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[NSW, ACT, QLD] $1 Schnitty & Chips w/ Creamy Mushroom Sauce 30 Oct 2019 @ Rashays



$1 Schnitty Day!
One day, $1 schnitties!
All day, Wednesday October 30, get RASHAYS hand-crumbed schnitty and chips with our FAMOUS creamy mushroom sauce for just $1!
All proceeds go to Miracle Babies.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Limit of one per person
  • Available all day Wednesday 30th October only.
  • Available for dine-in only
  • Not available for take-away or through third-party applications such as Ubereats or Menulog
  • Membership benefits do not apply
  • Available for walk-ins only, no bookings will be accepted
  • While stocks last
  • Meals cannot be altered

Locations: https://www.rashays.com/location/

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  • +14

    Good deal! I don't mind Rashays, although they normally are far too expensive than they should be (if you aren't getting a lunch special).

  • Great deal. I'm in. Thanks OP +1

  • +1

    Never been to Rashays before.

    The $1 deal sure looks good though…

    Is their LUNCH specials different sizes to their normal price equivalents?

    Eg: Lunch Fish and Chips vs regular menu Fish and Chips, or Lunch Schnitty vs usual price Schnitty?

  • Never tried them before but that’s a good deal!

    • +26

      Your opinion doesn’t count, but mine does and mushroom sauce is heavenly

  • +3

    Brunch, late lunch and dinner sorted 😂

    • Can we use the deal more than once?

      • Fact Hunt

      • Do it! Membership benefits do not apply.

    • +1

      Don't forget about breakfast etc😉
      Deal is all day. My local: 8am-10pm😊

  • 1 per customer or I can order 2?

    • I was thinking the same thing.

      The T&Cs doesn't say anything about 1 per customer limit….

    • +3

      Excuse me, my partner is running late, can I please order one of those $1 Schnitty & Chips w/ Creamy Mushroom Sauce for him/her

    • Click on the website - T&C's state "Limit of one per person"

      • 1 per person per day or pre meal. I can eat a plate then do some shopping and eat again

        • They didn't have that in their T&C's earlier when I looked.
          They must have added that later.

          • @ElCheapoo: They should update it to 1 meal per person per day later

            • +2

              @SnoozeAndLose: it no matter; 1 hour after store opening, all they need to say 'the $1 deal are all gone'

  • +5

    Lets have an ozbargain union at rasshays guys…

  • +2

    Does this work at their food court stores?

    • +1

      I would like to know this also (eg Parramatta)

    • +4

      I've live chatted with one of the agents and here's your answer.

      • +1

        Boo hiss. But thanks.

      • Curious if their other "kiosk" stores have closed down. There was more than Parramatta I'm sure.

        • There was one at Liverpool Westfield, google search suggests it may still be there.

          • @Mr Idiom: The one in Liverpool Westfield has been shutdown either temporarily or permanently, but most likely the latter. I walked past it yesterday and saw that it was all boxed off. I wonder what will replace it.

            • @SHiNiGaMi: Yeah, seems permanently, no longer on their website either.

        • They opened one up at Warrawong within the last year.

  • +1

    Is there a ozbargain gang sign? Kinda curious to see how many ozbargain people will be in there at the same time as me.

  • Can I get it without the mushy slop all over it.

    • +3

      Yes, just order the mushroom sauce without the Schnitzel.

    • That's what she said?

      • what did she say?

  • Do you need a rashays membership?

    • Membership benefits do not apply


  • +1

    great deal.. but i wont be bothering. I dont want to wait 2 hours+ to be served my meal

    • × no pain × °°°°°°

      • taking way too long ….

  • $1 per person, alrighty! $4 dinner next Thursday with the family.

    Thanks OP

    Feeling better with starwars tickets and this after the JBHifi lure this morning.

    • +1

      Thursday is normal price!
      Better change your plans - Deal is on Wednesday😉

      • -1

        don't burst her bubbles

  • +2

    Terms & Conditions:-
    -Limit of one per person
    -Available all day Wednesday 30th October only.
    -Available for dine-in only
    -Not available for take-away or through third-party applications such as Ubereats or Menulog
    -Membership benefits do not apply
    -Available for walk-ins only, no bookings will be accepted
    -While stocks last
    - Meals cannot be altered

  • oh my god this is exactly what i need

  • +2

    All proceeds go to charity…..but we're only charging $1. Charity would probably have preferred receiving the proceeds from a regular full-price day.

  • -2

    Rashay's food is awful

    • +1

      Gotta be worth a dollar though ?

    • It depends on the one you go to, I suppose. The Mt Druitt store has great food.

      • Top Ryde is good too. They have a kids play area which is a bonus

      • Maybe just you, reasonably priced and decent tasting food I find - though their mushroom sauce is pretty great.

  • +1

    I'd buy that for a dollar !

      • +2

        As in Oi, Bazza, yagarn down the pub for a schnitty? - Urban dictionary, 2010. But the term was also in use earlier for female genitalia!!

        Like many terms, likely a regional variant or in use by certain groups.

        Sounds strange for outsiders to an area or group. (I've never heard the term.)

        Similar discussion about variants for parmigiana, with criticism of a whole State because some there use a different variant to what that person was used to in their area…
        I just moved to QLD and all the weirdos here call a parm(igian)a a parmi(giana). Hurts my soul
        Red Rooster "Parmi" promotion. Triggered online outrage😂

        So sad that use of a slightly different contraction, ending in a different vowel, can cause such pain for an outsider😉
        How can they live in a world with so many languages & cultures?

        I don't care what is called - it's a bargain at $1😉

    • HA!

    • Don't go looking at the other other definitions in the side bar of that page… (Schnitzel flaps have nothing to do with bird flight, folks.)

  • -2

    ummm closest restaurant is more than 4km away.

    • +2

      That's still walking distance…

      • +3

        Yeah what a weird thing to complain about. That’s close.

  • +1

    Wonder how busy it'll be tonight..

  • I saw $1 shitty chips and then I saw Rashay's and I thought: "Yeah sounds about right."

    • Mine were surprisingly crispy.

  • +2

    It's going to be a Schity Day at Rashays

  • +1

    Currently 11.30am been queuing to go in for 10 mins. Probably another 10mins before I get to the front of the line.

  • +3

    The line is nuts at Top Ryde (beyond Sushi Hub)

    • +1

      Thanks, won't bother going lol.
      Will instead have my neglected pizza 😂

    • The line is tiny at Top Ryde now, adjust your lunch/dinner eating hours and get yours arses down there!

  • Anyone at Darling Harbour/Harbourside who can report on the line/wait time?

    • I left around 11:30 and there was a queue of at least 30-40 people stretching to the stairs I imagine once it’s lunchtime it’ll be much much longer.

    • At 1 it was around 100

      • Yeah we arrived around then. Line went surprisingly fast.
        Also non-OzB friend ordered a coke, cost 6x more than lunch.

  • Thanks OP! Great geal!

  • Anyone going to the Mount Druitt store? Can someone post here wait times or any problems etc

    • Also interested to know

  • Long queue.

  • Rip wish they had one in Vic

  • I hgaveave up at Rhodes. I only have an hour lunch break at work so I didn't want to waste time.

    • it's about time management, mr Pulisic

  • 40 people lined up at lidcombe

  • +2

    Had a good meal at 11am. Restaurant in Harbourside which is never full was about 80% full when I went in with everyone ordering the same thing. Service was really quick and food decent. They try to ask you multiple times what else you want to order from the menu and also you need to fill in a form for the $1 donation. I drank my free boost juice (from Uber eats $10 pick up promotion) and had a good meal overall. Thanks OzBargain.

    • +1

      was that you jace ? nice meeting you; cute baby btw.

      • +1

        Hahahahaha yes that was me struggling with eating the cream sauce without dropping it on her head!! Where were you?

    • +1

      Yeah I had a good $1 lunch and have a free movie tonight thanks to OzBargain :D

  • Liverpool one on Hume Highway is pretty busy, but tolerable. We waited about 5 minutes at 12:15, now a bigger queue of about 20 people.

  • Went to Punchbowl location at 10.02am (they open at 10am) and there were 25 people already inside having ordered. Left at 10.45am with a full restaurant and around 20 people in the queue outside. The schnitzel was very good but the serving size was small, and the chips were good too.
    Feel sorry for the staff who are going to cop it all day; hope they get some good tips.

  • Anyone know the queue at redbank?

  • +1

    Toombul Brisbane: arrived at noon, 15 minute wait, friendly staff kept us informed.
    Ordered, $1 schnitzel arrived within 2 minutes!

    • Cheers, that our closest too. Might be there for dinner.

      • Well it's the only store for a long way around Brisbane.

        Enjoy. Good value & reasonable taste.
        The queue has remained at about 15 minute wait.

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