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Groupon 15% Triple Cashback @ Cashrewards (Stacks with 10% off Sitewide @ Groupon)


Cashrewards Terms

This merchant now allows mobile app-to-app tracking. If you'd like to purchase via Groupon's app, please ensure you have the Groupon app installed prior to clicking through from the Cashrewards app.

Cashback is not eligible on the purchase of any Gift or eGift Cards.

Cashback may not be eligible if a coupon code is used that is not listed on this site.

You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new booking/transaction/purchase.

Groupon Terms

Extra 10% off sitewide offer is valid from 4pm until midnight, 20/10/2019. Maximum discount of $40. Other exclusions apply. Excludes the following deal: Top Juice. Enter code at checkout. Cannot be used with another discount promo. Discount will be applied to a single voucher in a transaction. Unlimited redemptions per customer (across separate transactions).

4x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 5GB Unlimited Plan

Referral Links

Referral:  nocure or random (2246)

Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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    Decided to write this up to simplify the process, since these (Amaysim from Groupon) deals pop up regularly. This is not the most perfect solution, but this is what I do and has worked for me for years now. If needed, I'll mend this on the go and lastly, feel free to copy/paste the below for future deals.

    For those wondering on how the process works, these steps below detail the porting process from a carrier to Amaysim. An optional $2 sim from the shops can be used to speed up the process.

    1. If you're an existing Amaysim customer and want to take advantage of this, it requires porting out of (and abandoning) Amaysim to another carrier, like Telstra, then back into Amaysim. The purpose of this process is be considered as a new customer, all while retaining your phone number. I recommend porting to Telstra, since their process is fairly quick and painless. Their Sim cards are also free from their website, which I recommending stockpiling a few to keep them handy. If you're not an existing Amaysim customer, skip this step.
    2. Purchase that Groupon code and click on the link in the PDF file, which will bring you to the checkout page with the plan pre-selected.
    3. Sign up to a new Amaysim account. To be safe, use a new email address. The rest (name, address, payment method) can be the same.
    4. During checkout, select previous provider and phone number, and at the end, apply the Groupon Code in the "Promo Code" box. This will bring the plan to $0, since this was already purchased on Groupon.
    5. Enter a payment method, which is usually a credit card. But don't worry, this can be removed later. Then, submit and complete the order.
    6. Go on Live Chat and request the plan to be activated on a $2 Amaysim sim instead. This is used to speed up the process and avoid the default 5-day mail delivery of a Sim. When prompted, provide them with the Sim card number and make sure the porting occurs with the $2 Sim. If you are happy to wait however, skip this step.
    7. While the porting is in progress, which usually takes a few hours, log into the newly-made account and change the payment method to BPay. This is found somewhere in the settings page (location of that differs between devices). With Amaysim's payment system, a valid payment method is required for the plan to auto-renewal every 28-days/month/billing cycle (despite the whole thing costing $0), hence the use of BPay as a placeholder.
    8. Wait for email to confirm the number has ported over and we're done.

      Thanks for the great effort of writing this step by step!! Will definitely come in handy.

    • +2 votes

      One step you should do differently to maximise your Amaysim credit.

      Don't click on the link in Groupon voucher to sign up to Amaysim. Instead use an Amaysim referral link and sign up this way. Select the correct plan when signing up and then at checkout enter the code from the Groupon voucher. By doing this you (and the referrer) will get $10 credit in your Amaysim account.


    My groupon purchase from the last 15% cashback still hasn’t tracked yet. Quite disapointed as it was last Sunday and it usually tracks pretty quickly. May have to submit a support ticket :(


    Code looks to be expired…not working


    Got some things.

    I used live support some days back for an issue, and they asked if I wanted to opt-in for 'Groupon Reward Challenge'. So I think I'll get to stack this promotion with that challenge, and get a bonus $15 voucher for spending $100.

    10%+15%(already tracked)+15% from that third stack!


    code works for top juice