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$10 off $60 Spend, $20 off $100 Spend & $50 off $200 Spend @ Target (Nintendo Switch Lite $249)


$10 off $60 purchase in-store only.

In-store vouchers.

Stack with up to 5% cashback @ Shopback for further savings!

Nintendo switch lite - $249

Exclusions: rainchecks, gift cards including iTunes and App store, Target shopping bags, charity and lay-by purchases. Limit to one voucher per transaction. This voucher is not redeemable for cash.

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  • Xbox S 1TB + Forza + Call of Duty MW for $279.

  • Got a switch lite for 270 thanks!

    • Thanks. Added to OP.

  • Can you use it to buy Nintendo credit?

    • +2

      I don't think so, excludes gift cards.

      • Ah, missed that when I was looking at mobile. Thanks!

  • Any idea if JB hi-fi price match coupons?

    • Nope. No store with a price matching policy would AFAIK.

      • Thanks for the info, looks like I'm going for a trip

  • G1 dealbot :)

  • Can I use 20off and 50off voucher for instore as well or they are online voucher only?

    • +1

      Yes instore and online

  • What model is the Nintendo Switch they have? The 2019 one? I remember someone saying you can tell by the colour on the box but forgot the details…


    Also, can you stack these vouchers and get $110 off the $469 Nintendo Switch?

    • +1

      There won't be any OG stock left now I don't think. Red box = new revision chipset

      • Thanks! My reading comprehension skills not quite there yet either… literally first sentence after the header says:

        Upgrade with an increased battery size!

        Need to get some coffee…

        • It's a pity that its such a bad price $470!! .. even $50 doesn't make it that great..

          I am hoping for some black Friday deals..

          • +3

            @OzViper: They’re down to $429 now before the $50 discount.

            • @Oberin: Yeh just saw that. Awesome, now thats a deal ! ;)

    • Fine print says you can't stack vouchers, bummer…

  • +1

    Good deal for Luigi's Mansion 3 out today :)

    • I am trying to use this code online 2721000001450
      Not working can anyone tell me please how it works thanx

      • The online codes are “20OFF” and “50OFF”

  • Awesome thanks. Despite my massive gaming backlog I really would like a switch (lite)…
    I searched the website there appear to be so few games?
    Anyone know if you can click and collect from a target country?

    • Do the backlog. Skip the lite for now. Otherwise you’re only going to build another backlog.

      • I know you're right, but I don't particularly want to even play my backlog. To the point that I am half way through one game after 2 years lol! Time is an issue too but the switch is a bit more exciting… You're certainly right though. But I'll probably never play another system at my rate hahaha.

        • +4

          I’ve been very close to picking up a switch a number of times and each time I consider all the awesome games I have still in plastic wrap.

          • @DisabledUser214631: Arrgghh I caved! $279 with the case/screen protector is very nice.

            • +3

              @Dan83: All the best.

            • +1

              @Dan83: Don't worry man. Most people's backlog is fulled with crap that isn't actually worth playing anyway. Forget backlogs and pick 2 or 3 games out of it that you DO want to play. Also there's a lotta game on Switch worth playing. My suggestion, buy only one game at a time, play it. Then consider buying another. Otherwise you'll have the same problem that stops you from enjoying what you already have.

              • @Hunterex: Yep totally! Got a few games in mind (BOTW first up), but surprised just how many are digital download only, plus I can't for the life of me find out how much they cost on the eshop??

                • +1

                  @Dan83: While this isn't the store itself, I've use this website to find stuff to buy. You can sort it to make it easier. Better discoverability than the eshop, too.


                  • @Hunterex: Cool thanks, not stumbled across that one somehow yet, looks good.

                  • @Hunterex: Actually that site is amazing! Thanks. Finally can work out the availability and cost on the eshop. For example I want to get Gris, which has no physical currently available and wouldn't even come up on the eshop… It's $24 so will get that once my switch lite arrives.

                    • +1

                      @Dan83: no worries dude. I love sites like that and comparegames.com.au which show you price history graphs. Like gris for example is regularly put on sale and with increasing discounts. Last week it was 40% off

                      • +1

                        @Hunterex: Yeah that's brilliant. I've put some in my wishlist and I think they will email me when the price drops.

    • To answer my own Q in case anyone is curious - yes you can C&C from Target Country.

    • Just realised how stupid click and collect is, you can just go in store and buy it. Now I have to wait till they confirm my order, which could be in 5 days.

  • +1

    Thanks OP,
    finally bought a Switch Lite after much deliberation

  • this is a bit of a long shot but is it possible to price match with a store like mighty ape and apply the coupon?

  • Thanks OP, I bought Luigi's Mansion and the Zelda remake on Nintendo Switch

  • +2

    Ordered the switch lite in yellow this morning for $269. I just refreshed the store page and their price is now $299 and went through the checkout again to confirm and it's now down to $249.

    They haven't charged my credit card yet, wonder if I should cancel and reorder or email them.

    Edit: All colours are listing as $299 now.

    • Just noticed this too… Time to order :)

      • +2

        Slightly annoying, I logged into my account and couldn't find a way to cancel the order, was still processing at the time.

        Jumped onto live chat and asked about a price amendment, wasn't possible. Asked about a voucher for the price difference, wasn't possible. Solution provided to me was reordering at the new price and getting a refund on the original order when going in to collect.

        So now I have two Switch Lites on order. And the first one has just now been updated as ready to collect. :S

        I'm sure the refund should be no trouble.

        • Chat is useless. Call them. I had a similar case where I ordered a toy in night and next day price dropped. Over phone - customer service was able to process the difference.

  • +1

    Why do Target seem to only have a handful of games?

    • +2

      It's crazy. I went to buy Luigi's mansion this morning and the lady told me they got 2 copies in. I mean what! Lucky i was the first one there so i got one.

  • +4

    Switches have now been discounted to $429, so $379 after the discount. ShopBack also have 0.5% cashback. I think that’s the lowest the new models have come down to?

    • Came here to post this. But you beat me.

      I just ordered one at $379.

  • Thanks op. I got some of the reduced sleeping bags and clothes.

  • Do you just go instore and present voucher?

    Looking at Luigi

  • Is anyone else getting an Unable to check stock availability error message? Seems to be happening on every product page for some reason and I can't buy anything.

    • Nope working for me.

    • Yeah works fine

      • Damn was about to smash with my friends but deal has expired.

  • Baited again by them Lego 10246 Detective Office $179 total all cancelled : (

  • Got myself a $379 switch. Cheers.

    • +1

      They just cancelled my order "due to insufficient stock". 24hrs after the order was made.

      • A family member got the same email. Im now worried I will too. After ordering some games and accessories.

        Wish I could know for sure if it was being sent before the coupon expires.

  • I saw an old Switch for $399 in store today at Macquarie Centre.

  • I thought it was 5%, but I got a bit over 1 dollar so clearly not. Noticed it's up to 5%. That's a shame I've never noticed an "up to" for shopback, kind of dodgy.

  • Brilliant! Turquoise Switch sorted!

  • +1

    just to avoid getting off guard on ShopBack cashback…

    Hardgoods (Home, Electrical, Toys etc.) 0.50%

    Softgoods (Apparel, Soft Home etc.) 5.00%

  • Anyone know if the $10 off has an online promo code?
    I tried 10OFF and it didn't work.
    If not, can I print the barcodes & present in store?

    • +1

      Can't tell you about the online side of it but i had the code on my phone and they just scanned it from there. I did notice at the front of the store they had some printed out as well.

      • Actually, I didn't realise where the codes were sourced from.
        But when I went to Target's main page I saw them.
        And the $10 off is an instore promo only.
        So maybe will do some early Xmas shopping and spend $200 for $50 off.

        Given I was looking for Luigi's mansion for my son's birthday anyway, I just need to spend a further $130 to get to $200.

  • -1

    Day 1 was getting $50 off per $200 transaction , now I have to visit the store to get it .

  • +1

    Target are getting bad at letting you order items then cancelling days later when they realise they dont have stock. Been burnt with them and left with gift cards i now somehow have to use on something else

  • Target are a f#$%ing disgrace.
    Ordered the Neon switch on Thursday, 24hrs later they cancelled the order.
    Ordered the Grey switch on Friday, order showed as "confirmed" website Friday evening, showed as "In Progress" on website early Monday morning, and now late Monday morning they've cancelled the order again (almost 72hrs after payment).
    Both times with no communication whatsoever.
    Appalling conduct.

  • Is it just the big switches that are being cancelled? I ordered a lite and haven't received the dreaded email yet.

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