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Nintendo Switch Console (2019 Version) + Bonus Just Dance 2019 - $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU


After the Nintendo Switch Target debacle I went to buy via Amazon for $399 delivered - Credit to RichardL - and found that Amazon have a deal with the Nintendo Switch and a free copy of Just Dance 2019. Simply add both to the cart, and on checkout the price of Just Dance 2019 will be deducted, meaning you'll get both for $399 (even less after current 3.5% cashback from either Shopback or Cash Rewards). So for only a few dollars more than Target will happily cancel your order for, you can get pretty much guaranteed delivery of a brand new 2019 Nintendo Switch with a free game. Enjoy!

Links to both products;
Nintendo Switch Console
Just Dance 2019

Promotion Terms & Conditions

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Working for me when I add these 2 items to my cart and proceed to checkout.


    • I still get $399. You may have a $20 credit on your account for some reason or maybe you're just super lucky!

      • Yeah I edited the post after I checked out a different item. I had a $20 coupon already on my account.

  • Seems like you have a $20 promotion credit already. I'm getting $399 as per OP's post on my end.

  • Damn… I already got my switch Y_Y

  • Confusing title.

    • -3

      Unhelpful comment ;-)

      • +4

        No, it was a polite way of telling you to fix the title, which a mod has done for you.

        Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (2019 version) with free Just Dance 2019

        • -3

          Slightly more helpful comment. Thankyou.

  • +1

    why switch price is falling everyday after i bought mine

    • +16

      Because of the Illuminati.

    • -3

      It seems to be more expensive compared to the OG model or at least the bargs are that good in comparison.

  • Cheers. After two attempts with Target, at least this one will arrive!

  • Just Dance 2020 is due out in a few days btw..

  • -3

    My one coming wed 😀

  • Thanks. I got one from Target on the way. But my sisters was cancelled so this with a monopoly voucher came to the same price for her with a game.

    Amazon will probably arrove before Target too. Guaranteed Wednesday delivery.

  • +1

    Happy Xmas. Stupid Target failed

  • Nice find, was tempted to grab it for $399, free game just makes it a little sweeter!

  • It was only the big switches affected by targets stupidity right??

    • Hmmm noticed I don't have a confirmation from Target for my Lite I bought online on 31/10… Anyone else bought a Lite and had a confirmation or cancellation??? Stressing I am going to miss out!

    • +11

      i think in 10 years the price will drop to $200

      • games will be the same price tho

  • confirmed, mine also shows $399 with both products at checkout (right before you press Place order)

  • can we claim TRS GST refund when bring it to overseas?

    • +1

      Yes you can. You need to bring the switch and the game (with the tax invoice).

      • Do we have to bring the game too?

  • +1

    Is this a digital copy?

  • Awesome. Thanks for this. But does anyone know what warranty policy. If there’s any issue with the console. Do we contact amazon ?

  • What's the trade in value of just dance at EB?

    • +6

      Knowing EB, probably 50c. But if you're level 3, 75c.

  • +1

    Thankyou, purchased after Target cancellation.

    • I've been reading a lot about the Target cancellations. Was it for delivery? Because I ordered to pick up from Target Carlingford (NSW) and it was ready to be picked up in under an hour from purchase.

      • +1

        Not exclusive to delivery as mine was delivered….

      • +1

        Both of my cancellations were click+collect

  • +6

    I'd buy this if it had ANY other game bundled!!

    • +3

      Yeah… I mean, I've been meaning to get one and this looks like the best price it's gonna be for a little while. If it were any other game I'd probably bite the bullet and grab it, but like… this game? I'll probably just buy it in a few weeks or whenever I get around to it.

  • +1

    aaand i just bought it.

    the JustDance freebie is actually the perfect way to justify the expense to my wife lolll

  • When does Amazon take the money out of your account? I ordered 2 yesterday and they still have not taken the money out yet.

    • +1

      when posted

    • Bought on Nov 4, deducted on Nov 5, still not shipped so far.

  • any wristband to recommend for this just dance?

  • I have a 20 dollar code but they locked my account when i try check out, nice one

    • They were fast to fix it, I got mine for $379.00
      now to hope it comes before pokemon.

    • double comment? ignore.

  • The offer is no longer there for me :(

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