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Samsung 65" Series 6 Q60R QLED UHD 4K TV QA65Q60RAWXXY $1749 Delivered @ Powerland


Great deal on a Samsung QLED 65" TV from this website with Free Delivery and a bonus $150 Visa Gift Card via redemption.
Most of the retailers have this TV for $2495

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  • is QLED ~ OLED?

    • As says in description qled

    • 'roughly equal'?

      • no oled is worth quite a bit more

      • I was just looking into this today.

        Different technology. Oled better contrast, and kicks ass when it comes to shadows darker type content. The technology also makes it look sharper and richer in detail. If in pitch black room like a cinema this is a superior product. Meant to be more representative of what the film maker intended.

        Qled is brighter and colours seem to "pop" more. This means if you have ambient light (watch tv in the day) the qled may be more suitable. Also have heard that it's better for watching sport for the colors.

        So it's very much personal preference, I was dead set on oled til I compared the oled top of the range vs qled top of the range both 4k versions at JB Hifi. I prefer the vibrant colours. Yes jb store was bright which didn't help oled but in the bright the oled seemed a little colour dull.

        I have a s10+ so maybe I'm conditioned to richer colours.

    • https://www.cnet.com/news/qled-vs-oled-samsung-tv-and-lg-tv-...

      QLED (according to Samsung) stands for "quantum dot LED TV."

      More details in the link above

    • No, it's an LCD.

  • I purchased one last night, waiting for it to be shipped, only other place that had it cheap was Amazon AU surprisingly

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/494018 was a bit cheaper 2 weeks back GG

    • Yes I missed out haha but once you get the $150 visa gift card via redemption it kinda works out to $1599

  • Cheaper on ebay from appliance Central. The ebay link got removed but it is $1790 - $300 fro psleigh code as far as I can see (plus postage). Dunno about the redemption part, if that stacks or not.

    I only happened to check ebay for this as Samsung invited me to buy this TV for "half price" if I reviewed it, and price they offered was $1500. Checked ebay and saw it cheaper without the hoops to jump through.

    The particulars of the review thing were:
    $6.500 for the QA75Q900RBWXXY model, $3.600 for QA75Q80RAWXXY model,  $1.500 for QA65Q60RAWXXY and $500 for HW-Q70R model. 
    I only checked the $1500 deal before concluding it wasn't a deal for me, but others might have a different opinion on the others.

  • Doesn't seem like a great deal two weeks out from black friday/cyber monday

    • It's a better deal than what the regular retailers have https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-series-6-q60-65-4...
      Why would someone pay $2495

      Anyway thought I'll share the deal I found help someone out :)

      • Not negging you just saying buying any TV that isn't a "crazy" deal this close to black Friday seems like a sure fire recipe for regret. I'll be surprised if we don't see the 65" q75 within spitting distance of this in a few weeks.

        • Don't make me regret it JimJamz haha :)

  • +1

    Have this TV its awesome to game on it.

    Little known feature, have option to run at [email protected], much better for gaming IMO

    • Wow that isn't publicised anywhere, can't find that in the specs at all. And it has freesync as well?

      • Found it by accident when playing with resolutions with Nvidia control panel.

        I remember some kind of freesync type of function, cant remember if I enabled it. Was only a recent driver thing when I played with it, think I was waiting for a newer driver to resolve some issue.

        using a RTX2070

        • A deeper dive into specs seems to indicate it supports 1440p at 120hz as well. Do you know if that is true?

  • Cheaper on their eBay store $1649 plus $29.00 delivery for me

  • This is the price I paid ($1750) last Black Friday sales. Should be a little cheaper this year? Good TV :)

    • Good to know its a good TV :)

  • How would this tv cope with being mounted in portrait to be used for display and signage? Was reading that domestic led tv should be fine. The only sites that say could end up wrecking the tv due to heat and amount of time on are the signage sites and the manufacturer commercial tv screen sites. Screen would be turned off end of day.

    • Check out rtings.com review of it, they gave it 10/10 for burn-in risk if that is a concern? Seems to be the case for all VA panels that burn in is not a problem, and peak brightness on their test VA panel stayed steady for 7000 hours. IPS panel didn't have burn-in but did lose brightness. OLED panel had burn-in but didn't lose brightness.

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