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3 Month Free Trial of FetchTV - iiNet


For anyone already with iiNet, this deal would mean 3 months of FetchTV with no strings.

Just make sure to cancel within 3 months to avoid any fees.

More info here:


T & C's:

  1. After the three-month offer period, the standard subscription costs for the package will apply for the 21 months remaining on the contract. Fetch2 costs just $29.95 per month and Fetch1 costs just $19.95 per month
  2. The fetchtv service can be returned obligation free at any time during the three month offer period. After month three the following cancellation fees apply: 4-6 Months = $430; 7-12 Months = $310; 13-18 Months = $190; 19-24 Months = $60
  3. All other broadband and hardware costs will still apply
  4. For the first three months the subscription fees will be credited back to you on a monthly basis. Cancellation fees within the 3 month trial period will be credited back to you
  5. This offer only applies to the set top box rental option and excludes set top box purchase options
  6. Offer excludes pay-per-view movie rentals and the addition of any and all FetchTV add on packages
  7. Offer ends August 31 2011
  8. All other iiNet standard Terms & Conditions apply as set out in the following Customer Relations Agreement

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    I don't think it's worth it for the 24 month contract, I think you're better using it on a cheaper BoB2 or having the option to break contract and not occur any fees. iiNet are a great company though and I don't think most people would have anything to worry about in the next 24 months with them.

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    Also worth noting you must have a BoB (or BoB2/BoB Lite) to use Fetch TV 2.




      Previous generation of iiNet routers are also compatible. Just need to update firmware.


      You sir, is incorrectly informed.


    I think this offer shows a lot of goodwill but probably assumes people are not signing up because they're worried about quality of the stream over IP. The bigger hurdle is the lame selection of channels.


    Cheers for posting this.
    signed up for it.


    My family has Fetchtv at their place on Internode and it has been working great for a little while now.

    My partner has just signed up for the iiNet trial and the box arrived two days later, and it was working within minutes. It's a great deal for those wanting to try it out.


    I hope Internode do a deal like this


    Be aware that this requires conversion of your internet link from PPPoE to IPoE.

    Hence the requirement on having a Bob (etc).

    But if you're stuck with PPPoE, like me, you're S.O.L.