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Sony WH1000XM3B $316, Lenovo Smart Clock $62.40, LG OLED55C9PTA $1836, 65C9PTA $3036, GoPro Max $636 @ The Good Guys eBay


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    Excellent prices Doweyy

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    Super tempted for 65C9, but prices are just getting cheaper. Wait for Christmas?

    • If you really want the C I wouldn't, C series stock tends to run out before Christmas. The B9 is likely to be the only cheap OLED available from LG around that time.

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        lol wait

        As tempting as it is, the last few boxing day sales have had some record breaking prices as TV's are usually on the way out for being replaced with newer models

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          Thanks. You just saved me 3k (for now)

        • That is exactly the same reasoning I have. Our 55EC930T OLED is starting to get a little old now and lacks 4K, but it still works fine so we are holding out for the boxing day sales before pulling the trigger on a new one.

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          Alternative view. This is probably close to the cheapest the C model will ever get.

          Sales on the C model end when the B model comes in for Christmas/Boxing Day sales. This year the C model is significantly superior to the B model.

          The C9 is brighter and enormously more accurate out of the box.

          If I wanted a 2019 LG OLED I wouldn't wait. I'd grab this now.

          • @tp0: I called 3 stores, the price is about $200 less than cost, I cant really see them getting any cheaper. Even if the costs of OLED come down in the next year it most certainly will be leveled out by the falling Australian dollar

            • @triple675: Based on that, for all those concerned about price drop, can you possibly see this TV any more than $1000 cheaper in the next 12 months? If not, pay for it on the 28 degrees credit card under price protection and have it NOW…

              • @pigmyfart: I can already claim back $40 after paying $3,076 for it last week, and I have the TV in my lounge right now unlike some of you on here. I say keep dropping, let's see how many claims I can make…!

                • @pigmyfart: I thought a purchase was limited to 1 claim, did they change it or is my memory just that bad?

                  • @yacman: No, you can make as many claims as you want. There's no limit provided you're within the 12 months obviously.

          • @tp0: I agree.

            Finally pulled the trigger before I put it off yet again thinking about the next model.

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      For those still tempted, JB HiFi price matched a 55C9 at $1836 for me. Bonus for those with gift cards lying around or have access to 5% off JB HiFi gift cards (corp rewards progs etc).

      • That's a really good price with the 5% off gift card. Congrats.

      • Well f*&$ me, purchased the 55C9 in September with a pricematch at JB for 2298! I was worried that stock would run out soon, wanted a unit to play the new Call of Duty. The TV is fantastic. I try to swallow my sadness by watching glorious 4k content in Dolby Vision.

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          Yeah watch out on electronics close to November. At least your money went to the local economy and not to somewhere like the tax dodging Amazon.

      • Which jbhifi did you price match? My local said they can’t price match the eBay site, only the official site.

        • JB at Westfield Sydney (city). They said similar; don’t match ebay but could ‘see what we can do’. First offer was more, but since I had the ebay transaction all ready to go, I asked again and it was on. Bit lucky I guess. Good luck, might depend who you ask.

      • I cant get JB to match the price of the C9 65, how did you manage to get them to price match this, they always tell me it's below staff price?

      • Are you able to upload a receipt?

    • Get it now and enjoy! Sure, you may save $300? if you wait longer but you could be enjoying the TV!

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    The smart clock price is almost criminal!

    • At this rate it'll be $40 by Christmas.

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        "At this rate it'll be $40 by Christmas."

        Please no. My wife will beat the crap out of me after all those convincing that $99 was cheap.

    • Just a few hours ago $78 was a bargain, now it's $62.4.

      Seems like it's a challenge to the Echo Dot with clock that's on sale now as well.

  • any OzB reviews on Lenovo SmartClock?

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      It's a Google Home mini with a small screen. Screen used for fancy clock faces, security cam feeds and photo frames on Google Photos. Speaker isn't as good as the Home mini from what I've heard but it's decent for Google Assistant (not audiophile grade at all).

    • It is good for bedroom but don't expect it to work like Google Home Nest Max.

      Better to use as bedside clock with some Google Assistant stuffs (eg: Weather, reminder, calendar, broadcast, quiz)

      My kids are using them to play quiz/trivia with Google Assistant (aka Emma from Wiggles).

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    After months of sitting on the fence and missing out, finally pulled the trigger on the Sony wh1000xm3's. Hopefully I won't regret it. Thanks OP.

    • Im in the same boat!
      I really want them for an upcoming business trip.

    • exactly the same situation. Hope I don't regret as well haha

    • Me too. I'm going to wait a little bit longer. Don't need them until December so hopefully black friday comes through

      • I'd almost pressed purchase, then I read this. Thanks a lot

        • I just know I'll kick myself if I get these and they go under $300

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      your ears will get sweaty with the XM3s, the BOSE are better in terms of comfort.

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        But worse in terms of sound quality and noice cancellation.

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          Only slightly marginally better. Sony is just more a V shaped type headphones where BOSE is more balanced. I don't wear my XM3s if i know i'm wearing it for long hours. I could wear the QC35 II all day long without any issues.

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            @bogak: So the Bose are more comfortable, only have micro USB compared to the USB C on the Sony's, a worse microphone, worse noice cancellation, worse sound (only marginally worse), less Bluetooth codecs and the same battery life.

            • -1

              @elementzer0: Bose are very comfy for long periods especially if you wear glasses, the update killed the NC on mine, and also the bluetooth connection button became faulty after 6 months.

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            @bogak: I think the sound quality difference is far from being marginal - the 1000XM3 have better clarity, timing, instrument separation and sound stage. Not to mention just more fun and engaging to listen too and it's not due to the V shaped EQ - try playing with the EQ on the Bose and make them sound like the Sony. Hint - they'll still sound boring compared to the Sony.

            And saying that the QC35 II are "more balanced" almost makes them sound like they're reference quality headphones, which is far from the truth. Neither are the Sony's but they don't pretend to be.

            And in regards to the codecs - the Sony are able to transmit hi-res and lossless over bluetooth, but it's lossy only with the Bose. Granted, this may not be important to some people.

            • -2


              the Sony are able to transmit hi-res and lossless over bluetooth

              No they can't.

              And pointlessly upsampling things only introduces a chance of artifacts, it does nothing at all for audio quality.



        • +1

          And features.

        • Sony has a really useless microphone though.

    • Coupled with Amex Paypal $40 off surely you won't regret with $276

      • Where do I find this??

        • Check your Amex offers. It's targeted though.

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      You won't regret it, just remember to install the Headphone companion on your phone.
      I often wear these at work, in a shared office team environment… I set the Ambient Noise level to amplify external voices so that I can listen to music and focus on my work but also hear if my team calls out for my attention. It's the reverse of Noise Cancelling, but a really handy feature.
      Without these headphones, I would go absolutely bonkers at work.

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      I did the same bro. I've been debating whether to wait for the PXC 550 II's but here we are!

    • What's the 'B' for at the end? Updated model?

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        I believe the "B" is for the colour black.

    • What has been the lowest price recorded for these headphones? cuz Im not sure whether I should I wait until black friday :/

    • Same here. Picked them up for $300 after price matching at one of TGG store and 5% off the gift card.

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    Gopro 8 cheaper here than the other deal if you're planning on getting TRS

    • Yap! Very tempted but I think the 25%off deal is better with Cashrewards rebate, is that correct ?

      • what 25% off deal?

  • Any luck with Samsung phones?

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      It's not hard to search on their store…

  • Will Officeworks price beat? xm3s come to $300 if so.

    • +1

      Not eBay sales.

      • I'm not saying you're wrong, but just checked their policy and it doesn't say anything about not beating ebay prices. Is this something people ave experienced first hand? I would assume given TGG are a known retailer, their ebay store would be fair game?

        • The coupon is the main issue- they would match the stickered store price.

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    Lg c9 65inch won't go much lower than this guys, and they always run out towards Christmas. I'm going to price match it here in my local wa good guys hopefully so I can get it today instead of waiting to ship from eastern states good guys.

    • I can get 5% off instant JB/GG gift cards so was intending to do the same.

      • Where can I get the 5% off?

        • I get them through an employment rewards program thing.

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      Did they price match locally?

      • Yes, GG and JbHiFib in Cannington wouldn't but then GG in Midland did it thankfully.

        • Damn already bought online! Oh well cheers

          • @noise36: No you did the right thing. I just got lucky. And the deal is about to run out. So your good man you still got the same discount as me 👍

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    Got the C9 a couple months ago for ~$3500 cant recommend it enough

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    Ugh, just ordered 2 Lenovo clocks last night at $78 each and ready for pick up this morning. Bloody hell.

    • return rebuy

  • Oh no just bought the Smart Clock at Office work for $78 and didn't use my 28deg card, arghh spear piece through heart of an OZbner

  • Are these TV's worth it if u gonna just watch full hd content?

    • +2

      Unless your existing TV is a full HD OLED, yes.

    • Yes. yes. yes.


    $3196, same price as last 20% deal if you want something that isn't a C9

  • For those that have a 28 degrees card, if I price match this at a local GG store and then pay for it using discounted 5% gift cards bought with the 28 degrees card, can I claim price protection if the TV drops in price in boxing day sales? Or do you have to purchase the tv directly from the retailer on the credit card?

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      U must buy the item with your credit card to claim price protection. If u buy gift card and use gift card to pay, that doesn’t count.

      • Ah ok. So need to figure out if it's likely to drop in price more than the 5% discount in the upcoming sales. Works out at $2884 with the 5% discount

        • +2

          list one TV that their price doesnt drop more than 5% in 11 months. always pay those things with 28d

          • @snvl: Yep I went ahead and ordered it on the 28deg card. Cheers

  • Will I get a tax invoice from good guys on this for TRS?

    • +1

      Yes, you will. I have received one on C&C. They should email it to you and if they don't you can ask for it via the ebay messaging system.

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    That 65 C9 looks tempting I will wait for black Friday

  • I am getting a "This code can't be applied to your order." error message.

    I just copy/pasted the code. Not sure what I am doing wrong

    • Have you used more than twice on a two separation transaction?

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