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Nintendo Switch 2019 (Neon Blue/Red or Grey) - $398 Delivered @ Amazon AU & Harvey Norman


Longer Battery Life
The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles
Providing single and multiplayer thrills at home
Enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose

Note: Grey is still $449 Delivered Grey now $399 Delivered

Don't forget Cashback.

Can combine with the following promotion:

Purchase a select console, receive $5 credit towards your next video games purchase. Here's how (terms and conditions apply)

Credits to doweyy

Available at Harvey Norman for the same price

Which also has 10% off Pre-order games when purchased with a Console Promotion

Credits to RogueWolf

Update 1st November: Available again, but $1 more.

Update 4th November: + Bonus Just Dance 2018 @ Amazon AU Out of Stock

Update 16th November: Back down to $398

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Nice.unfortunately EB Games will not match this , for whomever has credit with them

    • Show them Harvey Norman, which also has it for the same price

      Credits to RogueWolf

      • Looking at the EB Games website, they only sell the 2019 Switch bundled with Labo (not as a console individually). It's iffy if they'll price match a console only deal

      • I spoke to one of the stores , apparently the head office has said blanket no to price match of consoles as few stores were marking as clearance even when they had no stock.

        He said they would be doing deals start of November

    • EB don't match consoles unfortunately, has been policy for a while though

      • Yeah I have credit by trading in old consoles and wanted to get a switch lite, but then the Mrs wants Mario kart , so waiting for a deal for this again:(

      • Their loss. If there's a sale people will go to the store with the sale, if people price match with JB, HN etc they'll go to those stores whilst EB sits there wondering why it's not selling.

        Not a fan of EB, used to buy from them when I was younger but their prices are just bad.

  • Seems like this may also come with a $5 credit for any video game sold by Amazon:

    Special Offers for this item: Purchase a select console, receive $5 credit towards your next video games purchase. Offered by Amazon AU.

  • Does look normal price ??

    • According to Nintendo

      SRP AU$469.95

      Usually hover around the ~$400 mark on OzBargain (with the exception of the $364.65 Delivered @ BIG W eBay)

    • It’s lower than the usual for the updated model but nothing spectacular. Previous model was regularly at this price

      • Thanks to legends like you, I usually hold back on being trigger happy. I looked at the price and was ready to buy, then reminded myself to read the comments first!

      • Yeah the switch price has stubbornly refused to drop into the $299 bracket which is where it should be by this stage of its lifecycle. Adding up the ridiculous cost of a few games and extra joycons and accessories it’s well towards $1000 for a console aimed at the kiddies.

  • Does Jb Hifi price match consoles?

  • Thanks for this, picked one up. Was waiting for another drop from the usual $449 RRP going around. Not the best deal as noted by others above but with cashback and the $5 game credit, it still works out OK without having to wait for end of November/Christmas time and the usual stock issues.

    • The software is a rip off too. Games that are like 5-7 years old, re released wii u games are still $60-70. Any game that is also on other systems (ps4, xbox, pc) is avg $10-15 more (minimum) on the switch even when launched at the same time. I have a switch and it has some really good games (I have purchased 10 games), but nowhere near as many good games as other consoles, and Nintendo are absolute rip off merchants because they can be I guess. It just annoys me that they don't drop prices on software at all and a ton of Nintendo lovers will stick up for that crap and most likely neg my comment because… Nintendo.

      • Yep. This is why 3DS piracy was so massive. Greedy.

      • look on the bright side, your switch game resale value is higher compare to other consoles.
        my zelda breathe of wild game i had for 1 year now and sold for $50 i purchased it for $60.

        • Yes, for people that like to sell their games that is definitely a positive. But I honestly don't sell any games. I like having a big collection. I can afford to buy games at full price, and most of the time I do, but I'm sure a lot of people can't, and I think it's just a dick move for Nintendo to not drop prices on games at all. God of war was selling for sub $20 the other week, they've made enough money on it so they drop the price substantially. I think that's a good thing for everyone. They sell more copies and those that couldn't afford it at $70 can pick it up and enjoy it too.

      • Most Switch software has an RRP of $79.95. Nintendo first party software holds its value like nothing else. You can buy a game and resell it 1 - 2 years later for a loss of $10 - $15.

        Let’s use GoW on PS4 as an example. One of the greatest games of the generation. I bought it release for $70. A year after release, you could pick it up brand new for less than $13. My $70 copy has virtually no resale value a year later.

        BoTW for Switch was release 2 1/2 years ago. You could pick it up for about $70 at release. Used copies are currently going for $55 - $60. How is that bad value?

        • If you wanna resell your games it's good value. A lot of people such as myself have no interest in reselling games and would rather keep them. Less fortunate people could probably just buy a game, finish it and then sell it I guess. I just think it's much more fair the way other consoles drop the price of software over time.

          • @Shaun Prawn: You could always just not support the platform if you have such a huge issue with the software pricing. It’s not going to change because you’re whinging about it on the internet.

            • @aja12: You're right. But it's also not gonna change because so many people like yourself are happy to just bend over and take it with a smile on you're face because… Nintendo!

      • I find it amusing that their downloaded games cost way more than the cartridges. Yes, you pay for convenience and able to store it on internal/SD card memory, but when the difference is like 30% percent a game, I rather pay for a cartridge . Plus you can sell the game individually later.

  • Along with better battery life and operating at lower temperatures while docked there is something interesting about the new Switch, the new Switch can offer better performance than the older one despite operating at the same clock speeds.

    The new Switch utilises a new kind of RAM, that is intended to just offer reduced power consumption however in situations where the memory bandwidth is a limiter of game performance, the new Switch can offer higher fps. This is rarely the case though as the situation has to be where the memory performance is the restriction and not the CPU or GPU.

    This information was provided by Eurogamer / Digital Foundry:

    Apparently, the new power-saving screens are not calibrated and it is a lottery as to a potential colour tint, so some might be a bit more red, green or blue than the original screen.

  • Good price! I bought one about a month ago and I never thought the portability would be much of a draw for me but it's been a gamechanger, even if just for chilling somewhere that isn't in front of a monitor or TV. My PC and PS4 have barely been turned on all month.

    • For parents there's no time to switch on PS4 or TV. I'm leaning more on portable consoles and smartphone

  • OP the grey was also $398, I just bought it.

  • +5 votes

    Yes! Now to play Witcher 3 at 540p resolution.

  • Bloody hell, have discounted eBay gift cards ready to go for this and only one discounting it is Amazon.

  • Just picked one up from JBHIFI price matched

  • Thanks OP, brought one from amazon

  • Seem amazon still better with 5% off games and cashreward. But i guess claiming warranty with physical store easier?

  • Very tempting. I want to get this to play the new Pokemon game coming next month. Not sure whether I should get this now or wait till Christmas sale.

  • well, I bought this from JB-Hi for child No 1 for $449, so 398-5= $393, seems like a great deal, especially when second-hand wants $500 for them!
    it seems like a fair deal.

  • When will they give the $5 gift voucher?

    • +1 vote

      From the T&C

      The promotional credit (for use towards a future Eligible Order) will be sent by email from Amazon.com.au 48 hours after product is shipped to customers and will contain a unique promotional code to $5 off their next purchase of any eligible item(s) made via the Amazon app or amazon.com.au.

  • So updated model has more juice?

  • Thanks OP! Been looking for a switch and waiting a while for a deal to come up.

  • Come on Amex - Harvey Norman cashback. Where are you?

  • Thanks OP. Bought one. Will finally be able to use that switch pro controller I bought on sale awhile back.

  • Is this the cheapest it's ever been?

  • Price matched and got a 2019 Neon Switch from JB HiFi. Thanks OP!

  • Temporary out of stock. If i order, will i get cashreward?

    • According to Cashrewards' Amazon AU Page

      Pre-orders are eligible for Cashback only if the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.

      So if the item is shipped within 60 days, you should be eligible for cashback.

      • i think pre-order different with temporary out of stock. Amazon won't charge your credit card for temporary out of stock until it ready to ship.

  • This is tempting….

  • Gamesman ebay price just dropped by $20 so its $392.66 now with the code. I used the ebay discounted gift cards I was saving so basically paid $350 delivered.

    I have no doubt even better prices will be coming in the next couple of months but happy just to get the kids xmass present sorted.

  • Noob question: Do consoles generally get cheaper towards Christmas from here? First time I'm console shopping ever. Thanks for tips

    • Bundles often start appearing around Christmas which can be good value. You might get a really good bargain on Black Friday (29th of Novemeber)

  • Back to $449 at both Amazon and Harvey Norman :|

  • Pulled the trigger on 18/10 @ Jb who price matched Harvey. Saw the following day Amazon up their cashrewards to 12% on 19/10 only so for those playing at home that would have meant an adjusted price of about $350 from Amazon, if you had the ability to claim the $10 off for first app purchase could have meant $340…..I say could because in my haste to want to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 before my studies resume, I did none of these things and just paid $398 from Jb……and the Switch is great for those waiting to get on board!!