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Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL Pool Cleaner $399 Delivered @ Pool and Spa Warehouse


Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL Pool Cleaner $399 Delivered

"Quiet & Intelligent"

Unlike typical suction pool cleaners that are pushed around by the hose and the currents, the Pool Vac quietly drives itself around the pool following a predetermined programmed path intelligently designed to cover all of your pool without getting neither stuck nor tangled.

By using an exclusive turbine system it achieves a constant and balanced water flow while moving across the pool. This system makes it one of the most remarkably quiet pool cleaners in the market today.

The Pool Vac shines where most fail: in pools of odd shapes and where pollen, sand and even small twigs and pebbles are a headache. This and the durability of the Pool Vac are the main reasons why people who try it never change to anything else.

Vinyl Pool Owners:

The surface on vinyl pools is more delicate, especially on older pools. The Pool Vac was designed from the ground up for one pool surface: vinyl pools. (Works really well elsewhere, but it was initially conceived for vinyl pools).

  • It is lightweight, which reduces wear and tear on the pool liner.
  • The components at the bottom of the cleaner are soft.
  • It has exceptional floor coverage.
  • It will not get stuck (This is very important for above ground pools because most other automatic cleaners do get stuck around the ladder)
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    Great cleaner, just factor in the cost of a rebuild once a year.


      what do you mean by 'rebuild'?


        Replacing all the bits that wear out. Unlike the Kreepy Krauly type that have basically one moving part, these have several that make the pods move up and down and the gearbox that rotates the machine. Google "Hayward service parts" and you will see everything that will need replacing at some stage. I have become quite good at pulling the thing apart and replacing the bits, but as you can see they are not cheap.


          OK good points - thanks for the info.

          I moved in to a place last May (first pool ever) .. been more of a learning curve than i thought it would ;)

          The place had a Hayward salt and swim 3 (low salt) and an Aquanaut 250 cleaner which both seems pretty good, but considering my comparison scale of zero, who knows!

          So am not looking at replacing the unit, but def reading up more to see how they all compare….

          Looking for a Pool for Dummies book at the moment :)

          Anyway - cool story, i know, eh bro!


            @swampson: If you really want an introduction of what is required for you, most local pool shops offer an introduction course where they come out and show you how to use your equipment and will give you an insight on if your gear is good or not.
            The best thing to do is take in a water sample to your local and have them test it. asking question about your gear there helps too. they should be more than willing to inform you about whats available and where you compare, if they refuse to help you out I wouldn't be returning to that one. (unless of course its super busy)

            It's hard to give you any advice about your gear without knowing the rough size of the pool.

            Hayward salt and swim 3 is a smaller chlorinator, which is fine if you have a smaller pool but will struggle in the warmer season with a medium - large size pool. if it breaks i would be upgrading rather than replacing. there are a lot of factors that can cause your pool to turn green and it can range anywhere between your chlorinator being too old or your sand filter needing a change. (or cartridge filter needing a replacement)

            the aquanaut 250 looks similar to ThePoolCleaner - a very reliable, simple cleaner that works well on all surfaces. if you have a fiberglass pool you would benefit asking for fiberglass tires.

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              @Dr-Krieger: thanks for the comments mate - no dramas. Was not using this as a platform to ask for beginner's guide :)

              Learning as i go, and you're right - the local shop is pretty good, although their water tests come back surprisingly different at times; even they's admitted it is a bit strange. Nothing critical though.


      I get a few years before rebuilding is required. I do not get a large amount of bottom debris so I do not need to run mine super regularly. I imagine that once or twice weekly would be dynamite on the feet.

      I usually order parts out of the USA as they can be significantly cheaper.

      I got about 7 years out of my first one with rebuilds until it got to the point where a new one was a better deal.


    Damn paid $461 for this a year ago, and have used the pool once lmao

  • +2 votes

    Great price. I bought the Pool Shark - which also works very well.


      When i first got my pool it came with a pool shark and it was so good. Apart from the two little plastic clips breaking every now and then (easily replaced). But finally it broke so i went to buy a new one and was told they weren't being made any more (lies i tell you all lies) so i bought a kreepy crawly style one and it was crap in comparison. I found out after seeing a post on here that the pool shark had been taken over by Onga. I immediately binned my replacement and bought a pool shark. So good, so happy.


    I know Hayward bought Poolvergnuegen. What's the differences btw The PoolCleaner vs this?
    It's a bit too much if you need rebuild annually to me.
    I bought a Poolvergnuegen The PoolCleaner 4W for 4 years after the ~20 years old one (same model) became unreliable, still going strong. I'm just about to change the tyres, nothing else needs replacing. It's not programmable only random turning which gets the job done but not consistent in short period of time


      Neither of them are programmable.
      This Pool Vac Ultra is pre-programmed to make X turn every X meters or something. thats how they can get away with calling it pre-programmed.
      The PoolCleaner is a good and reliable cleaner - if it isnt turning brittle due to overchlorinated water or sun damage then you might save a few and keep that one going. they run off the same style of suction system anyway.
      If you have a fiberglass pool and dont have fiberglass tires on the poolcleaner I would be inquiring about them as they work much better on fiberglass than the standard tires that come with the pool cleaner (the blue tires).

      If you have a pebblecrete surface pool I would be sticking with the PoolCleaner regardless as the pool vac is designed for fiberglass, and, while usable on pebblecrete, it will wear out the rubber feat much quicker.


    Talked my brother into buying one. you're welcome Poolandspawarehouse ;)


    Does this do sides of pools and steps?
    Is it suitable for lots of leaves and sand? And good for pebblecrete? Thanks

    • +1 vote

      1) Does this do sides of pools and steps?
      A) No pool cleaner is technically able to do walls and steps (including $3000 robotic cleaners), however this is dependent on your pump, which in turn relies on the cleanliness of your filter. In short the more suction you have the more likely it will be to climb walls.

      2) Is it suitable for lots of leaves and sand?
      A) Sand and dust, Yes absolutely. Leaves? It depends on the type. To my knowledge this cleaner has the same type of internals as ThePoolCleaner, large palm leaves will possibly clog the internals of this, however anything else it would be able to tackle. Click here for an image of ThePoolCleaner internals. Generally you would benefit from first scooping the larger piles of leaves with a pool scoop and letting the cleaner do the rest.

      3) And good for pebblecrete?
      A) "The Pool Vac was designed from the ground up for one pool surface: vinyl pools" - while im sure you would have some degree of success with this cleaner in your pebblecrete pool the rubber feet will wear out very quickly. You would benefit from looking at something like The PoolCleaner.