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Subscribe and Save 10%* on Eligible Household Supplies + Free Delivery on Assigned Delivery Date @ Amazon AU


*Amazon Prime members get 15% off subscriptions for eligible nappies and baby wipes.1

(Prime membership is not required except for Subscribe & Save products exclusive to Amazon Prime.2)

"Eligible Household Supplies" includes thousands of items from the following categories:

  • Health, Household and Personal Care
  • Pantry Food and Drink
  • Beauty
  • Baby
  • Pet Supplies
  • Office Products

You can choose to have the products delivered every 1-6 months (for free) on the assigned delivery date.

The way I see it, non-Prime members can get free one-time delivery for deals such as this one, with an additional 10% off, by:

  1. Subscribing;
  2. Waiting until the dispatch confirmation for the first delivery has been received;3
  3. Canceling the subscription before the 'Last day to update this order' date.4

This will work because from Help: About Subscribe & Save: Will the discounts ever change?

  • The percentage discounts above are applied to the item price on the day each Subscribe & Save order is placed to calculate the discount you receive.
  • Your first Subscribe & Save order is placed when you sign up for the subscription. Later orders are placed as they are shipped.
  • If the price of the item increases or decreases, the amount you're charged may also increase or decrease.

So the price for the first delivery (and only the first delivery) is locked-in at sign up.

Terms & Conditions

How it works

  1. Choose your products, save 10%
    Choose from thousands of eligible products in the Subscribe & Save store. Note that prices may increase or decrease from delivery to delivery.
  2. Choose your frequency
    On the product page select your desired frequency, then click 'Subscribe now'
  3. Select your address for FREE shipping
    Each scheduled shipment is free. If you want your first shipment sooner, you can either meet the minimum spend or pay the usual fee.
  4. No commitment
    Change the frequency, skip or cancel at anytime before your products are shipped. After that, Amazon's normal return policies apply.

What products are eligible?

To find eligible products, browse our Subscribe & Save store or search for Subscribe & Save followed by the product you're interested in. You can refine your search to display only Subscribe & Save eligible products by selecting the 'Subscribe & Save' checkbox on the left menu.

Note: Subscribed products are not tracked by cashback providers.

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    Will it lock it in at the price you buy it at? Or can it still vary?

  • +6 votes

    Sadly, I never get deliveries at my door front except the letters and letter sized parcels. It's always a pickup from local post office. The boxes are marked by Auspost "Box too big for delivery" "Box too heavy" so there you have the inconvenience of going to your local post office and bring the load home. I'm better off shopping at my local supermarket.

    • +5 votes

      They drop off big boxes to me


        They once drove up the steep driveway into the garage at the side of the house and dropped it off there. Which was convenient for both of us haha.

    • +4 votes

      Interesting.. coz I always get the parcel left in my front door regardless box size. They don't even bother to ring the bell. just scan while they walking toward my front door and drop it and go.

      I've set my AusPost account to have auto 'leave at safe place' setup - maybe related to that?

      • +1 vote

        Tried that. Didn't work for me. Box of toilet rolls, Coffee, kettle, toasters, nappies, wipes, bottled water you name it, never is the delivery attempted. One instance an item was awaiting pickup in a very different suburb than where I live. Not so lucky I guess being a Sydney sider in the West 😒

        • +1 vote

          S-W Sydney here. it depends on your postie I guess, mine is good, always follows procedure to go up the stairs and ring my door bell even though I prefer him to just leave it in the mailbox :)

        • +5 votes

          no doubt thats Fastway couriers. They do that to everyone- Im in inner city - they dont even bother to leave a card- just take it straight to pick up location two suburbs away


          FOr AusPost deliveries
          Smaller items get delivered by the postie on bikes, the bigger stuff by StarTrack (now renamed AusPost parcel post again).

          So I’m guessing either you live in an area of high rates of theft, or you parcel post guys are lazy Burgas and just leave everything at the local PO.

          I’m yet to see a Amazon parcel that doesn’t have a No Signature Required instructions.


        They left my $1200 coffee machine without signature at my front door. That was a fairly big and heavy parcel. I wasn't too impressed that no signature was required though…

        This is perth though so that's Auspost


          . I wasn't too impressed that no signature was required though…

          Why? They’ll just send you another one. I had a parcel mis-delivered (not by our usual postie)
          Amazon sent a replacement. Two weeks later a got a phone call from someone a dozen streets away who’d just gotten back from hols & found my parcel.


      Depends on your address. I bought a 65" TV from Amazon and requested ATL. They delivered to my garage while I was at work.


    Saw this is Amazon US and looks like they are doing this in AU as well. Tho it's not that attractive as you probably can't claim cashback for it.

    • +3 votes

      Yea - not sure how cashback works (if it works!)

      Unless you are getting 12% cashback, this 10% is instant and does not involve long wait for the cashback to be approved.

      Moreover, the 10% discount appears to be on the Gst incl. price. Whereas, cashback is on pre-gst price. Something to consider.


    cheers op, subscribed for lipbalm


    What’s to stop you saving 10%, subscribing and then canceling after your first item has been delivered?

    • +1 vote

      Nothing. That's why its a bargain! They rely on people who don't want to or forget to cancel I guess.


    I can see 15% off for some baby items (e.g. nappies and wipes) for Prime.

  • +2 votes

    If you’ve never shopped on the Amazon app before, you can get $5 off a $20 spend with a unique code from Cuponation.

    Codes are randomly generated for each user.


    About time, 1 year late at least./


    Carmen protein bars are a good price. Might go on them.

  • +1 vote

    If only they sold beer


    Is anyone having issues ordering multiple items and adding it to their order? I'm trying to add 3 qty of household wipes to my order but it only shows up as 2 qty instead of 3 qty. also my total is over $45 but it says it won't ship til end of month despite it saying it'll ship sooner if you meet the $39 min spend (my prime just expired and I need to sub again).

  • +1 vote

    So how does cashback work with subscriptions? After clicking through to Amazon from Cash Rewards, I added 3 items and set up a payment and delivery option, but it appears nothing will be processed until next week. Because there is no checkout transaction, there is no cash rewards transaction. When it gets processed next week, will it know I clicked through from Cash Rewards? There is no way to launch that before the transaction is processed otherwise.

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