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Ozito Power X Change 18V Pole Pruner and Hedge Trimmer Kit $139 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Was at Thomastown (VIC) and saw the pole pruner and hedge kit at $139. Usual $199.
-18v pole pruner
-18v hedge trimmer head
-1 fast charger
-1 3.0 Ah battery

15 remaining on floor stock when I left

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    Bought this last year, works great. Perfect for those who don’t wanna/can’t climb a ladder to trim small to medium branches on trees.

  • Great deal if you can grab it , I have been using the lawn mower, blower and whipper snipper and has been great as long as your battery is charged

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      Yes I too find my lawn mower does not work well when the battery is not charged ;)

  • Great, but very top heavy, you won't be using it at full extension

    Can't complain much for the price!

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    I bought this a couple of years ago and it has been great. As someone else mentioned, it is very heavy when it full extension. Mine has a five year warranty, which I’ve used already as the battery died a few months back. Also, the pole pruner head leaks like a sieve. You’ll need to keep it in a plastic bucket or something.

  • i was wanting to buy this. does anyone know if the chain slips off on this tool? i got a 4 stroke honda one (from edisons) with extension but the tension pin that holds the tension is too weak and keeps bending, so the chain falls off while using it. on to my second head ($40 a head).

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      Had mine 2 years now, never had a problem yet.

      • sweet. thanks

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      Constantly falls off. Every minute. Leaks oil like a sieve too.

      But i think you could return it no hassles, most ppl don't share my experience i think. I can't return it because it's my father in laws

  • How long is it when fully extended?

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      Manual says 1.83 - 2.77m

  • Any cordless mowers on sale?

    • I didn't see any on special. I was hoping they would do a special price on the 2x18v telescopic mower to match aldi's 2x20v but no such luck. Only saw them advertising the 18v brushless lawnmower kit for $199 which I believe is the regular price.

  • At my local Bunnings in SA they hadn't changed the price on the display but it was $139 at the checkout

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    All of these discounted items are with batteries.. Have so many batteries and chargers now.. wish some of these are more cheaper by excluding batteries..

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    $139 in Glenorchy TAS, displayed at $199

    Decided against it….although perfect if you have a lot of high hedges or limbs that your regularly cutting…

    Reason: Heavy and cant use it just as a shorter hedge trimmer, eg minimum of ~2m
    I just wanted a hedge trimmer and a ladder will accomplish the 10% of higher hedge that this would be great for.

    Great buy for those that need the pole length for high hedges.

    • That's pretty crap. Do you know if the Aldi battery powered ones this week are the same as this Ozito?

      I have the older corded Aldi pole hedger and chain saw and you can use it with and without the pole which is adjustable in length.

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    So the local Bunnings has these but I managed to find the promotional release of the pole pruner, which comes with the charger and 2.0aH battery, for $99. They were previously on sale for $129 The hedge trimmer with the same kit is also on clearance for $99. This is the saw and this is the trimmer.

    Given how awkward these things are, particularly the switch mechanism and weight balance, I doubt I'd ever use the hedge trimmer unless I was not fussed with my arms falling off. I like my arms. It took a bit of looking around as the units were stacked on a high shelf away from the rest of the Ozito range. So if you're interested hunt around at you local Bunnings as they are no longer listed on the website, and one staff member I spoke to didn't even know they were there.

    Add a $39 4.0aH battery and you end up with a pole saw, charger and two batteries for $138.

  • I bought this one today and returned, cannot cope with the heavey head. End up buying a handhold trimmer from Victa for $169. No special, not powerful but light and do the job well.

  • This or aldi trimmer? Which is longer? Heavier the better really as you need the weight to cut up high (definitely a workout though).

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    Picked one up, 3 left at Artarmon way up high hidden away opposite to where you think it would be.
    Sale ends tomorrow. When they scan it, it shows sale price and sale end date.

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      Thanks! Went to Artarmon to pick up the second to last or last one. Yes it was way up high. I wouldn't have spotted it without you mentioning it.

  • Damn! What a deal.

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