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$1.com.au / net.au /.id.au Domain Names (1 Year Registration) @ Zuver


Great deal on .au Domains!

Maximum one year registration. Limited to one per customer.

Promotion is applied at checkout.

Update: I've changed the link so that the discount is automatically applied.

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  • When I attempt to search for .au domains, I get the error message "Sorry! you've inserted unsupported extension".

    What am I missing?

    • Are you doing yourdomain.com.au or just yourdomain.au?
      You have to do yourdomain.com.au or yourdomain.net.au

  • I got a fraud error when checking out lol

    • VPN?

    • +1

      I got that message too.. Wasn't using a VPN and i tried different browsers etc.

      I figured out that they don't like PayPal as a payment method, tried CC and it worked first time.

  • No, not available yet.

  • +2

    Need an ABN apparently

    • +3

      As you do for all .com.au domains, yes

  • +1

    Snagged one for my brother's name. Birthday sorted! Thanks mate!

    • Will there be a spicy photo gallery, or perhaps something more wholesome?

      • It'll be for email hosting or his future CV. Zoho basic 5GB email hosting for $1.65 p/m and he is 12 and starting high school. He hasn't started a personal email yet and I don't want him to be tied to gmail like I am. I'm going to surprise him :)

        • That's awesome!

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  • Confusing post. Which extension? .com.au or .aussie?

    • +1

      As far as I'm aware, there's no such thing as a .Aussie extension.

      • hence the confusion …


        ps: i think the countdown is irrelevant. saw that timer 2 days ago

        and normal .com.au domain in cart still show $10+

        ——- edit

        the discount is applied on checkout. follow through the steps. $1 is good deal

  • +1

    It asks me for ABN.

    • all .au domains require an ABN or registered business name. The cheap rate doesn't excuse this requirement.

      • +1

        Wrong. Technically, id.au is for personal / hobby. Requires no ABN.

        • +2

          Interesting how you know this but seem to be surprised about the ABN requirement on other .au Domains.

          • @Realdee: I read after I stumble across the ABN requirement. So I volunteered to fix incorrect information.

            • +1

              @r0nmac: Gotcha, I must have misunderstood the tone.

  • Does this include renewals too or just registration?

    • +1

      Just new registrations

  • Now just to find some free web hosting!

  • At the checkout page it shows $10.50. Is it once I've paid it's $1?

    • If you qualify, it should show the updated price before you pay.

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