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2000 Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Purchase of $50 Google Play or $100* Coles Mastercard Gift Cards @ Coles In-Store


Starts Oct 16, in-store only. Enjoy :)

Collect 2,000 BONUS Points When You Buy a $50 or Above the Restaurant Choice or Google Play Gift Card, or a $100 Coles Gift Mastercard and Swipe Your Flybuys Card at the Checkout
Offer valid only at Coles Supermarkets, (excludes Coles online and Coles Express), subject to store availability. Excludes $20 and $30 Google Play Gift Cards. Excludes $50 Coles Gift Mastercard Gift Cards. To qualify for this offer you must present your flybuys card at the time of purchase. No rainchecks. Offer valid from 16/10/19 to 22/10/19. BONUS POINTS can only be collected once per flybuys account. flybuys’ privacy policy applies. Standard flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at flybuys.com.au. When purchasing COLES GIFT MASTERCARD, a $5 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card.

* $5 purchase fee applies to Coles Mastercard.

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  • $5 purchase fee applies to Coles Mastercard.

    So really $5 off, since 2000pts worth $10 off shop.

    But locked into GooglePlay then still $10 off for that

  • OK here we go again.

    • What do people generally use Google play credit for aside from apps? Is there a reason you'd stock up on it?

    • Did I say something wrong to get the down vote?

      • @1000060 Down votes, you gotta take them on the chin,
        this is the rough and tumble world of OzBargain it's not for the faint of heart!!
        On an unrelated subject please don't down vote me I don't think I could take it at the moment!!


          max 5 downvotes a day. Your post must be worth the vote

    • Google Play Music Family $18.00p.m and Google 1 cloud service $43p.y for me.
      Plus the occasional apps, I hope this helps!!

      • I've been considering Google One for my photos - have you found it's worth it?

        • @doublehelix95 I've just paid for it a few days ago and haven't setup Google 1 yet.
          But if it's just for your photos and if you're OK with the photos being compressed, Google Photos does a good job of storing your photos and it's free. You can even upload your photos from a Windows computer, so I've uploaded all my old photos that I have scanned from the 70's 80's and 90's onto Google Photos and all my old photos from my little Canon digital camera that I had in the 2000's. I love the Google Photos app, it can recognize people, so you name the people in the photos and you can then do a person search and find old photos of those people in your photos folder, it works incredibly well. You can also do a location search, so name a suburb, town or country and all the photos from that place will be accessed. I've printed compressed photos from the Google Photos app, several 7x5 inch photos, they looked great. I think Google Photos comes with 15GB free, so that's about 3,000 photos at original quality.
          Anyhow I'm now just typing and no-ones probably going to read this so I will stop here🛑

  • Love when the Coles Mastercard is on.

  • +1 vote

    Will the purchase of Coles mastercard count against weekly spend for 10000 point offer?.

    Can we use this card for making a Netflix trial account?

    Can I use discounted gift card to purchase Coles mastercard (I know pos machines are updated and we cannot buy gift cards using gift cards, but this is prepaid card for which we are paying $5 upfront. Therefore the confusion)

    • No
      Yes if giftcard balance is sufficient to not having to do solit payment because that will fail

      • Thanks

      • I was told by my local coles, that you can't use coles gift card to purchase gift cards.

        Have you been able to do the contrary?

        • +3 votes

          Just bought an ebay card using gift card today. Ignore the staff, DIY at the self checkouts.

          • @paaj: Thanks for the tips, how do you activate the new gift card? also through the self check out?

            • @lily99: Yeah the cards activate during the checkout process - I think the register calls for an employee to put in a password and then the register activates it. you get a separate receipt showing activation.

        • They tell you this but if you insist some will do it and it will work.

          • @Yola: I bought a $500 egift card for my aged father and he lost it after spending less than $20…
            I went to my local coles and asked if They can issue a replacement physical card, rejected by the customer service manager…
            I then tried my luck calling coles card and they were very helpful that they will post me a physical card to the same left over value.
            I guess it depends on which person you talk to…

            • @lily99: I also had a good experience with Coles Financial Services where they replaced 5 of these Coles Mastercards which had 0 balances as someone had substituted the original cards with used ones, even visa ones. I think that they could have refused both of us.

      • U can even purchase a giftcard with coles egiftcard using spilt payment… just have to do this at a manned checkout.

        Source: just purchased a giftcard from coles yesterday

    • 'Will the purchase of Coles mastercard count against weekly spend for 10000 point offer?'

      Definitely not.

  • Does anyone know if using flybuys dollars to buy things still allows you to collect these rewards?

    • no can't

      • Are u sure? In the last deal of 10000 points on monthly spends, I made a couple of weeks grocery spends using flybuys dollars, still got the bonus points.

        • can't use fly buys dollars to buy gift cards. Are sure. Look on flybuys website and will tell you this. Can earn bonus flybuys points though if eligible for weekly promotion offers.

        • Not answering your question (as I don't know the answer). Just to share my experience, if you chose $50 off instead of the 10k points, then during your next purchase using this $50 off, this transaction won't qualify for the weekly spend requirement of $50/60/70/80/110.

          Hope this makes sense :)

          • @hubs1982: That is why its best to pick points.

          • @hubs1982: Yeah I just found out. I cant be bothered to pester them about 1000 points but damn Coles sucks compared to WW… Dont think they have the same restriction.

          • @hubs1982: True but doesn't make sense at all. I had a $80 shopping with 2000 bonus points + 1000 generic bonus points from the deals posted here. I got $50 off from the last 4 weeks shopping and paid $30. Checked after 5 business days and no points. I then contacted flybuys and they said it is not considered a valid $80 spend. However, only for one time, they let me add the points.

            Below is their email

            Our records indicate that you had a $50.00 discount applied to your Coles transaction on xx/9/2019. Please be advised, members are required to meet their required spend excluding all discount and Gift Cards purchases to be eligible for the bonus points.

            We can assist you on this occasion as a once off gesture of goodwill for the lifetime of the flybuys account so we will not be able to add points to any further transactions. Please allow 48 hours for the and bonus points to be added to your account.

        • You can use flybuys dollars on any of the spend xxx get xxx points offers and get the points. I have done so many times. You cannot use flybuys dollars to pay for giftcards.

    • Just tried this last month, confirmed that we cannot buy gift cards with flybuys dollars
      I still earn some flybuys point when I got the 20% itunes gift cards couple of weeks ago
      but buying gift cards doesn't count on spend xxx earn xxx promotion

  • Should add to the description that this offer is only once per flybys account.

    • Does that mean I can buy this current promo only once to get points for google play credit or does it mean if I bought google play credit on a different deal earlier in the year I wont get the points?

  • I used my points to buy flybuys dollars about 6months ago to fulfill a spend $70 bonus offer & it didn't work! I'm not an expert but I wouldn't risk it! Also if you want to buy gift cards using flybuys dollars Kmart self checkout works but only if you have the full balance in flybuys dollars it blocks you if you do split payment! Done this at both Moonee Ponds & Footscray stores so I assume it works everywhere.

  • Can I use coles gift card to top up paypal balance?

  • Hmmm tricky one for me as I’m in the Apple ecosystem and don’t dine at fancy restaurants. Should I pay $5 for 1070 Velocity Points (using current Velocity Bonus promo)?

  • Question. Can I buy the $100 coles card, then use the card for a $50 grocery shop, therefore getting 3K points? Does it stack like that?

    • There is no extra points for using the card, only buying the card. You would end up with 2205 points.

      Flybuys Points earned for buying $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card: 105 ($5 Purchase Fee)
      Flybuys Points bonus for buying $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card: 2000
      Flybuys Points earned for using $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card @ Coles: 100

  • Only once per account dam, was hoping to get my min spend on new CC

  • can i buy ebay gift card with coles gift card?

  • Just picked this up from Coles, they were almost out. Was able to use gift card at self checkout though

  • How long does it take for the 2000 bonus points to hit your account? Bought a $50 Google Play giftcard yesterday, but points haven't hit my account yet.

  • Just went to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Coles and didn't see any advertising for the Google play gift card promotion, and 4 staff members didn't know about any promotion for flybuys points.

    Is this deal only available in certain stores?

    • This offer is in the catalogue, at least in Victoria, if you see it in you state as well then it applies as long as the cards are available in store. They sometimes run out. Staff do not usually know what is in the catalogue or flybuys special offers. I have purchased many of these cards and always received the points. As long as it's in the catalogue and you keep the receipt you can call them and they will fix it. They are quite helpful.

      • Thanks for that, had a look in the Coles app and it's in the catalogue for my area (Indooroopilly Brisbane). Will have a look at another store near my work tomorrow.