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[Pre Order] Apple AirPods Pro $379 Delivered @ StudioProper


Cheapest deal I could find for the Airpods Pro, from an authorised Apple reseller. RRP $399.
I know it is not a big bargain, this is for the benefit of those who are into the latest Apple gear ;-)

Note: Pre order item, ships in 5 - 7 weeks.

Active Noise Cancellation
Customised fit and seal
Transparency mode
Amazing sound quality with Adaptive EQ
Sweat and water resistance (IPX4)
Automatically on, automatically connected
Easy setup for all your Apple devices
Quick charging in the case
Case can be charged either wirelessly using a Qi-certified charger or with the Lightning connector

And so on from here: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MWP22ZA/A/airpods-pro

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    • +56

      That's not true.

      I own Apple shares.

  • Not sure if officeworks will price match (beat), but you can always try (hoping they don't read the pre-order status). https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/apple-airp...

    • Does not seem like OW have it yet. Tried to order one but it's not in stock for delivery or pick up.

      • I am able to proceed to check out by choosing click and collect and delivery.

    • +5

      Confirmed! I called up OW and they price matched - scored them for $360.05 delivered tomorrow.

      • can you post a receipt? tried pmíng you

      • Thanks for the tip! Just bought this from OW for $360.05. :)

    • +76

      And non-Apple fanboys are drooling over their keyboards waiting to post what they think are witty comments because they have nothing else going on.

      • +25

        Why can’t we all just get along. 🙄🤓

      • +4

        Apple haters are drooling over their keyboards waiting for apple deals to come up so they can bring a little light into their dim lives with a not so witty troll comment.

        • -1

          They don't have keyboards, they are too poor.

          • +1

            @onlinepred: They would still have keyboards if the iPhone hadn’t been full touchscreen.

            • -2

              @smartazz104: They can't afford iPhones, they are using xiaomi phones from 5 years ago relying on custom ROMs from xda for updates.

      • How do you make it to be a non-apple fanboy? Is that the same criteria as being a non-extraterrestrialbeing fanboy? (i.e. just not a fanboy) This could be a cool new thing.

  • +1

    I’ve been dropping big hints to the fam for Christmas forsome airpods. I think the 2nd gen will do me fine and they can sling me the other $200 in cash. 😂

  • +2

    So torn between this and the Sony WF-1000XM3

    • +2

      Am leaning towards the Airpods Pro for these (all else being equal):
      Sweat and water resistance (IPX4)
      Case can be charged wirelessly using a Qi-certified charger

      Mind you the Sony can be obtained cheaply with special deals.

    • +4

      According to a ‘typical consumer’ user experience I saw.
      The main differences / swaying points seemed to be:

      WF-1000XM3: Better battery-life (6-8 hrs listening vs 4.5-5 hours), Total battery hours are the same at 24 hours (so I guess you only have to charge 3 times in the case for Sony, and 4 times for Apple to get the full 24 hours).
      AirPods Pro: Natural sounding ambient-mode (sounds like you just took the buds out rather than listening though a mic).
      And the comment above mentions splash-proof & wireless charging if that is important to you.

      The other differences like overall Sound-quality & ANC strength are minor (probably 10-20% difference between the two) and most consumer’s would probably have a tough time telling the difference.
      A comment also mentioned equal function with AirPods on Android devices.

      Edit: one more point.
      Typically with Sony’s such as the XM3, switching between any 2 devices seems to be an issue (you have to go into BT settings and select it everytime you switch)
      And with the AirPods Pro (only if you use with multiple Apple devices) I imagine switching between devices to be easier, especially with ‘Newer’ Apple devices with the proximity chip (I imagine this is one of the uses for the chip).

      • +1

        Unfortunately switching between devices using Airpods still requires going into setting. But from my own experience using the wf-1000xm3 (worst name ever) and Airpods 2nd gen, the switch process is much easier for the airpods. The xm3 just confuses itself half of the time.

        • +2

          I thought when you opened the AirPods case near an Apple device the ‘pop-up’ would show and they would connect with that (closest) device (maybe only on new iPhone 11).

          “For the first time, the iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro will include what Apple's calling a U1 chip. The U1 will enable so-called ultra-wideband positioning powers, giving devices the ability to determine each other's location when they're in close proximity. Think of it as Bluetooth on steroids.”

          • @thebadmachine: That's only a pairing process, you can't really switching devices by doing that, although I hope they can make that happen in the future

          • +1

            @thebadmachine: You can switch devices from the control centre (by tapping the little airplay icon in the music controls). It almost instantly switches between my beats and AirPods

        • This exactly. Sony locks onto last device if it’s in range so you need to disconnect on device A before connecting on device B.

          AirPods you can “take control” from device B and device A just does a Frozen and “let[s] it go”

          • @spillmill: That's not true. You can just choose to connect the Sony xm3 with device B and it would disconnects itself from device A and connect to B. My problem with it is that it could sometimes take a while to do so, but half of the time it works pretty well

            • @becku: Maybe I should try more often but half of the time is a bit lame

        • +2

          Series 2 Airpods have been extremely good in switching between my iPhone XR and MacBook Pro. Switching has consistently been between 2-3 seconds

    • +2

      Airpods pro hands down for the comfort and fit, the Sony's fit is just trash when you run its like a extended earwax hanging outside your ear waiting to party. Plus the airpods pro portability and ease of use is no match for any other TWS with anc. You can hate on apple all you want but they just made the best TWS on the market right now.

      • -2

        No. I have the Airpods Pro and they are rubbish. Sony are miles better when it comes to sound quality and noise cancellation.

        • +2

          Subjective. I personally find the AirPods pro sound better and get a better seal in my ears, hence better bass response too.

        • Probably different shaped ears. Youwin96 ears hold the airpod properly yours don't

        • +1

          For me Airpods are way way more better in every aspect! Fit, Sound quality, case size, noise cancellation and best part switching between devices as its a nightmare when i use my WH-1000XM3 with different devices. The re-pairing process is literally trash!
          Why headphones at that price range have to be this bad.

      • +6

        The battery in my last Airpods only lasted 13 months. Took them to an Apple store and was advised that this is typical if they are used frequently and is not a warranty issue. The battery cannot be replaced, the only option is to buy new units. I suggested the box should say that the expected useful life is 12-18 months, was advised that if I wanted to escalate above the store manager the ONLY way was to engage the Apple legal team, and that this team will ONLY respond to correspondence from another lawyer (you cant contact them yourself).

        Point is, when you spend your $300+, be aware that you may only get 12-18 months out of these units and that they will have little or no resale value.

        • I bought mine in May 2017 and use them quite literally daily for many hours a day for personal listening as well as Skype for Business calls and they're still working fine. The battery certainly doesn't last as long as it did but charges quickly fine and keeps going. 2.5+ years solid use for an early adopted product isn't bad I reckon.

          • @Hybroid: What is personal listening and how does it differ from normal listening?

            • @John Kimble:

              …for personal listening as well as Skype for Business calls

      • Subjective. The fit can depend on the individual. I've owned a couple of sets of Sony's wireless range and they fit very well. Airpods for me just don't sit right.

        • -1

          We are talking about airpods pro here my friend, its more of an in-ear :)

          • @youwin96: Yup, I'm talking about the in ear range. Airpods don't stay in my ear. Sony wireless do, hence the fit being subjective to the individual.

    • +1

      I've got the sony. Noise cancelling and sound are top notch but the connecting time sometime can be mind bogglingly slow, especially you often like to switch it to another device. For example if I connected it to my phone and now I want it to connect to my ipad, it sometimes can be smoothly done but half of the time it confused itself and fail to connect to the new device. And sometimes it just took longer than normal to connect to the established device. I reckon Apple's H1 chip in the airpods can be a solution to this and honestly I have been waiting for a airpods that can do noise cancellation forever. If the airpods pro was out at the same time as the XM3 I would totally choose it over the sony's.

      • whats the call quality like on the sony

        • Reviews put it at well below old airpods.

    • Also the sony xm3 has a very large case that is just barely fit into your pocket. If you like to have a more comfortable fit airpods pro has a much smaller case

      • Hey man do u own the WF? I'm considering buying but call quality is really important to me :/. Need them for client calls

        • i don't own the WF but reviews suggest they are poor for call quality. the airpods pro are better.

    • +2

      Are the Sony’s repairable at all? Considering that once the batteries in the Airpods Pro are worn out and that you can’t service them they’re essentially a consumable electronic item with a lifespan of maybe 2-3 years. Worth considering whether or not spending that much money on something you have to throw out after 2-3 years is worth it.

    • Not sure about any other Sony 1000XM3 owners out there, but my buds seem to cut out regularly (signal loss). I primarily use a Samsung S9+ and I've tried setting priority to stable connection and rebooting phone to no avail.

  • +2

    hmmmm, i cant stand apple gear or apple all together BUT are these pods any good? 380 bucks for apple earphones sounds super super expensive to me.

    • +2

      To be more specific, Apple Wireless Noise-Cancelling earphones.
      You can get Apple EarPods for $18-$25.

      Wireless Noise-Cancelling earphones to begin with are priced close to Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphones, just in a different form-factor.
      So basically you get smaller technology and sacrifice ANC strength & battery-life.

    • +2

      @CrumyDog, Then these types of earphones are probably not for you. The RRP for ANC wireless earphones with these features and quality are more or less around this price range regardless of brands (Apple, Sony, Bose etc). Apple is the latest so we are not seeing big discounts yet (not to mention Apple give very small margins to their resellers, which is why a lot of sales "excludes Apple products").

      • thanks for the info mate. ta

  • Waiting for Costco

    • Or get them now with OW price-beat. (See comments below)

  • Would these Apple pro be suitable for running and sport related activities? Or are there better alternatives out there?

    I’ve done some googling and even though it’s early days seems like 50/50 consensus. Just wondering if anyone has any opinion or advice on this.

    Thanks in advance

    • Airpods pro has a IPX4 rating which means it is splash proof and sweat proof, basically like most of the competitors do, so I would imagine it would be fine for working out

    • -1

      Nope, never

      It is still pretty easy to drop

      Also it's an in-ear style, it's still really uncomfortable especially when you doing sports.

      • I use the standard Airpods on the treadmill and they’ve never fallen out. My fiends complain about ear-fit so I guess I’m just lucky.

  • +7

    just ordered one through OW and price beat process run really smoothly.

    • via call?

      • Yeah via call

        • on the phone now..

          • +1

            @davtoh: Have a receipt or other proof so I can get the same deal?

          • +1

            @davtoh: just called and they brought up the "pre order".. so they didn't beat price.. sigh..

        • you recall who u spoke to?

    • +5

      please upload your receipt, thanks!

    • What’s the payment method normally when you call for pricebeat? Can you pay with paypal or pay for delivery?

      • The one time I did this, the OW rep asked me to dial in my credit card number via keypad, then say verbally the CVC and expiry date.

    • Give em the receipt son!!!

    • +2

      Got one for $379 from JB and I have the receipt, anyone tell me how to upload?

    • Can you get delivery to your address through call or is it only click and collect?

      • Either. Up to you.

  • Wouldn't you he better off buying from an authorized seller on ebay with some discounted gcards? Should be able to get cards at a minimum of 5% off (same price), more likely 10 if bought from the classifieds?

    • have u checked ebay? last i checked there's nothing from authorised sellers.

      • Well, maybe not until they are actually released… preorder isnt popular on fleabay.

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