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Pump Fitness Band $56 @ City Beach


RRP $69.99 but after 20%, it's only $56 but citybeach website isn't providing enough information on this product, the sale ends tonight.

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City Beach Australia
City Beach Australia


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    So a no-name "smart band" for $56? In no way is this a good deal or bargain. The brand they mention seems to be a house brand for all their crap - like a men's unicorn onsesie or a rubber horse head mask.

    I wouldn't buy this for $20.


      lol that's what I thought. But if anyone had tried this fitness band before, please share your thought to see if it was good or not.

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        I'm positive no one who knows the slightest thing about fitness bands has bought this band. How do you even research a band with no brand.

        You'd be better off buying any random fitness band from Aliexpress for a fraction of the price and hoping for the best.

        Or getting a Xiaomi band for less money that will actually work.

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