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GeekBuying Pre Black Friday Sale - $2 off $10+, $10 off $100+, $20 off $200+ & $50 off $500+ (USD) with PayPal


Saw this on Geekbuying's home page. It's still more than a month away but they are doing a promotion with PayPal with the following coupon code:

  • Save $2 for Orders over $10 with the coupon: GKB02PP
  • Save $10 for Orders over $100 with the coupon: GKB10PP
  • Save $20 for Orders over $200 with the coupon: GKB20PP
  • Save $50 for Orders over $500 with the coupon: GKB50PP

Plus an extra 5% off if you pay with PayPal. Original deal

Promotion finishes on 29 Oct.

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    They had 5% off if paying by paypal as well yesterday. Maybe still applies?

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      Yep it stacks. After you add coupon and click 'place order' the final screen will show Paypal as a payment option and a further 5% off the price.

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    I don't want to stir the pot or anything. Genuine question.

    Are these guys reliable? How long for delivery etc?



    AU$ 206.09 - 20

    Add in coupon discount, hopefully they don't charge gst.


      No GST is charged at GeekBuying.

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        So they're just another law-breaking Chinese business?


          It's irrelevant where they're based. Difficult to find anything about the company but reviews suggest it's Chinese. Chinese businesses are a mixed bag. One reviewer of this mob complained that he was hit with import duty and tax so caveat emptor is a good starting point. The CCP no doubt has a huge inventory of personal data passed on by Chinese businesses around the world if privacy is an issue for buyers.


            @Possumbly: Unless you spend over $1000 AU there will be no GST and customs tax. It's not their responsibility to check anything under that value and they won't.

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              @Clear: Wrong. Better do some reading on the GST.


                @Possumbly: It's not wrong though. Customs are not responsible for collecting GST on orders below $1000 AU and there has been no record of them doing it. Certainly not my hundreds of overseas orders to me here in AU since the new legislation and certainly no one else here either.

                The new legislation requires stores to register for GST if their sales exceed $75,000 AU and collect tax on the ATO's behalf for orders below $1000 AU, while the legislation regarding above $1000 AU has not changed.


                  @Clear: And who monitors their books to check if their sales reach the threshold? Like many things in Chinese business it's smoke and mirrors. Mind you they aren't alone there. For the two who negged my comment above, Chinese business has bugger all respect for copyright or patent law, and often has little regard for safety or standards - despite copied labelling on products. China is the country where most product conterfeiting occurs.

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                    @Possumbly: It's hard for the ATO to enforce the new legislation on companies outside of Australia. Particularly when it's impossible for them to contact all overseas stores about it. Hence why a lot of Chinese websites are not charging GST.


      4/64 version.
      Nice price.

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    I think I can save more money by not looking at ozbargain every day

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    Sweet. Just grabbed the Xiaomi mi pad 4 with Lte, 4gb/64gb model . PriorityLine shipping, $202.34 USD = $299AUD (if the mastercard conversion is correct).


    Hey Clear, I'm trying to purchase the Xiaomi A3, however when I attempt to add a coupon it says "Sorry, this coupon code is applicable for some specific items" even though the listing for the phone advertises that the coupons can be used on it!

    Any suggestions?


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      I've sent a message to GeekBuying to see why that's happening.

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      Seems some products have been excluded where the current margins are thin and result in a loss. Sorry about that!


        No need to be sorry mate, thank you so much for the clarification and quick response!

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        are you able to check why the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6GB/128GB https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Global-Version-Xiaomi-Mi-9T-... also shows up as being advertised in the promo but code says same thing, i assume its same reason in that current margins are thin and results in a loss

        i also emailed them about price matching tobydeals https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/product/xiaomi-mi-9t-pro-6... who have it $20 cheaper already

        had issue where i thought i had selected the 128GB black model but i must of left page and come back and it defaulted to the lower spec blue 64gb model which let me use the pre black friday $20 off code plus the 5% off paying via paypal thought great $500 in my paypal description that is cheaper then tobydeals, i then got confirmation email and saw that it had changed to the wrong configuration, spoke with someone via live chat who said they could change it but it would be $30 USD to go up to the spec i wanted which is more then its advertised at so said look i am also trying to get 2.5% cashback from shopback too so you doing backend things to my order is going to mess things up just refund me and i will do it again once refund comes through. which i hope is quick as i would still like to order if its correct.

        how quick are deliveries these days i notice it says it can be done in 8 days now with free shipping that is better then awhile ago.


          also i assume as its global version the included charger will have EU plug does geekbuying include an AU adapter with the order?


    Pretty good price for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. International version.
    Geekbuyings regular price is $389, after $20USD discount and 5% paypal it is only $340.

    Quad camera with 64mp main cam.

    GKB20PP gives $20 (USD) off the price then pay with paypal to save an extra 5%.

    No, there is no band 28 support. Hasn't been an issue for me personally missing it on my redmi note 5ai but may be a problem for some.

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