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DJI Osmo Action Dual Screens 4K HDR Video $360 (OOS), Osmo Pocket Handheld Stabilized Camera $469 Delivered @ Ozaerial eBay


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Probably the lowest prices for the Osmo Action and Pocket at the moment, with free delivery.
The products appear to be DJI Aust stock with Aust warranty. However they do not issue GST tax invoices (probably not registered for GST) so keep in mind if you are thinking of claiming GST or TRS.

DJI Osmo Pocket Handheld Stabilized Action Camera $469 Delivered @ Ozaerial eBay

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    I got both the pocket and action

    While action is really a revolutionary product (dual screen action cam)
    I end up using pocket most of the time due to how convenient and small it is

    I would say the only drawback of pocket is the angle is pretty narrow

    • Few great wide-angle lenses out for it now!

      • yeah which ones is good? I am thinking of buying this item (Osmo Pocket)
        Would love to see a wide angle legs that is not gonna hurt the motor!

  • Which is best? Osmo Action, Hero 8 or Sony FDRX3000

  • I recently won the Osmo Mobile 3 which uses the same Android app as the DJI OSMO POCKET & DJI Osmo Action. I checked.
    On the latest versions of Android, 9 & 10, the app crashes a lot. But it is more stable on older versions of Android.

    The hardware is great but the software/app isn't great.

    Tried on Pixel 2xl, S10+ & S7.

    • I tried out the Osmo 2 for a while, the app was fine but basic on iPhone.

    • I can't even open the app on my Pixel 3, it crashes everytime.

      Trying to find the box cover it came in to return it but I think I threw it out. So disappointed.

      Basically a useless piece of plastic for me.

  • The seller has over 4000 feedback ratings and is located in Australia and doesn't collect GST. Meanwhile, you buy something from overseas from a one time seller and Ebay charges you GST. Ridiculous and illegal!

    • Report to ATO

      • Not sure why people are down-voting this comment. I actually believe it should be Ebay's responsibility to report them. It would be simple, see if they quote an ABN if selling from Australia, then see how much they sell. These 2 parameters would be all that is necessary to identify people of interest.

        And it would be great if the ATO took more money from people like that instead of harassing the Aussie Mums and Dads.

        • Because snitches get stitches.

          But seriously, ebay's responsibility is to make money, and that's what they're doing, just like most corporate entity's "responsibility."

          Maybe you should report like pretty much all med-large companies.

          • @grunge:

            Because snitches get stitches.

            That is quite a naive and damaging perspective. I am confident you have used something paid for by the government at least once in your life. Your and my taxes paid for it. I prefer some dodgy Chinese sellers pay more and me less.

            Ebay is in fact taking more GST than it should be in many cases. They are collecting GST on EVERY overseas transaction notwithstanding that many overseas sellers sell less than $75K in Australia. They have chosen to do this because it is easier for them (and the ATO loves it). You should see what the ATO is doing to people trying to claim legitimate work related deductions nowadays. It represents a dramatic departure from the way they used to be. I much prefer they go after corporations doing the wrong thing than the "little people".

            • @Offended: Because big corporations have lawyers that fight back and costs ATO money and time. Small businesses and little people cannot afford lawyers so just quietly roll over and pay the fines…

    • Only needs to be registered for gst if his turnover is expected to be $75k a year. Sure, with 4000 ratings, probably he should look into it but I’m saying there’s a chance it’s legit.

      • I'm saying there is close to zero chance and it is extremely common from some of the Chinese sellers. This particular seller has sold way over $9,000 of goods in the last month alone just looking at the feedback on "non private" sales. They are simply scamming the system and I would have no problem if they offered any after sales support, but they will disappear overnight (and emerge under one of their other names) if necessary.

  • Seller is not authorised reseller of DJI, possibly warranty issues later down the track.

    Also no gst/invoice from seller

  • I have bought the Osmo Action and it works really well and the stabilisation is super steady!


    Purchased through here as only $9 more but can claim TRS and has Aus warranty and authorised reseller. Code still works.

  • Can't make up my mind, osmo action or gopro black 8. Dual screen is nice :)

    • I watched a comparison of the Osmo Action and Hero 8 last night and I think the Osmo is the way to go.

      It's cheaper, has a screen already, good stabilisation and image quality.

      Gopro looks slightly better in good light and slightly worse in low light apparently.

      Also the Gopro lens thing can't be removed… So if it breaks you're out of luck unless you sign up to the Gopro care thing.

    • Yes, same here !
      Tossing between this or Hero 8 although Gopro more expensive but can I justify the extra other than it is a newer product. For me wider angle and stablisation are important factors. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

      • Watch reviews of the osmo before buying - there's alot of lag in the screen which users complain about.

  • Just means the new version is coming out before Christmas

  • Dual Screen Action Cam - SOLD OUT

  • Deal of the Osmo Action is gone