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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB $999 Delivered @ Phonebot


Found this deal on the 7th page of Google. The cheapest I have seen:

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS 128 GB (black) $999

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS 512 GB (black) $1099

From phonebot.com.au
Aust version
24 Months Australian Manufacturers warranty to be claimed either via us or the manufacturer.

Please check it out!!

Note: Not sure when the deal will end!
Note Note: If interested Samsung Galaxy S10 is out of stock but check out https://cellmate.com.au/product/samsung-galaxy-s10/ for $945

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  • +1

    Well they wouldn't be eligible for the free buds, https://images.samsung.com/is/content/samsung/p5/au/terms-co..., thankfully as I'd have serious buyers remorse buying the regurbished S10 5G last week…

    • How is the s10 5g?

      • Well I saw the first 5G connection this morning, and was gone before I looked back :)

        In all seriousness, I was glad to get it after Samsung did a stack of recent updates more or less adding everything useful from the Note 10 Camera.

    • Agreed the buyer remorse is always the worst thing to worry about. However, for anyone else reading could always try to price match it somewhere else and see if you can still get the buds e.g. Officeworks(they seem pretty ignorant that they get free buds)

      • In fairness it looks clean, unsure if the battery is performing as great as it should be, but no big deal…. I see people trying to flog the 5G model off for much more on FB, I reckon I wouldn't lose much if I ever switched to an S11.

      • +1

        would officeworks price match Phonebot?

        • Great question, no reason why they wouldn't

          • +1

            @Webz66: I will try tonight. Planned on waiting for Black Friday sales, but if they price beat am I really going to get a better deal than $950 with the earbuds? Doubt it…

        • not sure, but chances are they will say phonebot model is SM-G975F whilst theirs is just SM-G975, and therefore wont pricematch because its not identical.

          • @oceanlink: What is the difference between the 2? Apart from the model number and earbud eligibility.

            • @MJD91: im not entirely sure, but it happened to me before trying to pricematch a samsung ssd. Just 1 letter at the end and they wont do it. Could be officework intentionally not adding letters to prevent easy pricematch

  • -1

    If I was to purchase this phone from Phonebot will it be eligible for the free ear Buds promo from Samsung?

    • +1

      first comment above mate.

    • Not sure, I would recommend contacting them, or try price matching

  • Just had a Friend call up Officeworks, they did price match and beat it by 5%. However, I do encourage to use phonebot.com.au

  • are they AU stock?

    • I believe so

  • +2

    Just called up Officeworks and can also confirm that they did price beat it by 5%.

    • They do the price beat over the phone? So you purchase it over the phone? They put it aside for you? Thought you would have to be instore.

      • +1

        Yeah their website also says they price beat over the phone. Paid with card and its being delivered, they also ask for your account for your details but they also do confirm your details.

  • Just tried Perth City Officeworks. No go on the pricematch.

    • Try price matching over the phone (through the general officeworks number)

      • What number did you call mate??

    • What was their reasoning mate?

      • Their reason was there is no part number on the website so they can't check it out completely and that it was a saving of over $500. They didn't have stock anyway. I was able to order it over the phone with an additional delivery fee of $5.95 just waiting for management confirmation now.

        • How did u go? Can send u my receipt if it helps you

  • +3

    Officeworks just price matched for me

    • Are they giving out free galaxy buds as well?

      • That is only thing I'm worried about. It's not advertised on store, but in the above terms and conditions of the buds offer it clearly lists officeworks…

  • Shows Sold out now. Can we still do officeworks PriceBeat over the phone ?
    Do they ask for link ?

    • It's unlikely that they will. Officeworks has to checkout the website. Maybe they will have more stock soon.

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