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Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier Pro $259.95 | Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 2S $167.78 (OOS) Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier Pro OLED Display Smart APP WIFI Global Version - $259.95

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 2S $167.78 (OOS)

OLED Digital Display
•Clear OLED screen displays the real-time PM 2.5 index, temperature, humidity, WiFi link and working mode, which enables you to monitor the air quality of your home easily

Ultimate Triple-layered Filter
•360-degrees barrel filter for Xiaomi Air Purifier
•Integrated early effect, three layers of activated carbon filter
•The 3-layered filter removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles
•Filter replacement is very convenient when it needs to change it will remind automatically
•The suggestion of filter replacement cycle is three to six months

Smartphone App Control
•You can monitor your house air quality easily through the smartphone Mi Home App, and it will provide you with more healthy suggestions to fill your home with clean and pure air

More Features
•With light sensor, the display brightness can be adjusted to dim automatically according to the environmental light change
•Working modes: favorite mode, sleeping mode, automatic mode
•Compact design, do excellent purifying job
•Low noise, low power consumption, more energy-saving

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  • With filter meaning extra filter? Or does it not have filter normally?

  • I was wondering if this air purifier has any ozone emissions. If someone could tell me that'd great. I'm planning to get one for my pet/carpet allergies.

    • It just filters the air. There's no ionizer or anything.

      • I'm still researching this, but I've found that most air purifiers do produce a minute amount of ozone particles. Mainly due to their filters. I've found some that do say 100% ozone free e.g: Arovec

        • Where are you finding this claim? This makes no sense to me and it has me curious now.

          • @TheContact: Ozones are created by ionising the air.. I am no expert but I understand it as oxygen coming in contact with certain materials can change it's structure creating Ozone. Some things do this by design as a way to attract dust in the air.

        • If we get a ton of these and set them up in Antarctica could we fix the hole in the ozone layer?

  • Anyone have one of these that can comment on it? :)

    • I have one, it cleans out the smells from cooking pretty well.

      Cooked some fried food and the reading went over 120, set it to high and it helped get rid of the smell pretty quick.

    • I have two, works pretty well in clearing smells.

    • +3 votes

      I change to green filter (the one with extra charcoal layer) clear out the smell from the room very well. (Eg durian). The international version will not pair with China server if you have other Xiaomi China server you will have to log in as out to switch between them. The particles detector will mostly stay at 1ppm indoor unless you cleaning curtains or something dusty even then it will only go up 50 max so the auto mode (work base on particles reading) is pretty much stay low the whole time. On high setting can be very noisy. Low setting or night mode is quite enough to sleep. Not recommended using humidifier in same room, that will send the particles reading off the charts (probably of the water droplets, which might not be good for the filter)

    • I ended up ordering one. The reviews looked good and should assist with some of the cat smells too. And more importantly, my allergies, to my cats lol

    • I have 4 of these, and they work great, Wifi connection so can see AQI, Temperature of room as well as control the fan speed

  • Could it get rid of Curry smell from the kitchen? :P

  • Not bad for the price a bit cheaper than Hong Kong.

    Any Xiaomi pump deal?

  • Bit of a noob question here, but does anyone know if this would be helpful in minimising the amount of dust in my house? Girlfriend's nose will be thankful.

    • depends on how big the house is…

      it'll only reduce the dust in its immediate vicinity or the small to medium sized room it is in

    • It will only reduce what is in the air, not what is already on the ground etc

    • Look up whole house purification for that. You want positive air pressure. You'll never get all the heavy (non airborne) particles though. My Sanctuary Air unit helps heaps with my asthma and allergies. A lot better than any room purifier.

  • Xiaomi has a new filter that works with static electricity, and doesn't need filter replacements.
    I'm waiting for that one to come around.

  • Any chance of getting the version 3?

  • $179 on Kogan

    • Direct import and delivery date likely to blow out as I found. Ended up cancelling and ordering from gearbite when Kogan said it was going to take 6+ weeks after the initial 2 weeks were up.

      • ditto for me, I ordered one in early september and only got it a few days ago.
        edit: to be clear, I ordered from Kogan

  • Does it have any noticeable effect in reducing pollen allergies?

    • It depends what your allergy is. There is an optional filter that's anti-bacterial, which is suppose to do a better job.

  • thanks OP, purchased.

  • Kogan sold these four $159 earlier in the year.

  • Any deals on the Pro?

  • I run a dehumidifier 24x7 & want this too, but two devices seem like overkill. Anyone tried the Philips 5000 series 2-in-1?

  • How this compare with the pro version? Do both fit the same filters?

  • Is this the Chinese or international version? You can't connect the international version to your mi home if the server is set to mainland china.

    • +2 votes

      Global version, you may not able to connect to mainland china server.You need to connect to Singapore or Australian Server.

      • Thanks for letting me know.
        Would be great if you could get the Chinese versions… or if Xiaomi abolished regional zoning altogether.

    • Interested in knowing this too.

  • How does this compare with say the Dyson air purifiers? Obviously huge price difference, but the Dyson has a very polished app but the typical cfm metrics sound really poor. There was a Youtube video by Dyson claiming that even though the flow rate was much weaker than the competition, it was apparently much more effective at actually filtering out crap in the air.

  • So these don't have any type of plasma technology like the Winix or Sharp purifiers?

  • Thanks. Needed another filter and wanted the purple one so purchased another purifier at the same time. Cheers OP.

  • Anyone with bad hay-fever have one of these and can please comment on how effective?

  • There's a Mi Smart Purifier 3 released in China now that sells for the same price (retail) as the 2S

  • curious. why does it need to connect to a sg or china server anyway?

  • Are these things just a fan a filter ?
    Will it save me cleaning out my laptop/pc/projector so often ?
    How often do you need to change the filter ?

  • These are useful in China !
    Good thing we are not in China ! Unless you are allergic or something just live your life ! we don't need air purifier !

    • They're still useful if you have pets or when you cook, etc.

      • Agreed. You don't NEED them but they are effective at removing excess dust, particles and odours from your home environment. They spin up and work faster when they detect work to do and chill out when the count is lower. It won't stop you needing to vacuum or mop, but that's not the point of these little workhorses :)

      • yes, if you have specific need for it. Don do it for normal life style. that's all. These are for countries with high pollution or very busy areas. Just saying cause I come from one.

  • Anyone else have this in their eBay watchlist and was disappointed by the anticlimax after realising the seller added the filter as a purchase option?

    Save AU $147.44 + FREE POSTAGE!
    You watched at AU $197.39. It was just discounted to AU $49.95.
    Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 2S OLED Display Smart APP WIFI AU PLUG Version
    Don't forget - use PRISM15 on this item for an additional AU $7.49 off. Valid until 20 Oct, 2019.*

  • Does anyone have experience with Gearbite and warranty claims?

    I bought a Roborock S50 from them in the boxing day period last year (i.e. December 2018) when they were $426.55 delivered… and it just stopped working today in the middle of a clean with Error 1. Apparently it's a common issue where the laser sensors malfunction but the guidance online suggests pulling it apart and either replacing a module or cable or something… and I thought if it's under warranty (it should be since it's <12 months old right?) wouldn't it be easier to get the seller to help rather than risk breaking it myself?

    • Send them a message. I’ve had a good experience with gearbite previously for warranty claims and they were helpful in replacing an item we bought from them.

    • Gearbite were great, I had a vacuum that had a strange burning smell come from it and it eventually died, so they repaired and returned it.

  • Order cancelled by gearbrite 😬