expired Logitech Harmony 600 Remote $34.98 Free Delivery Dick Smith (3 Day Sale Online Only)


Logitech 600 Remote

Backlit screen
You'll see the commands you need for the devices you're using. The smart display can even provide help if you need it.

One-click activity buttons*
No more complicated lists of what to turn on or which button to select. Once you're set up, you just select what you want to do – such as "Watch a DVD" and your Harmony does the rest.

Replaces 5 remotes
It's easy to say good-bye to that jumble of remotes on the coffee table.

Guided online setup
You connect your remote to your computer and tell us what equipment you have. Then sit back and let our online software walk you through the setup process.

Live support
If you have any questions, Harmony customer support is ready to help.

Supports 5000+ brands

I have one of these remotes and have to say they are one of the best remotes ever invented.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    great remote but only really replaces TV and DVD remote for me since it doesn't work for PS3 without adapter.


    Great price. Shame that's it runs on batteries. Wish we had the Logitech 700 here.


    I got mine for $30 from logitechshop a while ago.

    Great remote and happily controls my setup of tv/amp/foxtel/htpc

    Setting it up was a breeze


    Also got one when they were $29 shipped from Logtechshop. One of the nice little surprises (a feature barely emphasised in the specs) is the buttons are backlit, and the backlighting activates automatically when the orientation sensor is triggered, i.e. when the remote is picked up.

    Still running on its original alkalines after two and a half months, though we're not TV buffs so our experience probably fits a "light use" profile.

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    LogitechShop has it for $29

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    Logitechshop currently has this remote on special at $29 Shipped.


    EDIT: was beaten to it -_-"


    I got 300 two days ago for $20 so should i return it and get this one ?


    I have a Harmony 525, find the buttons are not responsive at times and the IR out seems a bit weak/directional, (battery life is crap also)..

    Is there any advantage in either of those two areas over the 525?


    Just ordered this from logitechshop, via link above
    For anyone else thats wonderin, ps3 adapter (necessary for use wit ps3) is $55 at loitechshop, $59 at dse…quick search of ozbargain shows them at $35 delivered a few months back…product is not gettin any newer so im happy to wait for it to go on sale again/ decent dse coupon to come along, just dont go for bundle on logitechshop as its worse value than purchasing seperate!
    Edit - went to ebay, i havent had much to do with logitechshop in the past so didnt realise they sell thru there too, at different prices!! $35 ( buy it now, free delivery) for ps3 adapter here…
    Can anyone comment on wether this is the best price/ have purchased for cheaper in the past? Ill wait for now and see how I find the remote but for any logitech fans $64 for the 2 devices may be a good deal!


    Ordered Tuesday and recieved in Perth this morning pretty imprerssed by that as I had heard the DSE were slow obviously not always :)