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[eBay Plus, PS4, XB1] Call of Duty Modern Warfare Pre-Order $49 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Seems a great price for this pre-order. 100 units every hour until 6pm. Apply code PLUSPLAY at checkout. Enjoy :)

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  • No love
    Xbox ?

    • According to the banner both XBOX & PS4

      • Came after

        ( and tried searching for
        It, but wouldn’t show up)

    • +1
    • -3

      No, Activision took the sony exclusive dollars

  • +2


    Should I buy 2 copies on disc or buy digital copy
    For $75 (have $25 worth of MS points) to be able
    To play on 2 XBox’s

    Decisions decisions

    • Can only buy 1 copy looks like it. Says more than 10 avail. when I try to add 2, it shows up in cart as "LAST ONE"

  • Hmm… odds of this arriving on release in Melbourne?

    • +1

      Very unlikely, speaking from experience with them. And it releases on a Friday so you’d miss the weekend too.

      • +1

        Figured this might be the case. My Switch Lite arrived the following Tuesday. Would be happy to support them but I'd happy pay the extra $10-$15 in Melbourne to have it for the weekend tbh.

    • +4

      Can always buy from eb in store on release and return it when your gamesmen copy arrives

      • This is my lifehack too haha

      • +5

        Just don’t be a (profanity) and buy a game, use the unique codes inside then return it… happened to me when I unknowingly bought an opened game (was kept behind shelf).

      • What do you use for you excuse for returning it haha?

        • Didn’t like it is an acceptable reason.

      • If it has DLC codes included, it cannot be refunded for change of mind.

        Sometimes, the staff may be slack about it or just don’t care however, hence the rebuttals we may read about.

      • +1

        Yep, I did this with rdr2. The copy was sealed so no problems there obviously.

      • Sorry for being a noob but can you return even if its opened/used? on their policy it says

        is in brand-new, resalable condition
        is unworn or unused with all original packaging and content included
        is not subject to the exclusions listed below (19.2)
        • Yes, EB have a no questions refund policy provided it’s as new. I’ve taken a couple back over the years that sucked, that I thought would be decent games. It’s 7 days to do so I believe.

        • +1

          Just return the sealed copy that you get from gamesmen to EB

          • @ripoffmerchant: Won't they scan a barcode or something

            • +1

              @westzod: They are all the same, there isn't a unique link with the barcode to the company/store. I used to pre order from JB and Amazon all the time, sometimes the Amazon would not arrive on time, get my copy from JB and start playing then return the sealed Amazon copy back to JB once it arrived, they scan the barcode and it all comes up the same.

              • @Justin9mm: Ah perfect! Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!

  • Nice!

  • Wow good deal

    • +3

      Username doesn't check out. Should have re-ordered Battlefield Bad Company

  • +11

    why no pc deal!

    • +2

      yeap I'm looking for a good deal on PC as well… want to give the RTX a shot

      • +1

        Seems like PC is digital only - not even a physical box with code in it.
        Nothing on EB Games, JB, Amazon (AU or USA).
        Google search results seem to agree, looking at various reddit posts and forums.

    • +8

      Gone are the days when PC games used to be cheaper :(

    • +1

      It's exclusive to the Blizzard/Battle Net App iirc, so no deal for you.

      • So was BO4 but that still had retailers/resellers. Even Harvey Norman sells it.

    • +4

      It's digital only on PC, which means no price competition so it's $89.99 RRP only. No way i'll be buying it to support those practices.

      • Bought the PS4 version because of this lol. Will probably get PC version if I like the game enough

  • +1

    While me just enjoying COD mobile 🤪

    • Its pretty good, if you didn't know, u can download the tencent official app, GameLoop and play it on ur PC. I do it this way, its not as smooth but its good enough and it stops u from doing accidental presses :D

      • How does gameloop compare to NOX or other emulators?

        • I play pubg mobile and autochess on my pc using gameloop and it is pretty amazing honestly.

          Might give cod mobile a go on it even though I have the pc versions on it they still feel so try hard and toxic compared to mobile for some reason even though they are probably trying the same amount of effort and sweatyness.

        • Well I havnt used NOX in ages and Bluestacks is ok, but Gameloop is the official Tencent app so I don't think u would get a ban hammer, also the gameloop emulator detects which game mode your playing, either multi or BR and it changes the shortcut layout automatically, which is nice. It also always shows the controls on the right side.

    • I cannot believe they haven't added gaming controller support!

  • +4

    Probably the first eBay Plus deal that made me want eBay plus. Still not gonna renew it after using it last year though.

    • I forgot to cancel it after the trail and now its time for me to take back what I've lost

  • +1

    Bloody hell, I just pre-ordered my first COD game since Black Ops II.

    Screw the boycott and one year exclusive DLC, I prefer to enjoy the game now.

    Thoughts and prayers for those downvoting.

    • I don't understand the downvotes…

      I'm missing out on something 😔

      • because sony and activision are shitty companies

        one promotes exclusivity so idiots buy into their walled garden platform. Because somehow as consumers, supporting anticonsumer policies is going to end up good for them

        and the other is a company that laps up chinese money at the cost of morals or ethics

        but dont let that get int the way of playing a toxic game

    • +1

      I just +'d you.
      Not sure why you're getting downvotes.. especially on this page

    • +1


  • +8

    So many cod games they can't even find original names for the games.

  • Ugh is Amazon good at sending pre-orders on time? I know that Gamesmen sometimes sends it late.

    • On time if not a day early if you use Prime expedited shipping. That’s been my experience.

      • Ah thank you! I do recall it was only expedited shipping available so fingers crossed.

    • Gamesmen have always been early for me. Amazon usually good, but I've had two preorders arrive late with them because they didn't ship until release date.

  • Can’t checkout keep getting the error “a seller made some changes to an item listing

    • Keep trying, otherwise if you get the to the checkout screen but can’t continue, stay on that screen. At the top of the hour or a minute before, start hitting that confirmation button and eventually it will go through.

      • Cheers! managed to get through after a few more attempts

    • That's when they're replenished the stock on the hour

  • +1

    Just an FYI for anyone wondering about delivery times. I pre-ordered Blops 4 last year from gamesmen and used express post. It arrived a day before release in Adelaide.

    • Where do they ship it from do you know?

      • Shipped from NSW

      • Yeah NSW

  • Thanks!!

  • +13

    never buying an activision product again.

    • Same. How quick some are to either forget or not give a damn.

    • Why not?

      • +2

        activision owns blizzard and i don't like what blizzard did in response to hong kong/blitzchung

        • Hmm ok I guess. Seems a little harsh

    • +1

      That's what they always say…

  • Limit of 1 pp?

    • Seems like it. As I tried to get 2 but wouldn't allow me. I ordered one and then went to try and order another but says unavailable. Any way of getting it again? Gifting the 2nd one.

      • Just create a new eBay account and sign up for the eBay plus trial.
        Don't forget to cancel it though so you don't get charged!

  • Ordered thanks heaps

  • +4

    Get your wallets ready for microtransactions

  • Thanks TA!

    • -1

      His wallet thanks you too :p

  • +7

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare not to be confused with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

    Why isn't it called Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare?

    • +1

      To confuse gamers, duh

      Tbh, I grew tired of this CoD franchise years ago… When will Activision make something creative for once

      • We are at the mercy of idiots and what they think will make money.

    • +1

      Modern warfare 4 would have been simple.

    • +1

      I was under the impression this was a reimagining of COD4. Heck that’s why I was excited to buy this.

  • Bought, thanks TA!

  • Thanks. Bought it for single player

    • So this one does have single player mode? That's good then.

      • Is it?
        I'd rather they spend resources giving more than 7 multiplayer levels.

        Single player is usually pretty ass

        • singleplayer for MW original was critically acclaimed by everyone before they ran out of original ideas. It set the benchmark for modern shooters

          theyre now reimagining it.

          but of course most kids these days forgoe decent singleplayer for pew pew killstreaks and instant gratification

          • -1

            @furythree: I'm not very interested in multiplayer games, though the call of duty games have terrible single player. I'm too old to find amusement in ridiculous American bro shooters.

            This is going to be hardcore tryhard single player for sure.

  • Thanks OP, why did I bother with the Amazon preorder??! :)

    • Well if amazon price matches this it will be $44 ($49-$5 for prime members.) I will wait till later in the day to see if amazon does.

      • +1

        Amazon don't match prices obtained with a code, and this deal requires a code.

        • +2

          Where did you hear that from? Because i'm sure they have in the past with eBay Plus phone deals.

        • -1

          They do. Myer ebay lego prices, for example.

          • -2
            • +5

              @aja12: No offence but I'm hardly doing research for you! You can look through ozb myer ebay lego posts and read comments re: Amazon pricematch. If you don't want to believe me that's up to you

              I don't think they'll match this one though due to the 100/hr thing

              • @justtoreply: No offence taken, why would there be? You said Amazon price matches eBay coupon deals, I can't recall that happening, so just ask for examples. Since you're the one making the claim and all.

              • @justtoreply: You're wrong. Amazon have not price matched Myer eBay store with discount code on any recent Lego deals. Plenty of Amazon referrals in the comments sections, not a single one about Amazon price matching an eBay discount code price. Stop spreading incorrect information.

    • Well Amazon did give out a beta code with a pre-order lol.

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