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Jamo S807 5.1 Channel Speaker $1188 (Was $2499) @ Harvey Norman


Harvey norman has dropped price on these ones as part of their epic audio sale. Not as good as historical low of $995 but still a decent price.

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    FYI these aren't Atmos, they just sell a seperate upward firing module that you can attach to the top of the floor standing pair.

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      Its Atmos Ready really

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        Tbh literally any speaker is atmos ready, it's just them saying they've created a upward wiring unit that sits flush on top on the unit.
        It's a sneaky marketing technique

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    It's a bit misleading on Hardly Normals part.

    Title is 'ATMOS Ready' which as camshandez just said, means you have to buy Dolby ATMOS speakers.

    Plus in the description it says:

    'Utilising Dolby Atmos technology, the S807 speaker pack’s included S 807 floorstander speakers produce crisp, 3-dimensional sound for an immersive listening experience.'

    Makes it sound (no pun intended) like they are ready to go. But then under that:

    'Designed with chic metal fasteners, the Jamo S807 Speaker can be seamlessly integrated with your compatible S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker.'

    On a side note these have been $995 before at Hardly Normal. Last year at Christmas so if your not in a hurry it could be worth a wait.

  • Got a different Jamo set from floor stock from HN about 4 years ago. Been very happy with the quality. I absolutely pump them in action movies.

  • Got these last year when the deal came round last time and I've been really happy with the sound for both movies and music. The top end is really clear and pronounced when watching movies with the dialogue really coming to the fore, so I was expecting them to be too trebly when chuck on the tunes but I've found they are great right through the volume range for the really low tuned metal that I listen to.

    I had to get my sub replaced about 6 months in because the power amp was making an intermittent knocking sound, which I have found a few examples of online as well so it could be a fairly common problem. Harvey Norman were also arseholes to deal with about getting a new replacement and provided me with a refurb. But I figured the refurb would probably have the issue ironed out compared to a new potentially having the same problem again so I didn't put up too much of a fight.

    • Harvey Norman were also a***holes to deal with about getting a new replacement

      Yes we have had similar experiences.
      Very resistant to providing a replacement or refund on the spot, they insist on having the product sent back to its manufacturer first, and then inspected by the manufacturer before a decision is made as to what will be done (and additional comments like they may inspect the item and send back the exact same item).

      I have never heard of this ‘manufacturer inspection’ process before, like manufacturers are being sent back every-single faulty item to be double checked. (My guess is they let the item sit in the store for 2-4 weeks, and then call you up thinking you will accept the item since it has taken so long).

      At another retailer (JB, TGG, OW) it is always a quick replacement or refund on the spot.

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        You guys still go to HN??

      • They (HN and Co) try this all the time. If the fault is major, such as is the case with a terrible sound from a SPEAKER, then its your choice if its repaired, replaced, or refunded. The seller or manufacturer has ZERO say in it. Its illegal for them to tell you have no rights when you do, big fines if they do. They dont have to inform you of the right, but they cant deny it if you state it. Its this court decision they rely on until you make it clear youre talking Australian Consumer Guarantee.

        Speak up next time. Its the Australian Consumer Guarantee.

        Joyce Mayne are the same. My sons Galaxy S5 at the time I think it was, had a fault with the USB connector. Common fault I read, and Samsung didnt like fixing them as the screen needed removing and usually broke. I told JM about the Consumer Guarantee and that all phones had to have a warranty the length of the phone plans contract blah blah, and they relented. Came back with a new screen and a new USB socket. But if I didnt call them on it, it wouldnt have happened.

    • Also bought these last time and have had two faulty subs. The original one started making knocking/thumping sounds and it's brand new replacement failed completely with a big pop after about 30 mins! The third sub (also brand new) seems ok. Register with Jamo and the warranty is extended to 3 yrs for the sub and 6 for the speakers. You might need it!

      Harvey just palmed me off to Jamo (Qualify Pty Ltd is the Aus distributor) but I'm relatively close to their office/service centre so multiple visits to them haven't been a big issue. They've been great to deal with. They claimed no particular known qualities issues with the sub. I'm not so sure.

  • Is it worth purchasing this over the currently priced $1,998 Klipsch R-610 Set? Is that extra cost worth it?

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