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Jetstar Return for Free Sale: e.g. Syd⇄Auckland $199 / Honolulu$299, Per⇄Bali $169, Mel⇄Chch$185 / Auckland $186 / Honolulu $329


Jetstar is having another return for free sales:

Perth ⇄Bali $169 (some dates allow $135)

Melbourne ⇄ Christchurch$185
Melbourne ⇄ Auckland$186
Melbourne ⇄ Queenstown$219
Melbourne ⇄ Bangkok$269
Melbourne ⇄ Ho Chi Minh City$279
Melbourne ⇄ Honolulu $329

Sydney ⇄ Auckland$199
Sydney ⇄ Queenstown$279
Sydney ⇄ Ho Chi Minh City $279
Sydney ⇄ Phuket $279
Sydney ⇄ Honolulu$299 (some dates allow $275)

More domestic return for free fares available.

$0 Return dates varies, from 29 Jan 2020 to 23 Sep 2020.

How to find and book your Return for FREE^ flights:
Below is a selection of our best available (one-way) outbound fares on offer. Other outbound flights can also be booked as part of this Return for FREE^ offer, but $0 return flights are only available within the Travel Periods listed. We suggest you make a note of these dates before you continue.

Click the button next to your preferred destination below.
Update the number of passengers you’d like to book for.
Make sure you select a ‘return’ booking.
Choose your preferred departure date. This can be any date.
Choose your return date. This can only be within the Travel Periods listed below.
Look for a return flight labelled $0 (may not be available on all flights or days).

^Book an outbound Starter fare and you will receive one return Starter fare free. Selected flights. Only available from the same arrival and departure ports and must be purchased in a single booking. Limited changes are permitted, charges apply. Availability is limited (not available on all flights or days). Limited availability on school and public holiday weekends. Checked baggage not included. Return travel dates may differ, check before you book. Limited changes can be made to Return for FREE bookings but change fees and any fare difference will apply. For the free flights the fare difference will be calculated from a $0 fare. Prices based on payment by POLi, Jetstar voucher, Jetstar Gift Card, Jetstar Mastercard, or Jetstar Platinum Mastercard or Points Plus Pay – Flights (where the total booking is redeemed in Qantas Points) at jetstar.com. For other payment options, a Payment Fee applies. Other conditions apply, see things you need to know below.

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  • "Ho Chi Ming" lol

  • +22 votes

    Just hope they don’t cancel your return flight and offer a $0 refund. Happened to me last time cost me $500 to get the next Virgin flight instead of taking the next flight 24hrs later.

    They then proceeded to send automated emails that my $0 was coming and being processed with 10-14 days. I got a $50 voucher for having a whinge about their piss poor IT systems.

    On a side note, you can use this offer if your outbound flight is this side of Xmas, and book the free leg anytime next year. Example I needed a flight next weekend, so added a $0 flight for travel next year. Helpful if you were booking a flight for travel soon and pickup a free leg next year if it suits.

    • On a side note, you can use this offer if your outbound flight is this side of Xmas, and book the free leg anytime next year. Example I needed a flight next weekend, so added a $0 flight for travel next year. Helpful if you were booking a flight for travel soon and pickup a free leg next year if it suits.

      Sorry can you expand on what you mean? How do you add a "$0" flight on a booking this side of XMAS? i thought the deals are all next year.


        Outbound date is from today
        Inbound date needs to be within that window of next year.

      • Let say you need to go to from Sydney to Gold Coast for 5 days in December. Instead of booking a 5 days return trip, select the return date in one of the free-flight window and book a separate oneway flight to return from Gold Coast to Sydney. That way you bank a free return flight next year and only need to book a departure flight if you want to go to Gold Coast again.

  • Is the list in description exhaustive, or just examples?

  • I've been waiting for something like this for some flights to Bali next year for a group of us. I'm not a club Jetstar member, so can't tell if the dates I'm after will have return for free available.

    Can anyone who is a Club Jetstar member try these dates for me and let me know the price ? If its good, I'll pay the $49 to sign up to book today

    Sat 02/05/2020 - Thu 07/05/2020
    Sat 02/05/2020 - Thu 14/05/2020

    Thanks very much !

    • You can still search through the link provided, it'll tell you when return for free is available, but obviously only club Jetstar members can actually book today, but have a look

      • Ahh yes, once you choose your day you can then see the $0 club Jetstar member price.

        If I join, can I then book that price for a group ? 7 return tickets to be exact

    • If you're leaving from Perth, Melbourne, Cairns or Darwin yeah.

  • Brisbane - Why Jetstar no love? :D

  • ugh no Thailand ones for March.

    Anyone know if worth waiting for a promo or just book now for March?

  • Damn, no Bangkok :(

  • I wish Jetstar was in Canberra :(.

  • I cant see free return from Darwin? Can anyone check. I am more keen for Darwin to Bali or Cairns

    • DRW to DPS and CNS are both available in the sale. Click the link and you can see deals and prices, but you can't book yet unless you're a Club Jetstar member.

  • Anyway to get the fares broken down into the monthly graph, rather than having to individually search heaps of dates to find the $0 return fares?

    • Search via the link and it provides a full calendar month of prices in one screen. But $0 return flights might not show until tomorrow, unless you have membership.

      • Yes I have found the calendar month with dates broken down. I have gone through every date in each month of the sale which has $169 departing flights (Perth to Bali) but not one comes up with a return date which is $0 and I am a Jetstar Club Member. Some airlines offer what I'm looking for but I can't find it on Jetstar. Something like Skyscanner is all I'm after but they haven't updated the sale prices.

  • How do you find $0 return fares? I’m looking for early August.

  • Nothing for NZ snow season?

  • I'm looking also for $0 and cannot find anything from Brisbane to Denpasar during the times specified. Tried many different dates.

  • In the past 2 hours many of the $0 return flights I was looking at (MEL-DPS May 2020) are now back to normal price.
    These are very popular sales, and I think if you are after travel dates that arent flexible then you need club jetstar and jump on right away.

  • Here I am in Hawaii about to fly home tomorrow

    • How was it? Thinking of going next year, but keep postponing due to poor exchange rate.

      • Pretty expensive, we only stayed in main island Honolulu though. Depends on what you want in Hawaii. If you want the Hawaii "paradise" experience then go to the other islands and not Honolulu. Waikiki is just a tourist trap mess, beaches are crowded with tourists you can't take in the sights without some in your face taking pictures.

        Waikiki is mainly boutique shops, ALOT of them. Think atleast 3 Gucci, hermes, Chanel etc stores in a suburb that you can walk from end to end in 30mins.

        It can be manageable if you're smart though, we stayed in an airbnb 3 blocks from the main beaches, cost about $90 USD a day. There was a smart car rental in the same building that rented $99 usd for 3 days which is dirt cheap (we did 1 day on a mustang convertible for $160USD).

        The worst thing imo was the poverty problem they're having, went to swim just at sunrise and there were so many homeless people sleeping in the beach.

  • Do these fares have fees if you don’t use the return leg? As getting cruise from USA back to AUS.

  • Booked Vietnam. Thanks for sharing

  • site down :(

  • when is the sale to non-club member start?

  • I couldn’t find any Bris- Den

    Thinking I’m too late

  • Today i tried to purchase tickets to Bali with free return for me and my 3 children. I had tickets in cart with club jetstar selected for deal. It wouldn't go through so i called up and they wouldn't process on the phone and told me to purchase club jetstar first. i did this and tried to purchase again at a higher rate and purchase still didn't go through and said i wasn't club jetstar, even though my account was saying i was. now flights have gone up even more and i can't afford them. I went online chat and asked for refund as i was forced to sign up for club jetstar for the deal that was not honored. I understand that tickets have now sold out, but i did have them in my cart twice and was told i couldn't purchase because not a club jetstar member. Could i please have the flight deal honored or at the very least club jetstar fee refunded.


    • +2 votes

      Mate there has been like nearly 10,000 hits on this deal. Get over it

    • A couple of years ago i had trouble booking my child on who was turning 2 within our travel period so i had to book adults online and then child a few minutes later via call centre. Within the time of calling and getting through to an operator the tickets had increased in price. The next day a friend decided to join us, they purchased online for the cheaper price as we purchased the day before. I would check online tomorrow as in this incident i have seen then release more tickets at the cheaper price for same time/route

  • Just waiting one more hour till the Jetstar sale goes public. Plebs that aren't in club Jetstar will pounce

    • Mate I'm willing to pay for the club but I can't even log in. What chance will we have once everyone has access?

  • sale is live for the plebs, got my tickets

  • Attempted to book BNE > DPS but they had sold out in the presale and it seems like they didn't add any additional tickets for the plebs.

  • Pleb reporting in. Had no plans to go to Hawaii but debated it since the deal was posted and pulled the trigger at midnight. Scored 2 return flights syd > honolulu for $550 total.

    Interesting that they advertised "from $299" then had them at $275.

    • Same, decided to book the tickets this morning even though not thought about going initially. $825 all up from Sydney for 3 people with 20kg baggage for 1 person. The price was just too good to pass.

  • Thanks OP. Booked for April next year.

    Surprisingly found a lot of flights still available at 2am.

  • Perth to Bali return dates @$139 WOW!

  • Has anyone received the $25 jetstar hotel voucher when buying? I was expecting it. I did receive a separate email inviting me to their exclusive deals, but not the $25 voucher I was hoping for. I usually buy Jetstar using a price match with AirAsia, and sometimes I received one and sometimes I don’t.

    Thanks op. Got a cheap flight to Bali in early winter/late fall. So cheap that if I don’t use it I won’t fret too much.

  • Plenty more flights released overnight which weren't there up to 12.30am and later last night

  • How much would you be spending in a week on a com in Hawaii?

  • about AUD$2K anything decent.

  • Thanks OP,
    Had a look last night and there was nothing Mel-DPS.

    Had another look this morning and there were heaps of free flights back. As I was debating the return date, they started disappearing quickly! (booked by others I presume). Ended up locking a free flight returning a day later than anticipated but all good still!

  • Good prices if you can line up all the ducks. Got 2 x MEL-CAIRNS direct with extra legroom seats on all flights and 50KG of baggage for $490.

  • I cannot for the life of me find any tickets to Vietnam for any of the dates, flying out of sydney. or any flights to phuket. I’m flexible with dates. I just don’t see any that are $0 return.