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Free Credit Report @ NAB (Includes Non Customers)


Get a free illion credit report, and find out what this means for your credit score.

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Your free credit health report gives you:
Your illion credit history and credit score

A way to check your credit history without affecting your credit score or loan applications

Useful information to help you control your credit health.

To get your free credit health report:
You must be over 18 and an Australian citizen or permanent resident

You don't need to be a NAB customer

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    Why is Creditsavvy so incredibly off compared to NAb's records?


    i'm getting a spinning wheel after the details page


    i have an account with creditsavvy and now with illion as well. Both of them don't show my home loan which was applied in another state 1 year ago as that is where the property is located. Credit savvy shoes my score as 804 and illion shows 673 and show all credit cards correctly but not my home loan. Any issues or I should be just happy?


      I find credit savvy to be quite inaccurate and 3 months behind your actual score generally.


    I had several enquiries with Vodafone, Amaysim, Click Energy.
    Apparently these enquiries have impact on my score (I'm 734 and my partner 840, the only differences are these enquiries).
    But, why?!!
    Making a call to your mobile plan provider or utility companies will definitely not reduce my credibility.


    Oh, I've had a lot of credit cards…


    So easy to dispute CLOSED accounts on this. I had 3 credit cards still showing as ACTIVE ACCOUNTS.
    No wonder I keep getting rejected.


    This was very helpful, thank you