Bonus $150 Anaconda Gift Card When You Order a Billi Quadra Drinking Water Mixer Unit @ Plumbing Plus


Hi everyone,

You know those taps at work where they have hot/chilled water from a tap? From 1 Nov to 31 Dec 2019, you get a $150 Anaconda gift card with every purchase of a Billi Quadra unit (, just in time for summer!

This offer is only available at Plumbing Plus stores (

You can redeem it up to 31 Jan 2020.

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    Put the price in title or at least in description lol

    For all we know it costs 15k for the system


    Looks like $1500 minimum required to get a $150 gift card? And no doubt the customer will be charged RRP as it's 1 specific store offering the bonus.


      Its actually all members of Plumbing Plus group, for example if its Perth, then Galvin's Plumbing Supplies would be a member and thus this promo is available to them


    A bit hard to say as there are over 320 stores under the plumbing plus banner, i'm not a 100% sure how much other stores (members) would charge.

    The Quadra range is aimed more at a commercial setting, like your office. For example Quadra 420 is for up to 20 people, Quadra 460 is for 60 people


    What is the price, even if it's an example with a postcode attached, surely you can do that?

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