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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 26800mAh Power Bank $39.19, 20000mAh $27.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Romoss Amazon AU


4 different power banks on sale this time with the return of the flight-safe 26800mAh power bank. The 20000mAh power bank has had its size changed as seen in the right and bottom of this image, however the function remains exactly the same.

The SW30 Pro & SW20PS+ have multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port and 5V/2.1A via the white USB port. For recharging it has USB-PD via USB-C, QC 3.0 via Micro USB and and 5V/2.1A via Lightning. Other fast charging technologies supported include Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC, QC2.0, MTK PE and Apple 2.4A. Both support pass-through charging.

The LT20PS is a standard charging power bank with Micro USB/Lightning/USB-C input and dual USB output with a display showing the capacity. The Sense 4 Plus is a standard charging power bank has Micro USB input and dual USB output with a display showing the capacity.

AU stock, AU warranty, free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39) and stackable with your favourite cashback provider!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Any Qi wireless charging power bank on sale?

    • No wireless chargers sorry.

  • These powerbanks any good?

    • +2

      Previous deals like this and this have always been popular.

  • Could this discount be applied to the 20000 type C version here?

    • Not this time sorry.

      • Bugger, wish I bought two last time they were discounted.

    • Sorry if it's a dumb question, but what's the difference between the ps and type c versions? I'm comparing both pages and can't see it.

      • +1

        The dimensions. You can see in the image I linked in the first paragraph the differences.

        • +1

          Thanks! Buying the one on offer as dimensions aren't that different. Capacity sounds great for my Switch

  • +1

    any deal on 30,000?

    Hmm. 20 PS+ is a lot thicker than the previous model. I prefer the previous one.

  • +1

    I have the ROMOSS SW20PS+ from a previous deal and absolutely love it. Display is great and fast charge indication is helpful. AAA+++

  • +1

    I bought my partner the 26,800mAh version of this a few months back.
    She's really happy with it, it fast charges her Pixel 2XL.
    We went camping for a long weekend, kept her phone and Samsung TAB S4 tablet going the whole 3 days.

  • May I ask what brand of Powerbank can I use for my laptop which has power input of 65W? Can anyone advise?

  • Clear whats the output power? specs doesnt say? the kogan one above seems to do 87w output

    • 18W

      • thanks for the quick reply

        was looking for something that can charge a laptop

        given the kogan one is definitely a rebadge, i wonder if there is a cheaper chinese equivalent

  • Got it for $34. Had extra $5 credit applied automatically?

  • Hi @Clear, I bought two of these ROMOSS powerbanks earlier this year, in June. Yesterday one of them stopped charging. When I press the On/Off button, all LEDs blink 3 times, and that's the only sign of life I manage to get out of it, no charging and no discharging. I tried all three charging inputs. Could you suggest any tricks to reset/fix it? How would one go about a warranty claim for it? Thank you.

    • +1

      Best bet is to reach out to Romoss directly through Amazon. The team there will be able to assist.

      • How do I contact them on Amazon? There's no contact details there and www.romoss.com is either down or redirecting to some crap.
        I don't want to post a negative review on Amazon just yet. Do you know if they're still in business?

        • +1

          You contact them on Amazon through Orders.

          Romoss are still in business, they just changed all their brands to fall under one website.

          • @Clear: I've contacted them through Orders, will see how it goes. Thanks!

          • @Clear: They appear to be useless:

            Could you please kindly send us some pictures,thank you.

            Like what, a picture of a faulty powerbank that looks brand new? I recon, the next request will be to send a video to demonstrate how it isn't working. Not gonna waste my time on that ping pong game.

            • @uk3000: Send a video instead then to prove that it's faulty.

              • @Clear: Why do I have to prove that? Are they gonna send me a new powerbank and let me keep the faulty one?

                • @uk3000: To prove it's faulty? It's not an unreasonable request.

                  • @Clear:

                    To prove it's faulty? It's not an unreasonable request.

                    Well I do find this an unreasonable request. For the first time in my online shopping experience I'm asked to provide a video proof that I am not lying and the item is faulty.

                    Until now, it's always been like this:

                    • I request an RMA
                    • I get issued an RMA with a prepaid postage label
                    • I ship the faulty item back to the merchant
                    • They sent me a replacement

                    I don't see a reason why a person would lie and put a non-faulty item through the above process, and I don't see how ROMOSS is uniquely different from other merchants.

                    • @uk3000: Then go through Amazon's Live Chat support.

                      I'm sorry but I have no control over Romoss. Though it is standard for Chinese sellers.

                      • @Clear: Nah, not worth my time for a $40 item. I'm still gonna wait for their response but if it's a no-go, I'll post a review for the benefit of others and move on.

  • Hi, I got one of these and it came a day late, so Amazon gave me $10 credit. So $29 but still a very good power bank even at $39. Only thing is that it is a bit heavy but I don't mind if it is good. Thanks!

    • It's good while it works, see my comment above.

      • Hope that doesn’t happen to me haha. What’s happening now with your case?

        • Yeah, hopefully! I still have one left and it's being used daily.

          What’s happening now with your case?

          They asked me for "some picture" of the faulty powerbank, see above :)

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