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Birthday Cake Protein Cookie, Youjuice, and Smokey BBQ Chicken & Potato Salad in a Cooler Bag $7 (Min. $49 Spend) @ Youfoodz


What's better than a Youfoodz birthday? A Youfoodz birthday where YOU get all the pressies.

In honour of our 7th birthday, we've packed up a limited-edition Birthday Cake Protein Cookie, Youjuice, and Smokey BBQ Chicken & Potato Salad in a Cooler Bag just for YOU! What better way to celebrate 7 delish years of savin' you time & dishin' up chef-made, fresh meals?!

*Limit one per order.

Min. $49 spend

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  • Min spend is $49

  • If we get all the pressies, shouldn't it be free?

    Or else it's not a pressie.

    Semantics aside, I honestly can't see how all those items are worth the original price of $28.35.

  • +49 votes

    Won’t buy from racists.

  • Sha shing

  • Racist owner and the fact they overwork and underpay their employees? I will pass.

    • Look at the ingredients..it use to be fresh and no preservatives.

      Now it has emulsifiers preservatives and all sorts of stuff added

      I checked the ingredients on the spaghetti 1 year ago and now… Completely different

      Posted it in another thread a few months back

      • Yeah need to check any new items or old ones that say “new and improved” still enjoy most of the meals, tried some others, I like my muscle chef but min order is too big for me and discount codes are few and far between, tried nourishd and threw a lot of it out for now I’ll stick with youfoodz unless quality drops but so far not overly effecting me

        • Bro size doesn't matter. When you say it's too big for you. Just use water first or some drink down your throat to lube it up

          Then throw on down all that beautiful muscle chef food

          I believe in you

    • So you don't go to woolworths either?

    • Ditto, thanks for warning us.

  • Not a bad offer, the cookie is nice and I quite like the bbq chicken and potato salad so it’s a good deal for me since I buy that anyway

    Insert obligatory faux outrage comment here…screw the employees and associated businesses let’s have our woke cancel culture over two bogans being recorded being bogans with each other..yadda yadda yadda

  • Pass. tried it for a week and food was really expensive for what you get.

    • Totally agree. Threw majority of it except one as it tasted like puke. Never again.

      • Used to be good, but the meat other than chicken is worthless, it feels rubbery, so hard to cut/chew. as someone said before ingredients have changed. Its neg for those too… too bad cant double neg

  • I got a Youfoodz meal for 99c (90% off) at Coles the other day. It wasn't that big for dinner. The flavours were alright, but nothing to write home about. Do people seriously pay $10+ for that?

    I mean, owner ethics and racism aside - their product (in my experience) isn't great. Considering I could get 2 Chinese dishes for $10 that are bigger, taste nicer, support a local family business not a conglomerate etc.

  • Origami, Shushi

  • I honestly would have given it a try but since it's run by some whitewash racist bogans. No thanks. Makes me feel embarrassed being an aussie.

    • You did see that its a min $49 to try. The meal itself is discounted, but you need to order a lot more to try, and if you don't like the rest its a bit of a waste. Wonder how their PR is going as I haven't heard anything. Then again, probably not a lot of ppl have seen the news feed that are using it, so PR are probably using the don't say anything and let it all die down.

  • First neg vote from me goes to you racists

  • Overpriced and I am not keen to support such owners

  • Wheres the Mods on this?

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  • Overpriced, low quality food by bogan owners

    P.S. unfortunately my negative vote was revoked.
    Any new post for YouFoodz so I can neg again?

  • Yeah, I'm out too.

    If they posted that to their socials in the first place the bogans obviously thought they were being hilarious. I've tried most of their meals and can say 20% or less were worth it (even at a discount which is when I purchased).

    Can anyone recommend another ready-made option? I was basically paying for convenience through the working week.

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