ASUS GeForce GTX1660Ti TUF Gaming OC 6GB GDDR5 $399 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


Been in the market for a mid range GPU. Been looking at the 1660ti to replace a gtx1070 laptop i'm using.
This seems to be a decent price? since most seem to be $400+?

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    1660ti to replace a gtx1070 laptop

    not worth the upgrade

    This seems to be a decent price?

    Lookout for 1660 Super if available for $100 less than this

    Only a few fps difference

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      On sale it might be $100 less, but initially it'd be maybe $60 less. But yes, both this and the 1660 have effectively been superseded by the 1660 Super.

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    1070 laptop? just keep using it dude what are you doing
    no need to upgrade unless you wanna go for something ridiculous

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    Hmmm I bought a RTX 2060 for $470 with 20% discount from eBay, 4 months ago and it's a little faster and does ray tracing. Works with nearly everything I play at 3440x1440 with high settings.


    Thought 1660 TI's fine with gddr6 ram

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    Asus TUF version has the worse cooling…shame on you Asus,

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