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Ducky One 2 Midnight TenKeyLess Cherry MX Speed Silver Mechanical Keyboard $99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ PC Case Gear


Normally $129. $15 delivery to Sydney with AusPost.

This is the TenKeyLess version (i.e. no numpad).

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    Ducky One 2


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    Love ducky!!
    Bought one 6 years ago still going strong as new

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    Numpad is life. Only needs TKL/60% kb if space is really tight.

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      TKL = better ergonomics (mouse placement).

      External numpad is your friend! :)

      (didn't neg you, btw. gave you a + to balance it out, because I don't think you deserve a neg!) :)

      • Yeah my favourite keyboard layout was years ago when Logitech's highest end model was bluetooth and had an external numpad that you could line up perfectly on the left hand side of the keyboard. So much better for mouse position

        • Microsoft Sidewinder was like that but without the BT, just a custom connector at either end. Still have the numpad. nfi where the kb went.

    • Numpad is life, and you can have it with all the ergonomics of a TKL for just $660 😏
      Edit: switches and keycaps not included

    • I have heaps of desk space and like many others, prefer TKL as it feels more ergonomic, especially for gaming.

  • What is "cherry speed"?

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      Regular MX switches actuate at 2mm.
      The"speed" series actuate at 1.2mm
      Both have 4mm bottom-out

  • does anyone make a TKL keyboard with media keys as functions or physical buttons?

  • Bought one! Thanks OP!
    Worth noting that the model in this deal has no backlighting too, if anyone is wondering.