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Sony WH1000XM3B $316, Lenovo Smart Clock $62.40, LG OLED55C9PTA $1836, 65C9PTA $3036, GoPro Max $636 @ The Good Guys eBay


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      • No, this is my very first transaction.

    • Just tried. Code still working.

      • Weird. Can you tell me the exact steps you did? Here's what I did.
        1. Copied code to clipboard
        2. Clicked Sony WH1000XM3B link. (This led to the ebay page)
        3. Clicked Buy it now. (Pop-up about plans showed. Clicked No Thanks)
        4. Clicked Radio Button Paypal for Pay With
        5. Logged in with my Paypal Account (AU account)
        6. Clicked field under Gift cards, vouchers, coupons, pasted what my clipboard had.
        7. Apply.

        After step 7, error showed up. :( Really want to buy the headphones for my wife. Oh well.

        • This is what I did:

          1. Copied code to clipboard
          2. Clicked Sony WH1000XM3B link. (This led to the ebay page)
          3. Click & Collect at The Good Guys: Select a store
          4. Check the store that has stock
          5. Clicked Add to Cart. (Pop-up about plans showed. Clicked No Thanks)
          6. Clicked Go to checkout
          7. Login when prompted
          8. Clicked field under Gift cards, vouchers, coupons, pasted what my clipboard had.
          9. Apply

          Tried again. Worked

        • You need to apply the code on eBay not on Paypal.

  • Applying P20GG at the "Gift cards, vouchers, coupons" section gives me a "This code can't be applied to your order." for Sony WH1000XM3B at the ebay TheGoodGuys store. Is the code already deactivated?

    • I am getting the same error as you. :(

      • +1

        Check your ebay addresses/account section. I got same error message then realised my account was still set to UK address from previous deal. Changed it to Australia and could then use the code

        • +1

          I bought it now by a Guest checkout, not using my normal ebay account.

    • +1

      for what its worth, it worked for me this morning using my existing ebay account.

      I added it to my cart, then went to the ebay checkout and applied the code there.

      • Thanks for that, it hasn't been working for me but when I checked out as "guest", the coupon worked.

  • -1

    Guys I need advice I just bought the max from good guys for 10% off if I buy this new one for 20% off can I return the new one with the old receipt?

    • if you need to ask …

    • Yeah u can. I’ve done this before

  • +1

    Which OLED size is better to get for gaming if sitting 2M from the TV?

    is it worth the extra $1200 for the 65inch

    • +1

      Bigger is always better and you get used to the size
      How good is your eyesight?
      Go into a store and stand 2m away

      • I am in Costco now playing with all the different tvs:p

    • Ditto, bigger = better hehe

  • +1

    Can I claim tourist refund scheme on the sony headphones? Just a bit confused if it works with online aussie retailers.

  • pulled the trigger on the sony headphone … Shopback, Flybuy pts (via Coles CC), and TRS … pretty sweet deal.

    • Shopback cashback no longer works when using an Ebay promo code

    • Flybuy pts (via Coles CC)

      you mean flybuys pts via eBay and Coles CC

      • yup i get extra flybuys pts as I used my Coles CC to make a purchase on eBay

  • +1

    I have the c9 65 inch and it's a. Absolutely gorgeous tv. Can't fault it.

  • +1

    No WF-1000XM3B :(

  • Ok so here is the problem. Many of you are saying wait until Black Friday or Christmas until you get the c9. The thing being overlooked is that the 'insert year model here' seems to run out before then. Leaving us with a discounted b model. I want the brightness of the c model. I also want the best price.

    What are the odds that black Friday won't cover the c model anymore ? Potentially higher than many are aware of?

    • This ↑↑↑↑↑

      I just checked with TGG and the 3 stores closest to me have sold out. The warehouse in Perth has 6 units left, didn't ask if any were on back order. My local Harvey Norman were kind enough to price match so i pulled the trigger for $3036. You can't go wrong with that price. Happy to post the invoice for anyone that requires it

  • Does the OLED TV have to be transported upright or flat is ok

    How much are you guys seeing for postage costs?

    When I am logged into Ebay it shows as $54.94. If I am logged out of Ebay it shows as $10

    • +1

      The TV has to be transported upright.

      $54.94 is what it costs for shipping. I think $10 might be the local shipping cost.

      • Sunshine coast was $80 ish for postage.

  • Can anyone who got the C9 price matched directly through a Melbourne GG PM me a copy of their receipt?

    I have been trying to get JB to match a deal price for ages and just looked on their website and it says:

    "We will enthusiastically match the price of an identically stocked competitor product. Negotiable deals are part of our everyday promise".

    Not the response I have received when trying before but if I get a price in writing from a competitor like GG I may be able to push the issue.

  • I couldn't resist and immediately got C9 yesterday. I couldn't even wait for the shipping and went there to pick it up by myself. 3k is a great price for C9 which was about 5k a year ago. Maybe it could be a little bit cheaper before Christmas but it wouldnt count on it

    • How did you get it home? I only have a trailer bit concerned on how to keep it upright for the trip.

  • Amazing price for LG C9 but it could be cheaper in black Friday, if you wait until then there might be no stock left for black Friday deals. it's a gamble you will have to take.

    Buy now or gamble a chance that it might be instock and cheaper in NygA's Friday

    • Yes but there is renewed interest and a whole new crowd of PC gamers that have been added due to gsync. And the c8 last year ran out it seems. Which was incremental. I'm thinking this will sell out.

  • Thanks!!! I have been waiting and waiting for a bargain…son's birthday on Monday. I was just heading down to pay full price and thought i would have one more quick look on ozbargain! Just in time!

  • Finally ended up ordering the 65inch model

  • Has anyone managed to get a JB or GG store price match on the 65 OLED?

    • I need this too please.

      • Apparently multiple people in Vic have had HN price match and someone in WA had GG midland price match.

        • Well if any of those lovely, kind, owning the best TV on the market people provide a receipt please??

          I have managed to get both stores provide this price for purchase to me but never been able to get them to put it in writing for me to try get JB to price match.

    • I got mine price matched at JB Chatswood. I wanted quick next day delivery so only reason I wanted it from them and not eBay since it said delivery 7th to 8th November.

  • can someone explain to me why the C9 has better brightness in specific hdr scenarios than the b9? Since it's the same panel. Does the better processor make a difference?

  • Thanks. Got HN in Richmond to price match the 65' C9. Took all of 5 mins.

  • Thanks for this, have finally decided to hop on the Sony headphones… Here's hoping that they are worth the purchase!

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