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YouFoodz - 9 Meals for $59 - $6.55 Per Meal


9 meals for $59. What more do I need to say?

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  • +11 votes

    Another YouFoodz deal?
    Hope you're ready for the downvotes.


  • Sense a little bit of desperation with current flood of deals.


  • Just here for the woke faux outrage comments (Mostly from people who never used them anyway)

    Already have a big order coming Saturday from the last 9 for 59 code, it’s good they keep these deals running some of the competitors try and stay at RRP which stops me changing to them from youfoodz

    • woke faux outrage comments

      I don't know why you assume all criticism is "faux outrage comments".

      Not everyone who is against racism is a smashed avocado 'libtard'. I'm just a plain human who hates racism.

      • Half the posters on the last few deals carrying on about racism never posted or liked any of the older deals, they just want to come on and have a cry about a company and deal they weren’t even using anyway.

        not to mention there’s a difference between being “against racism” and wanting to destroy a company (that workers rely on) over some bogan ceo/worker and his girlfriend doing what you can see 50 other bogan aussies do any day of the week.

        I don’t like racism but I laughed at Dave Chapelle when he did the cliche Chinese stereotype in his latest bit, I can differentiate between what someone sees as a joke and what is actual discriminatory actions, it’s not like the bogans had gone up and been overtly racist directly to someone. they were sharing what they saw as a joke and messed up and it got out, not like they intended it the cancel culture mentality is just ridiculous, thankfully we are starting to see people get over it so the outrage group will soon be relegated back to twitter.

        But hey if shouting at the clouds over a product/company/service they had no intention of using anyway makes them feel self important, good for them…like I said I was here for the comments and they didn’t disappoint

  • Good this one has 6 days , I was a bit rushed with the day one :)

    From my virgin buy I can recommend it as great quality convenience food and I'll be buying again at discounted prices .

    Exceeded my expectations .

    • Nice keep it up neg crew , I'm enjoying the extra round of discounts thanks to you guys ;)

      • So you're saying you support racism?

        • Jesus Christ, they said some stupid shit while they were drunk. Get off your pedestal, I’m sure you’ve said and done things you’re not proud of.

          • @aja12: I'm sure everyone has 100% done this, buttt, I doubt penny has a multi million dollar company or a career in modelling or acting in which they have many thousands of follows/fans who look up to them. And lets say they were drunk, isn't it common for people under the influence to sometimes lose their filter and let secrets out and show a sliver of their personalities?

            Don't get me wrong, everyone does stupid things all the times in their lives :)

            • @Aarent: not sure racism counts as personality

              • @RedLights: In this youfoodz video instance, the personalities shown to me were, snobbish, privileged, narcissistic and the world is beneath them, it pretty much fits the rich super hero villain vibe(with a splash of racism).

  • What more do I need to say?

    Oh trust me, I could say a whole lot more.
    Side note: has anyone noticed the decrease in sizing? Isn't big enough for dinner anymore.

    P.S. OP don't take these negs to heart. It's a neg for Youfoodz.

  • I think regardless of what your personal opinion on the issue (which happened some weeks ago), focus has been lost on the actual bargain of a pre-prepared, healthy and tasty meal delivery service. It would be nice to see the neg voters to focus on negging other deals which are not true ozbargains. (I'll probably be negged for this comment)

    • It used to be healthy for sure, now… i am not so sure with the amount preservatives and everything else.

  • FuxkYouFoods

  • I like the
    Aryian Chicken and Afrikaans blacks pudding. Throw in the snack Asian balls and I'm there.

  • It's shame Singapore didnt publicly flog these 2 morons.

    • In my alternate universe, they get removed by police who arrived from staff watching/reporting their behaviour, then they get deported before they can do the restaurants conference they were there for and when queried why they couldnt make it to the panel, headlines make it across the world…lol

  • F you

  • I've ordered plenty of times, and posted deals in the past, but I've not really liked how I was cooking less and getting rusty in the kitchen. This whole thing has been just the push I've needed, and instead of ordering I did some meal prep on Sunday instead, and felt so much better than I would have eating racist chicken from a one use container.

    Yeah I know I'm on the woke brigade and there's ethical compromises in almost all food choices but I'm glad I've made this one.

  • This deal sux, way too expensive

  • If people aren't happy with youfoods. You should be hitting the report button & explain the situation, not negging the deal.

  • There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

  • ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Jumping on the racism bandwagon, hope China backers of the company withdraw funds as a result :)

  • I don't care how good their deals are, I'm not buying from a company run by a racist CEO (and his fiance).

  • Bandwagon neg. Can get cheaper as posted above (stays negative thanks mods)

  • Can prepare a meal cheaper by going to Woolies and buying the ingredients. And you'll save the earth all of the extra BS packaging. Just a bonus that the company is run by feral bogans.

  • +4 votes

    Sorry hope the owners are really feeling an impact on sales

  • Let the negs be a lesson that ceos should set good examples.

  • Darn it the code didn't work on the large meals , have to cope with normal instead .

  • A union has hit out at Queensland meal delivery giant Youfoodz, claiming migrant workers are subjected to a “culture of bullying, racism and extreme wage theft” as it uses “racial tactics to divide employees and keep migrant workers vulnerable”.

  • Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice
    Honey Rosemary Pork with Greens
    Salmon & Dill with Sweet Potato Mash
    Turkey Roast & Potato Bake
    Nonna's Spaghetti Bolognese
    Steak and Creamy Mushroom Sauce
    Portuguese Chicken
    Tasty Turkey Rissoles
    Beef Lasagne
    Discount: YF-GET9
    Includes $5.36 GST

  • Hey moderators are these negs in line with your guidelines..from what I see no

    • +1 vote

      Well I guess there is nothing in the guidelines excluding a negative vote for calling out extremely poor behaviour… their own fault really. The company has to deal with the reality of their actions and being associated with these people.

    • Firstly, saying "Hey moderators" doesn't summon moderators. You need to repeat it 3 times.

      Second, see voting guidelines. Specifically "Any negative vote that falls into any of these reasons will be revoked by a moderator. Negative votes for any other reason will not be removed by a moderator. These are verbatim phrases."


  • There are guidelines for negative voting

  • Shipping is $20.00! not paying $79 for 9 meals.

  • I get why people are negging You Foodz, what I don't get is how these same neggers happily up vote Nike and Adidas deals when both these 2 clothing monoliths have literally built their empires using Asian slave labour

  • Shoddy company and unethical treatment if workers (according to News Ltd.). Plus there are plenty of alternatives.

  • +2 votes

    Wouldn't support a company with racist bogan owners.

  • Ching Ching !!! That's the sound of money falling out of your pockets YouFoolz

  • Agree with others Meg's, stay away from this company until his ceo gtfo

  • I was really hesitant to vote on this. But I looking at the voting guidelines, it does say a negative vote is appropriate to let others know about issues with the merchant. In this case, while some may consider the food cheap, others may consider that there are serious issues with the merchant. A negative vote is reasonable, just as much as a positive vote would be for different reasons.

    Purpose: To let others know about issues with the deal, merchant or product.

    • Be very careful Bud you might break a rule and be sent to the penalty box :)

      What about all those farmers and suppliers fuelling Youfoodz . And of course the Chinese backers . Should they all feel $$$$$$$$ effects of something of not their doings ?

      At least I hope we are aware whether good all not every post draws attention to this deal and of course increases a chances of a purchase lol .

      • I'm not quite sure I follow. How might I break a rule? I was particularly careful in this instance, and decided to look into the guidelines for voting.

        There's quite a few aspects to this debate. Many people still feel that it is cheap, and that's perfectly fine to upvote.

        Your observation regarding workers and suppliers are fair. However, I don't believe it changes the legitimate reasoning for neg votes people are putting forward. Particularly in this regard, there's been more and more news coming through about their treatment of workers. Again, it is evident that people feel this would be valid reason to negvote it as they don't want to support a company that has poor working practices.

        Lastly, I must stress that this is all healthy debate. You have your reasons for upvoting, as with many. But many others have their good reasons for negvoting.

  • Jackkkkkk says YF can GF. I have ordered quite a few in the past, now never again. Racist pigs

  • I'm buying twice as much as I used to - Keep the weekly discounts coming!

  • Come on guys, so many invalid neg votes. At least explain why otherwise they will get removed. It's clear there's an issue with the merchant. One or two words neg comments are pointless.

  • Got my neg revoked so came back to give a proper reason.

    A bargain should cost people less. Sure the coupon code may cost us consumers less, but the ethics of youfoodz cost Asians their dignity because of the blatant racism displayed.

    That is why I give this deal a neg.

    Would appreciate if my neg could be reinstated by the admins

  • Not paying Superannuation to your employees - could've been a honest mistake, can be fixed
    Bullying, harassment and underpaying migrant workers - Ummmm
    Blatant racism off air - C'mon mate, you were in a effing Asian country

    Unacceptable. You may choose to rebrand, come up with a snazzy new name and packaging but the truth will always prevail, karma will bite you.

  • /me grabs the popcorn. Dis gun b gud

  • Hi, is this discount code now expired?

    • Still active, I just used it.

      Seems the code doesn't work for the Packs anymore, however if you add 1 normal meal it does.

      Dinner Faves Pack - 6 for $49
      Lunch Pack - 5 for $39
      1 x any standard Meal $9.95

      Ends up $5.61 per meal.

  • Soz.. can't support racisum, no matter how cheap it is.

  • Not as value for money as before, sizes are deceptively being reduced while prices stay the same see here