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1/2 Price Chobani Greek Yogurt 170g Varieties $1, Bega Peanut Butter 470-500g $2.85 @ Woolworths


Chobani Greek Yoghurt is $1 starting tomorrow including low fat and no fat varieties - on the last page of catalogue.

Same price as Aldi's Yoguri at the moment. They both taste good to me but Chobani has a few more flavour options.

Bega Peanut Butter 470-500g varieties are also half price at $2.85.

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    Gainz! Time to stock up.

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    Chobani Fit squeezies are $1.12 right now for those who are working on their 6 pack :)

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    worst peanut butter imo


    Each 5.3oz single serving has 4 teaspoons of sugar, according to chobabi.com for the mixed berry flavour.


      5.3oz? No idea what that is. Also, there is no mixed berry flavour, at least not in Australia.

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        You should use google. Chobani says low fat but it's packed with so much sugar that I avoid the regular Chobani, the fit variety is way better for you.


          Hence why I'd normally go for the regular/ Greek to avoid sugar and just top up with fresh fruits. Was never a fan of fruit preps used in yogurt anyway!


        My long search for the local nutritional value came to an end with the top google result for “Chobani Greek nutritional info”. I’d assume the Aussie version had at least as much sugar and that 5.2oz single serve is about the same as the 170g single serve. I feel like my warnings about the sugar content are still approximately correct, 92% confidence.


      Yea the marketing is a bit suspect
      Low fat mango - 2.7g fat
      Normal strawberry banana - 2.8 fat

      Only 30kj difference between them. Both quite high in sugar.


    Bucket of sugar.


    Would still buy at WW over Aldi at this price as can save further 5% with discounted gift card :)