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Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse $74 @ Harvey Norman


Just got this best price i could find. $74 at Harvey Norman - very surprising.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    alot of functions with this mouse, you wont be dissapointed. ghub provides so much customizations. one thing to note though, there has been some complaints about double clicking issues, and this can be found on reddit, search g502masterrace. personally mine has been fine and dandy.

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    Had the original G502 (blue light only), then bought a Proteus spectrum (RGB) once my bro stole the first one off me since it was that good. Fits perfectly and the bottom cover is magnetically held on - great for use as a fidget sort of thing by clicking it off with the thumb and having it snap back on.

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    Mine has so far been subjected to 3200 hours of PUBG and countless hours looking through p hub.

    Been great so far!

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    Really great mouse. Only gripe I have with this mouse is if you play long gaming sessions (4+ hours) or weather is hot and hands sweats, the rubberised thumb rest(where your inner thumb rests on the mouse) can get smelly and can leave dead skin between the grooves of the rubber material. Still don't know how to clean it easily yet. It's less of a factor now that ive been mainly gaming using my PS4 controller on pc.
    (Where the triangle grooves are in the photo, sometimes opposite side too, where the pinky ring finger rests) sorry for long comment.


      does the rubber material rub off? ive got a steelseries mouse where the rubber on the sides is completely rubbed off to the point where you can touch the plastic and its a huge hole there.


        Been using the previous model for about 3 years, used it daily and the rubber has been worn through to the plastic.
        But it is daily use for like three years, don't think there's any other way.


      I use paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and then cover the end of a wooden skewer with the towel and push it into the grooves to remove the crud.


    Oooof, I might get a spare.

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    Is this is discount?