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Youfoodz Meals 9 for $59 ($30.55 off $89.55 Spend)


Just got an email from youfoodz saying they are bringing back the 9 for 59 deal. Save $30.55 based on 9 x $9.95.

EDIT: You can get 11 meals + 1 protein ball for $60.44 by adding the Lunch and Dinner pack to checkout, then a small item to get over the minimum spend line (cheapest seems to be $3 for a protein ball or a drink). If you're not picky on meals, this brings it to 11 meals + snack for $60.44 instead of 9 meals for $59.

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    Poor quality

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      What wrong with YouFoodz? They're probably the best home delivery food service.


      Some are and the salt content for some are really high compared to ones at supermarkets

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      i dont mind the taste but its really small portioned and i would have to eat 2 to feel mildly satisfied
      im only like 70kg mind you so….not worth it for me


        Scramble/fry a egg to go with it and U can make it work.

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        I've been getting them for about a year or so now, at first I was finding myself still hungry, but with time I definitely adjusted to the portion sizes. Haven't even bothered getting the "large" ones.


    yes! Pulled the trigger! Great value!

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    8 for $48 was better last week.


    Ordered, thanks

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    Just ordered for the first time. Looking forward to checking the meals out.


      I have to admit the meals are really good. I was thinking they would be tasteless but from the 3 meals I’ve had so far I’ll be ordering more.


    $6.50 per meal decent to keep in the freezer, defrost for 7 mins then cook for 4 mins.

    Go for the higher calorie chicken meals. Can't go wrong on any of them.

    Quick snack for those of us gaining mass quick and cheap meal when low on time, 300 to 400 cal.


    Hi, first time buyer, can you explain the 11 meals + 1 protein ball for $60.44 a bit more please?
    I have added 11 meals from the lunch and dinner menu and a protein ball. After applying the code 9for59, price is showing as $81.89. Thanks


      If you’re outside of the free delivery zones there will be a $20 delivery fee. Could that be it?

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      To get that deal you have to add the lunch pack and dinner pack specials (totals 11 meals) plus a protein ball. You can't select your own meal choices.


        Yes, if you want the 11 meals you have to do as sav said, if you want to choose your own you can only select 9 to get the 9 for 59 deal.

        Personally think they purposely put the least popular meals in the packs and they certainly aren’t the best they offer so I go for choosing my own.


          Agreed, most of the pack meals are crap. I also go for choosing my own, would rather get 9 good meals of my choice than 11 where most of them are not great.


    Not valid for the items in to cart.

    I have 9 meals, any conditions I’ve missed?


    Thanks OP. Just in time.

    Bought 11 meals @ 6.20 each ($68.20 after coupon). Added the Dinner pack & 5 of my usual's/favs


    When does the code expire?

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    I will leave this here.

    Brisbane Based Retired Model and YouFoodz Founder’s Racism Apparently Posted Online


    Brisbane meal delivery company Youfoodz has been accused of failing to pay superannuation to some staff, with a group of them claiming they are collectively owed close to $50,000.


    • +2 votes

      Courier mail is subscriber access only

    • -3 votes

      A little bit misleading as it is “YouFoodz founder’s fiancé’s apparent racism posted online” not “YouFoodz founder’s racism apparently posted online”.

      If you watch the video, while it is idiotic and culturally insensitive, it’s not conclusively racism and it is the fiancé Jordana Stott’s voice which can be apparently heard making fun of the Asian people depicted in the video with an unknown male chiming in at the very end which, while likely is him, no one can prove it is.

      Not excusing any of this, just straightening out how it is being worded incorrectly.

      Obviously he isn’t the most upstanding of citizens if he is with her and if this is how she regularly acts, however.

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      Woolworths are $300m in wages, so in comparison $50k is nothing.

  • -1 vote

    anyone know when this code expires?


    These are convienent if you're cutting or like to eat a LOT of smaller meals throughout the day. I'm only 65 kg and swallowed like 2-3 meals and kinda was still hungry. So cheap takeout is more worth it for me.

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    This code has now expired.. just tried it


      Same for me. Bummer, held off on ordering to try some more of the first set of Youfoodz meals before reordering.