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Xiaomi Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro with Warm Air Dry App Control AU Version $368.01 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Slightly more than previous deal but close enough, description taken from previous deal

This is the new pro version of the Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat and has a large range of options which outweigh the previous Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat.

This Australian version of the Smart Toilet Seat has many differences from the Chinese version.

We have spent 9 months getting the Australian certifications and this AU package includes:

Smart Toilet seat Assembly with AU plug, Inlet Water Hose with a Fasting Nut(Australian standard), Tee-Connector(Australian standard), Check valve, Plastic Screw Anchors, Screws, Installing Caliper(English), Mounting Plate, Securing Brackets, Water filter, Locking Fastener and English Instruction Manual.

Please confirm the suitability of your toilet bowl by checking its measurements

Toilet Seat Installation Instructions and Installation Video

App have many features, but once you set up you do not need to use app a lot. Machine will remember your app setting, for example scheduled warm seat, self clean. Side control have on/off, air dry, female wash, rear wash, temperature control. Please check APP Screenshot Here and Here


  • Warm air drying, massage flushing, suitable for a variety of toilets.
  • Multi-range air temperature setting
  • 99mm ultra-thin body design, beautiful and comfortable.
  • Three sets of operating buttons, save space, easy to use and innovative
  • High-precision ceramic instant heat system, Instant constant temperature hot water.Third-stage water temperature.
  • Pulse massage, give you a new experience

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Anyone tried washing their anus with recycled water? My toilet uses recycled water.

    • Still better than toilet paper.

    • This is not advisable.

      Recycled water is great for:
      Watering lawns and gardens, including fruit and vegetable plants
      Flushing toilets
      Washing cars
      Filling ornamental ponds
      Fighting fires
      Washing laundry in a washing machine only.

      It must not be used for:
      Drinking or cooking
      Bathing and bidets
      Filling swimming pools and playing
      Under sprinklers
      Cleaning inside the house and filling evaporative coolers

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      No one has survived to share their experience.

  • Pulse massage, give you a new experience - ಠ~ಠ

  • hahah Nice way to keep your Bum warm :)

  • Does anyone know the regulations regarding installing a power point beside the toilet? Has to be a certain height or distance from the water outlet?

    • Currently renovating our property in Sydney, looking to setup a bidet like this - have been told the water connection and power point needs to be 50cm away from each other, so we just have them installed on either side of the toilet.

  • The links for the instructions/video seem to be dead.

    Edit: for that matter, they are all dead.

  • "Pro version", what a vocation.

    I guess though we've seen the aftermath from a "non-pro" at some time in our lives.

  • my smartmi bidet died on me. :( tempted on getting this one but my dunny bowl specs wont work with this.
    has anyone been successful with this bidet? looks like this version is for fancy toilet bowls

    • I got this and had this installed as I was having a bathroom renovation. It's been about 3 weeks now and so far so good.

  • Not sure why you need this. Every toilet is a bidet if you poop hard enough.

  • Looks okay, but piping and electrical cord look messy.

    • Really depends on where things are located. I installed this as part of the bathroom renovation so I have the piping on one side and electrical on the other. Looks perfectly fine.

  • the bowl in the video seems to be a perfect fit for this bidet.
    wonder what others would look like with different shapes and style of bowl.
    anyone has one care sharing some photos?

    • I can share a photo later after I get home. But I would say that this doesn't fit too well for smaller toilets (i.e. those that are shorter).

  • Does this do a colonoscopy as well?

  • App Control

    Oh come on. Tell me they don't know that people will use this on other people using the dunny to activate the spray mid-poop or something.

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