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[VIC, NSW] 10,000 Free Oporto Bondi Burgers and Free Delivery via DoorDash (Sydney & Melbourne CBD)


DoorDash is launching in Sydney and they are offering 10,000 free Bondi Burgers and free delivery from 10am Tuesday November 12.

Code is OPORTODASH and expires when 10,000 burgers have been given away or 10pm Sunday 17 November.

Sydney area. DoorDash is launching in limited areas in Sydney. See link for details. via Broadsheet

PORTO TERMS & CONDITIONS: Offer valid for one (1) Bondi Burger item while supplies last, limit 10,000 total. Valid only for Bondi Burger individual item, not to be confused with Bondi Burger Meal. Offer valid 10:00:00AM - 10:00:00PM AEST November 12, 2019 through November 17, 2019 at participating locations. Not valid for pickup or dine-in. Valid in Sydney city limits and Melbourne city limits. Valid only in Australia. Limit one per person. Fees, taxes, and gratuity apply. All deliveries subject to availability. Must have or create a valid DoorDash account with a valid form of accepted payment on file. No cash value. Non-transferable. Use promo code OPORTODASH to redeem. Delivery and/or service fees are not a tip or gratuity provided to the driver. Delivery restrictions apply. See full terms and conditions at dasherhelp.doordash.com/offer-terms-conditions.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2164)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • +1

    Competition! Suburbs on the "list" which is good, but I think they've got it wrong in the article, it's a Bondi burger not a burger coming from Bondi right 😅

    Thanks OP

    • +2

      Where is the list? Couldn't find it

      • Not exactly a list, just "major suburbs"

  • Wow awesome! love me a Bondi burger

  • +4

    10,000 seems excessive. 2 would have been fine.

  • Just ordered one. Quick & easy. good find, thanks OP!

    • Did you have to pay for delivery?

      • No. Delivery is free.

  • +1

    I just pre-ordered for dinner right now and it worked :)

    • how do you pre order for dinner?
      thought you have to order it live & then use the promo code?

      • No I added the Oporto deal to cart, added promo code, click pick up and clicked schedule for 5.45-6.15pm

        • ah yes saw it after - my current store is unavailable aka they stingy

  • +2

    would have been nice if they did something like this when they came to Melbourne.

  • Ordered mine.
    Don't forget to remove your credit card details after ordering if you're using this as a once off.

  • No delivery in my area :(

  • ** Mods - can you please change expiry date to 17 Nov (10pm). I entered the wrong expiry date on the post. I'm not sure how quickly 10,000 burgers will be given away, but deal seems open for a few days and the post shouldn't expire early unless necessary (I incorrectly posted expiry date of 13 Nov). Can't seem to change date in original post - thx.

    • I'd think with word spreading on the social media it won't last a day lol

  • They don't deliver in blacktown, but they will at my work in sydney, thanks!

    • +2

      I just ordered from Oporto at Blacktown Westpoint for delivery to Arndell Park at lunch time with no issues

      • That's odd , Glad you got your's but didn't work for me here.

  • Do they deliver to Melbourne?

    Will reheating affect the taste?

    • just order it now and set delivery time to be lunch time/dinner time, so your order is in.

    • You can schedule a delivery datetime

  • pre-ordered from macquarie NSW

    • How did you do that? I am near Mac centre but no oportos option when i signed up and went through all the options.

      • +1

        Wow this is weird, it's showing on the map that it's coming from Carlingford now, however I did see a brief cancellation message but when I go to orders it's still showing as merchant confirmed. Got lucky maybe? lol

        Edit: he just called me and his on his way (y)

  • Thanks OP! Had no idea it was even coming! Trying to sign up everyone in my office to get extra cash haha!

    • Update: just ordered one for 11:30 delivery!

  • -1

    Thanks ordered my lunch

  • Parramatta doesn't look to offer delivery and code doesn't work for pickup.

    • Rats. I’m in Parra too

      • It actually just came online. You can try again.

        • Yep worked

  • Free burger for me! Thanks OP

  • +4

    Wife and I are working from home today holding the fort (house backing onto national park), perfect early lunch i think :)

    • +2

      Best of luck! Stay safe!!

  • Thanks OP. Ordered!

  • I can't seem to set up a new account. I downloaded the app and I can't enter a password. :(

  • Got mine ordered

  • Did this deal expire? I didn't expire it. Maybe a mod?

  • Why mark as expired? Still working

  • i referred myself for $10 sign up credit and ordered another triple bondi burger with extra sauce for $5.55 delivered.

    • How do you referred yourself? Where's the referral link???

  • +3

    Use the OzB referral system to sign up and get $10 off your first order: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/doordash.com#refinfo408

    • I clicked and it says $5 hmm

      • Same. How do some people get $10?

        • I realised the links on this ozbargain system is only $5 but my codes to my mates is $10

    • Just FYI, people can see your full name with these referral links

      • -2

        It’s just the first name I think.

  • I've applied the code successfully, but there aren't any delivery times for me to select .. any ideas?

  • unless they don't have an oporto 'near you'. (note, 3 oporto stores within 3km of me!) Hmmm!

  • Why is this expired? Still working atm.

  • Thanks OP, just got one.

  • Oporto store says closed :(

    • schedule for later, instead of ASAP

  • +1

    Thanks signed up - they have a refer a friend, so if you haven't signed up make sure you sign up with one for $10!!

    • damn, saw that and assumed it won't stack :(

  • Too easy.

    Don't expect the burger to show up on Page 1. Keep scrolling down until you find one. For Sydney CBD, I had to scroll multiple times to get to it. Also, don't search with 'Burger' filter, it won't show up.

    • Just press "Ctrl F" and search for Oporto. Done deal

      • It won't find if it's not on first page. It didn't for me anyway.

  • used it fine just then. order details look like its deleted my unit number so lets see if they still have it somewhere, or at least call if they cant find it…

    help->change address doesnt work

    • +1

      You can contact their live chat on your order page and get them to add in the delivery note what your unit number is.

      • thanks! is that from the app or the website? i dont seem to have an option on the website…

        • I had it on the website on the tracking order page. Can't remember exactly where the button was.

          • @chobani4lyf: cool, i found if you go back to home page you can then click the address an add a note manually, so hopefully that does the trick :)

  • 10k burgers, that's a good promo

  • +1

    Burger just arrived at my door!

  • Did the schedule for later, order got accepted. Then Oporto Randwick cancelled the order.

    • Try ordering from Eastgardens. Mine's received and being prepared.

  • Keeps telling me that it failed to add

  • +3

    Feel sorry for the guys biking around in this smoky heat though.

  • Still working, ordered mine, coming at 1030.

    Unfortunately the $10 referral credit has a $15 min spend and can't be stacked with the free burger.

    • +1

      i use them separately, was happy to pay $5.55 for another triple bondi delivered

      • Did you use the referral promo first? It won't let me use referral promo after placing the oporto order.

  • FYI, The local store in Sydney CBD isn't accepting any more orders due to "excess demand".

    • i'm just upstairs in the apartment from Oporto Mascot NSW and "due to excess demand, this store is currently unavailable"
      LOL sly

  • "Your cart is not available anymore"

    Any ideas guys?

    • My mate got that as well. Likely due to the store having too many orders

      • I switched to pickup instead of delivery and it worked.

        • Not valid for pickup or dine-in. shouldnt let you go through

  • If you're getting the excess demand error, try schedule later in the day!

  • Ordered ! Thank you

  • +2

    GG Oporto CBD ozbargained

  • +2

    Keeps saying that my cart is unavailable anymore (restaurant shows closed - busy)

    • I was getting the same issue in sydney CBD so changed it to pickup order and it worked fine. just got confirmation that it is ready to pick up

      • yeah but I can't go and pick it up, unfortunately… I'm at Pyrmont.

        EDIT: I think Doordash's network is choked as all restaurants are "closed - busy"

  • +1

    Thanks, OP! Double check your delivery address, Doordash keep removing the 'A' from my house number even when it finds the correct address when searching.

    • +1

      Same here ! Enterer my address with the A at the end, the email arrived without the A. US centric design floor !

  • Still working for me

  • Circular Quay; It was delicious!

  • Just placed an order, thank you OP, lunch is sorted.

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