoft Office license & accessories such as backpack,stylus pen, keyboard and mouse are NOT inclusive in the deal.

      **Remark : Monitor packaged with power cord, adapter & at least 1x connection cable.

      Payment method:

      Credit card (Full Payment - VISA/ Master/ Amex)
      a. proceed through Live Chat

      b. request for call back for card details.

      Online transfer to the account details as follow.

      seems to indicate no stand
      **Remark : Monitor packaged with power cord, adapter & at least 1x connection cable.

  • I asked before placing the order. lady confirmed stand is included for the U2719D.

  • +2 votes

    Just made payment on mine, U2419HC comes with stand. 1 year warranty, on arrival 6 dead pixels OR 1 bright pixel for replacement. Delivery within 5-7 business days. Thanks OP!

  • Was originally told the new units (U2719DC) didn't come with stand, but just followed up with another salesperson and was assured that it does come with a stand. Have ordered one refurb and one new, fingers crossed both come with stands!

  • Would you guys get the brand-new 32" 1440p 144 Hz monitor (non USB C) for $567 after discount and cashback, or the refurbished U2719DC 27" 1440p 60 Hz USB-C for $489?

    I do have a Huawei Matebook X which utilises USB-C, so having that charge-through and data feature would be useful. But also tempted by larger curved screen and 144 Hz for potential future gaming.

    • Ultrasharp series have better built quality . But those are two different monitors.

  • Thanks! Ordered the U2719DC for $489 (USB-C Monitor)
    The chat said the U2719D was now sold out!

  • how long did it take for the invoice to come through? ordered roughly 3hrs ago still no bueno.

  • +1 vote

    looks like no more U2419HC
    "Sorry. The product you are looking for is currently out of stock"

  • does the invoice state that it is a refurbished or near new unit? or no mention at all.

    • Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor - U2719D
      Tag No.: (HIDDEN)

      12 Months Warranty
      Tag No.: (HIDDEN)

      That's all it says in my proforma invoice.

      • +1 vote

        I ordered two 2418D.

        One was refurb, the other as new. Invoice doesn't contain this detail. The item #s are also the same.

        Suspect they track the items based on the service tags only.

  • To update my order experience. Ordered on Friday afternoon and arrived this morning from Startrack (Tuesday)! If I didn't know this was from the Dell Outlet I would definitely have thought it was a brand new unit. Everything looks and smells new

  • UPDATE: U2719D Back in Stock (3 available)

  • Ordered on the 15th in the late afternoon.
    Got a call from StarTrack who thought he just saw me leave, and wanted to know if I would return to take delivery.

    Was showing as being packaged on Dell website
    Now shows as shipped.

    Just a heads up for those waiting for tracking numbers, so they can work from home etc on delivery day (like I was).

  • Update 2: U2719D has SOLD OUT

  • +4 votes

    Update 3: Prices Dropped: U2419HC was $299 now $269, U2719DC was $489 now $439

    • U2719DC is currently on sale brand new for $498.42, and shopback says it does 12% cashback on monitors. (498.42 x 0.88 = 438.52 - might have to exclude GST though)

      As new from Outlet is $439, vs Brand new for the same using cashback. Get the brand new one, yeah?

      • I signed up for shopback and the link they provided to the dell website shows a different price of $702.19. Not sure why.

        I think the $498 was a misprice. I checked this morning on the dell website and it was $498. Checking again now and it's gone up to $702, similiar to the shopback link. =(

        • Well I'm an idiot for not ordering last night. It was $498 in ShopBack app and it was in my car but I thought I'd better check with my better half before purchasing. A page comment said it was a new low price available until next Thursday, so I assumed I had time.

      • No idea whats going on with the Dell website. Cart price and display price when browsing the monitor from the "all monitors" page are different. $702 vs $498.

        $498 seems a great price if you can get it from the Dell online store. This has 3 yrs warranty compared to 1 yr warranty if you get it from the outlet.

        • yeh the website is a bit odd

        • I just grabbed my iPad and tried again using the ShopBack app. It showed the price as $702, but I figured I'd try fiddling around for the better price. I added the $702 version to cart, then opened the cart, and I see another one there at $498. It had saved the one from last night. Promptly deleted the $702 and ordered the cheaper one.

          I've got no idea what's going on. Possibly two different pages at the moment for the same product. You've somehow got to link to the cheaper price version. If you can figure it out, you get a 3 year warranty and brand new for the same as the "As New" from the outlet, which has a 1 year warranty.

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