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Master Lock 5400D Portable Lock Box $21.54 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


$56 at Bunnings.

I bought this lock to store my keys when I go surfing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks dude. Just in time for summer.

  • Would a car remote key fit inside?

    • +16 votes

      Yes but not alongside your house keys, your parents keys, office keys, in laws' keys, storage keys, that novelty keychain from that conference you attended in 89, break incase of emergency condom, keychain torch…

      • Those break in case of emergency condom key rings were so funny in the day….

        • By the time those condoms got used, they'd be so crumbly you'd get splinters.

          The irony… Splinters on wood.

    • Some will and some won't

  • Thanks, just grabbed one great deal especially with the free international postage at the moment.

  • These are insecure and garbage. Check it out in the lock picking lawyer's channel on YouTube.

    • According to the lock picking youtube channels, no lock is secure!
      I bought one to keep my front door keys in, in case family is visiting and none is at home(very rarely).
      I'm pretty sure that if someone wants to break in using lock picking, my front door lock (standard lock that 99% homes have) is much easier and quicker to pick :)

      • +5 votes

        Yes, but some locks are more secure than others.

        It's home security… if someone really wants to get in they will. But deterring or even preventing opportunistic thieves is half the battle won. Most theft is opportunistic.

      • door locks are actually much harder to pick than this junk. they have multiple pins usually

      • +12 votes

        I use a sprinkler head to hide a key in the garden bed amongst a dozen other sprinkler heads. I've left a note in it starting with "Let's play a game". That key then unlocks a side gate to where more cryptic clues awaits the thief in order to find the spare house key. Oh, and there are booby traps with spring loaded darts laced with lethal toxin.

        • Got a deal for those spring loaded darts laced with lethal toxin? Asking for a mate.

        • Actually sounds like a free escape room… can I post your address in the free entertainment section?

    • +2 votes

      Invented stat but 99% of thieves are untrained opportunists, not lock-picking cat burglars.

      You'd sooner have your windows smashed in. A product like this serves is purpose.

    • Look. If you're gonna call it garbage, it's not going to do much for its insecurities now is it?

  • These locks have a range of well-known security flaws that you should be aware of.

    Don't lock anything too valuable in these.

    • So no car keys I guess. How do people secure the car key or phone when they go to beach alone?

      • +44 votes

        Put them in your shoe and trust in humanity.

      • +10 votes

        Get a beach key and keep it with you, and lock your key fob in the car.
        (A beach key is just a copy of the key blade, no fob. You can use it to lock and unlock the car, but not start it.)

        • Huh, so leave the FOB in the car that can be used to start the car if someone breaks in?

          • @worthy1: plenty of places to hide your keys in the car, and id argue more secure than a shitty combo box.

            • @ProlapsedHeinous: Think you are missing the point here. The car can be started if the FOB is in the car, they dont need to get it out of the box to press the start button and go 'oh look the car starts'

              • @worthy1:

                1. the fob can be put in a rfid blocking sleeve, 2. thieves have to know the key is in the car in the first place to do such a thing. 3. not all keyfobs are push button start capable.
                • @ProlapsedHeinous: Clearly i am missing something then as to why you would bother to get a copy of the fob key and then leave the fob in the car. The only reason i can think of is if someone steals the key from you while its sitting on the sand you can still break the window of you car and drive home. Thats assuming the person isnt stealing your key to use it to get into your car anyway. If they arent then regardless of you still have a key to get home with, someone has a copy of your cars key, would you feel safe? You would want to now spend a crazy amount of money to have your door locks and ignition barrel changed because someone has your beach key!

                  1. What surfer is going to go to that effort. Again you have left it in the car incase someone steals your beach key. That RFID sleeve isnt going to help with the fact someone now has your car key for any day of the week.
                  2. They are already in the car, rifling through it, you dont leave the car key, house keys or anything of value in there for them to potentially find.
                  3. You are right, a surfer may not have a car that advanced. I am just used to 90% of the cars that come through my workshop being push start and i own two.

                  Here's an idea. Get one of those magnetinc key boxes that you can pick up from an Auto store. Put your key in it and attach it under the car, wheel well, behind number plate etc. Much easier then taking getting a beach key and you dont have to worry about someone having a copy of your cars key.

                  • @worthy1:

                    Clearly i am missing something…

                    I think you're missing that "beach" key doesnt stay on the beach, it stays on you while you're in the water (stressing about it falling out of my wetsuit's velcro pocket).

                    edit: and i lock my FOB in the glovebox, but I dont have push button start

                    • @nith265: Thanks, makes sense although i still caution anyone to leave anything valuable in the car. If the thieve was able to get in the car the glovebox is probably an easy task, they also usually will hit that area first thinking its locked because something valuable is in it. Hide it under the mat or somewhere they wont think to look for valuables :)

              • @worthy1: Wrong on so many levels, a key 'fob' is effectively nothing more than a remote(for keyless entry) & has absolutely nothing to do with starting the vehicle. A Transponder(RFID Chip) is what 'starts' the car & it has to be placed inside the reader(located around the Ignition Barrel) for the vehicle to start. There's also 'Smart' keys(Prox) for Push Button Start Vehicles & they must either be placed into the cradle(if the vehicle has one) or within a very short distance from the car stereo(ie: front seats etc) & won't operate if on the back seats/floor/boot etc. I don't need keys to get into your car so don't worry;)

                • @BrizzyMale: Thanks for your explanation. Most people dont call them EXACTLY what they are when referring to them. Plenty of people refer to the 'black boxy key thing' as a FOB, regardless of whether it starts the car or just unlocks it, hell my dealerships calls my 'smart key' a FOB. I am one of them, when i am looking for it i dont go 'where is my 'smart proximity key'. I say 'where the [email protected]#k are my keys' even though i am not looking for a key that goes into a barrel. 'oh ive lost my car keys' i will start saying i have 'lost my smart key with transponder in it' from now on :)

                  Regardless of terms and being 'wrong on so many levels' about the name/term. Leaving any key in the car is not a good idea and if they are leaving the FOB they are probably stupid enough to be leaving their house key and other valuables. As i mentioned above the only logical reason i can think of is if someone has taken this awesome beach key and you can still break the window of the surfers 2005 commodore and drive home with this 'hidden' FOB. Is that really as awesome as it sounds? someone now has a spare key to your car! getting the barrels changed including the ignition.

                  Get a magnetic box and put it out of site 'Hidden' outside the car so there is no chance of being found when the car is being rifled through, you dont have to take anything with you to worry about and there will be no expensive window and lock changing bill…..

                  • @worthy1: Backpeddle much?! Chances are your 'Smart key' also has a mechanical key built in(depending on vehicle make/model).

                    "Get a magnetic box and put it out of site 'Hidden' outside the car so there is no chance of being found when the car is being rifled through, you dont have to take anything with you to worry about and there will be no expensive window and lock changing bill…"

                    What a brilliant idea. Lay on thr ground in plain view of EVERYONE who can watch EXACTLY where you 'hide' your key!

                    • @BrizzyMale: How am i back peddling, I mistook the term. If i want to sound as awesome as you i will describe the definition of a FOB

                      'The word fob is believed to have originated from watch fobs, which existed as early as 1888. The fob refers to an ornament attached to a pocket-watch chain. Key chains, remote car starters, garage door openers, and keyless entry devices on hotel room doors are also called fobs, or key fobs.'

                      More brilliant then the recommendation to leave the key in the car, well 'hidden'of course. Yeh good one, everyone will know you are putting a magnetic box under your car when you are laying on the ground becuase it is such a common thing to happen. Clutching at straws here mate? ever heard of your wheel well? takes two seconds, i used to do that. Mate used to put it behind his rear number plate in the gap, took two seconds.

                      So since you seem to be so smart, explain to me the point i made about why not taking your FOB to the beach so it cant get stolen but taking a spare/cut key is a good idea? Someone has just stolen your spare key but its all good you left one hidden inside your car. Surely a smart guy like you that is paranoid about being seen laying on the ground can understand that someone now has a key to your car or that wouldnt bother you?

                      Instead of trying to look cool with your technical abilities on different keys you can offer a solution to this rather then leaving the key in the car and having your locks redone once your spare key is stolen? probably not…..

                      • @worthy1: Thought so but neg away. Some not so smart people on OZB thats for sure. Lets leave a key in the car that will solve our problems, who cares if someone has stolen the spare key and can get in and start it when they want.

                        Oh and if you wana pull people up on so many levels get your own facts right 'they must either be placed into the cradle(if the vehicle has one) or within a very short distance from the car stereo(ie: front seats etc) & won't operate if on the back seats/floor/boot etc'

                        I had a feeling this isnt right based on the fact we can start my wifes Santa Fe when she has her handbag in the boot with the key in it. I then threw my Focus RS key in the boot and guess what, starts with a push of a button. Threw the Audi RS7's key that i have in the workshops key on the backseat, oh look at that it starts. That one wont start with it in the boot though until i put a backseat down.

                        Instead of silent negging hero's on here, why not come up with a smart option since none have you have been able to come back to the point i made about how floored it is that someone has stolen your car key regardless of leaving one in the car…

                        • @worthy1: Some not so smart people on OZB thats for sure.

                          Instead of silent negging hero's on here

                          Made me laugh , gave you a + before those people come lol .

                          • @profar: Thanks :) My original comment got +7 so im not worried because they agree there is no logic behind it.

                            Some people are easily rattled. Just asked to explain the logic behind it and offered an alternative. Happy to hear good options to help others instead of argue with people about what the actual key getting left in the car can and cant do ;)

              • @worthy1: In my cars (Mitsubishi) if you look the doors with the physical key, that prevents the system from responding to the wireless key until the door is physically unlocked again. Not sure if all cars do this, but it makes locking the fob in the car and taking the metal key with you in the water a good option for water activities.

            • @ProlapsedHeinous: Maybe that's how you got your username…?

          • @worthy1: Lock the fob inside one of these boxes, haha

        • Wash with fresh water after to keep it in good condition. Already own one of these and I'm going to do that instead, thanks.

        • +15 votes

          Back in the day, my friend's old Gemini door used to open with a paddle pop stick.

          So when we went to the beach, we'd lock the car keys in the car, and keep a paddle pop stick under the tyre.

        • How does that work when the fob being in the car let's you unlock the car?

        • Put the fob in an rfid shielding bag would likely stop it working in the car

      • Ziploc + velcro/zip pocket

      • I wear the car key around my neck with string, under the wetsuit.

      • Easy: don't go to the beach

    • Much respect referencing the Lock Picking Lawyer

    • Unlocking this lock is still harder than breaking a glass.

  • Since everyone says Masterlocks in general are horrible… what IS a good lock (for things like gates, garden sheds etc)?

  • Good for air bnb


    I have used a surflock for years. No probs yet.

  • Just if you want to know, the LockPickingLawyer on YouTube has shown that basically a 10 year old child can easily shim these locks open with an aluminium can.

    • Where can I purchase one of these children?

    • a 10 year old and a free rock can easily break your car's window and steal everything you have safely hidden in the glove box and under the car seat :)

      • He's gonna make off with a gold mine of change that fell out of my pocket and rolled down there!

  • I have one of these. Very convenient.

    For those saying to pick locks, the easiest way to get into a house is through the roof.

    • The reason these combination locks are even worse is that they can be easily decoded without any tools… Even the worst key-based locks are more secure since they at least require someone to have a tool of some sort to insert.

      • But if you stored your keys in a key based key safe, where do you put the key for the key safe?


    • I usually get into our house using the front door…pretty easily :P

    • Please demonstrate tin roof method.

  • +4 votes

    LockPickingLawyer cracked this open in about 15 seconds.

    I wouldn't secure a key in this 'lock box' even if it was free.


    (LockPickingPawyer is awesome btw. A terrific learning resource for those interested in lock picking. Lock Picking… not theft.)