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[VIC] Supreme 98+ Fuel $1.329 @ 7-Eleven (Fairfield/Alphington)


Get travelling!

Same price as regular which means regular is probably out.

Cnr Yarralea Street & Heidelberg Rd., Fairfield/Alphington (It's Alphington technically but 7 Eleven app says Fairfield)

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  • FML just filled up with price lock yesterday…

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      You can fill up $2 worth and lock this in if you're quick!

      • Well I could do a lock for a tank's worth but you can only lock for a week! I maybe only use one tank a month…

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          Just take some really long drives to run the tank down, then fill up with this bargain.

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    Literally just going past here. Thanks OP.

    • Happy to help!

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    Flying my jet there. Cheerios :)

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      same here, wish 7-11 sold jet fuel as well !

      • You could always fill up your jet with U98?

        Just need space to park your jet while your refuel :p

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    Thanks Op - just drove past from Brisbane

  • Awesome, just in time thanks!

  • Gonna detour there from work, hope the bosses won't mind.

  • Driving my truck there, thx OP!

  • How long does the lock last for. I might go past fairfield about twice a year haha.

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      Only a week :(

    • Time to make it twice a day :p

  • 7/11 in Glen waverley just put their price up to 1.71!!!

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      A few 7-11's in Clayton/Huntingdale @ 173.9 according to petrolspy

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    Thanks OP locked for both accounts.

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    7-11 app in Nox wants to update….
    Is there any link for an .apk file ?

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      • Says that version is not compatible !

        • You might need to update your Android Version to 7, just google how to update to the latest version on Nox, you'll figure it out

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    Perfect. Just took the girlfriend for a picnic to Fairfield by chance and happened to lock in this great price. Such a romantic day.

    • Did you use the Eatclub voucher?

      • No, she's a jehova's witness

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          Is she more like a beauty queen from a movie scene?

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    -37.780139, 145.032646

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        Wait till you get to stage 99 and fight the final boss

  • Luckily I was driving past when I saw this post! :)

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    I've figured it out, as soon as I get petrol, the next day it goes insanely cheap. I'll give everyone a heads up next time.

    Might have to take a long road trip so I can take advantage of this offer, full tank of petrol lasts me 3 weeks on average because I don't drive much.

    I'll just shut up now and say, finally a good 98 price!

  • Thanks OP

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    Get to the choppa!

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    Damn, thought this was Fairfield, NSW…

    • I thought it was Fairfield, QLD…

  • How does the 98-octane at 7-11 compare with BP's Ultimate-98?

    • In general worse quality . Ready for all the downvotes

      • It's true, but not worth the price difference

    • This 7/11 is about 40c cheaper today

  • mines only showing 151.5 in Dandenong. does it mean its expired?
    All good now.

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    Just took my flying carpet over there and locked this in, thanks OP!

  • I hate to be that guy, but that's Alphington, not Fairfield.

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      It's Fairfield in the 7 Eleven app.

      • No it's not. If you type in Fairfield in 7/11 it only shows NSW Fairfield not VIC. The actual suburb is called Alphington

        • The name of the station is Fairfield in the app with address Cnr Yarralea Street & Heidelberg Rd., Fairfield set as the address. The actual address in reality is in Alphington.

          Searching Fairfield brings up Fairfield, NSW but searching Fairfield, VIC brings up Fairfield, VIC. The whole thing is a bit strange but 7 Eleven (Tigerspike) should change the address to Alphington.

          • @neil: Ah yes you are correct. You need to type in addition to Fairfield "VIC". Typing simply Fairfield only brings NSW as option.

            My correction

      • Well there ya go.

  • Thanks OP. Did a scan from work in Kew East and luckily it picked up the station. Locked in a full tank.

    Edit: as the above comment, it is Alphington, not Fairfield.

  • MANY THANKS!!!!!

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    Sorry to ask, but do we have forum link which shows how to lock the fuel prices on App, i live in NSW.

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      Easily found in the forums…..

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      Ill PM you. Save discussing it in the deal thread

      • Thanks Heaps :)

      • Can you please send me the details too.

        • Done.

      • Mind sending the thread as well pls? Tnx

        • Done.

      • Me too please. Cheers.

        • Done.

    • Could you send thru also? Thx

      • Done.

  • I just did this for the first time.

    Just to confirm, you have to prepay for fuel to get the voucher right?

    I just topped up $40 of fuel after adding my credit card to the app. Is there an option to get the voucher and pay at the station?

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      Just have them scan the voucher from the app, then pay by card or cash

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I'll use my voucher and try again. One more question, I can use this at any 7/11 right?

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          Yes, show they the code when you pay

  • Locked thank you

  • Save my kidney for fuel.

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    I am in Melbpourne CBD? How do i lock in price for Fairfield ? Please help

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      go to Fairfield and stand in front of the 7-Eleven and lock it in