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Apple Watch Series 5 Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band 40mm GPS $617 C&C /+ Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Best price I’ve seen. Annoyingly it’s old mate Gerry the dinosaur

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Maybe go to Officeworks if nearby for price beat?

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    Officeworks Link for 5% Price Beat. Comes down to ~$586.15

  • what do people even use this thing for?

    • It’s helpful to tell the time with

    • It acts as a remote control for your phone for a lot of apps. It is a health tracker whilst you are exercising. It keeps track of your heart beats during the day. My other half has the 3, cause the price is better, and it is convenience factor of not pulling the phone out all the time. However, it has a neat trick where you can see the camera display on the phone. You can setup for the selfie shot and work out your exact position based on the watch. Although that isn’t a feature we would use. However holding the camera up to get a shot and being able to see would, probable, be useful for us.

    • I shop there when there is a genuinely good deal & my head is fine. You need your head checked for being a sheep and hating because it's cool to here on OzB.

      Taxes are taxes and with time everything has or will be taxed. It was rough and i hated it (i still hate it) but stores are price matching, shops stay open and people are keeping their jobs.

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        Harvey Norman is a blight on society. They’ve destroyed lives with their shady interest free deals, screwed over the whole country lobbying to impose get on sub $1000 purchases and Gerry is a sky news commentator/(profanity).

        There is nothing good about them other then they’re less shit than amazon.

        Anyway, If they have a good deal, I’d still buy it…

        • You have pointed out a couple of very valid reasons as to why he is despicable, but I disagree that the GST is one of them. Who knows what dodgy dealings the massive factories that our cheap crap comes from are doing? I doubt workers rights are high on the agenda for a start.

          There are an awful lot of “successful” businesses that have done dodgy stuff; which makes it hard to deal with almost anyone. However, I bet, if it wasn’t for the GST self interest, many people would be blaming the victims and complaining about “free speech” instead of trying to smack Gerry.

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            @try2bhelpful: The reason the government chise not to impose gst on sub $1000 purchases was that the cost of collection is higher than the revenue it would be produce.

            So, as tax payers we are subsiding this old fool’s GST conspiracy just because he’s part of the Alan Jones/LNP Social set.

            • @DisabledUser107007: You want to actually cite me the study that shows that, and the fact this has been confirmed since collection started? So why do they insist on GST for sub $1000 for any purchases then? I would think that the collection costs would be similar no matter where the purchase is inside/outside Australia. Will be very interesting to see if the Government decides to review this decision based on costs of collection. I haven't seen any indication they will be doing so. There are many other things I'm worried about that Jones/LNP social set are influencing than this but we do agree these numpties have an inordinate influence over the Australian political process.

    • You mean he wanted a level playing field for businesses in Australia as for those overseas. quelle horreur.

      Whatever you think of Gerry, he employs Australian people and pays Australian taxes. Taxes pay for Australian services. Would you be happy with the level of health care in a 3rd world country? Can you build your own hospital with your 10% GST savings?

      Personally I’m not keen on Gerry, but I have no quibble with this.

      Despite the dire warnings the world didn’t crash because our Government decided that, wherever you buy it from, it comes here it gets taxed.

  • Any places for OW discounted gift cards ?

  • Does anyone know where to find s5 44mm cellular for less than $800

    • just got a black s5 44m from big W ebay with $50 off. Going overseas soon so get tourist refund scheme on top of that.Delivery 7 bucks. so 699 to 649 - 10% + 7.

  • Dam the LTE version is still $799 :(

  • Office works did have the space grey at $620. I hate the silver colour, especially the white band.

  • Ill wait until Cyber Monday sales kick in.

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