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Youfoodz Meals - $30.55 off if You Spend $89.55 Or More


Long time lurker, first time poster

As described in the title, $30.55 off if you spend $89.55 or more at Youfoodz.

Suggested combination to get the best bang for your buck (only if you are not picky) as follows;

    Thai Chicken Noodles
    Noona's Spaghetti Bolognese
    YF Fried Chicken & Gravy
    Honey Rosemary Pork with Greens
    Satay Chicken & Veg
    Summer Coconut Curry & Brown Rice

  • LUNCH PACK - 5 FOR $39
    Loaded Falafel & Pumpkin Salad
    Chicken Pesto Pasta Salad
    Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice
    Portuguese Chicken
    Homestyle Cottage Pie with Mash

  • Cheapest item at Youfoodz for $2.99
    Any balls will do (e.g - protein ball or bliss ball) :D

$49 + $39 + $2.99 - $30.55 = $60.44
Total cost - $60.44
You get 11 meals for $5.49 each + free protein/ bliss ball

Min Spend $89.55 (before discount) | Valid 'til Nov 13, 11:59 AEST | See website for T&Cs.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2019

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  • +56 votes

    Say no to racism

  • +43 votes

    Sorry to be a downer in your first deal post but no more youfoodz from me. Racist founder and poor treatment of their workers

    • -38 votes

      Dinner pack looks great , amazing how any publicity drives sales didn’t know of them before the cotton ball brigade began crying like babies .

      Seems to me once upon a time the brigade was in so must have something special about the food :)

      • +13 votes

        Typical racist response haha good on ya

        • -14 votes

          Anyone who not in the brigade is racist ?

          Get a life !

          • +3 votes

            @profar: Relax mate. No need to get all worked up.
            You don't wanna be in the brigade, do you? Almost sounds like you're already in one though. Cheers

          • @profar: Do you get off on being a contrarian?

            Owners are unethical. This is bad. People speak up about. You however, pop up, and immediately start antagonizing everyone who had decided to take a stand based on moral principles rather than to chase a bargain, and are apparently surprised when you're met with backlash.

            This is such juvenile attention seeking behaviour.

      • Enjoy your Asian inspired meals with a side of mockery and bigotry. Irony never tasted so good.

        • The irony was bland. I find Youfoodz tastes even better with a sprinkling of snowflakes!

    • Agreed, screw this racist company

  • Long time lurker, first time poster

    Not even a month old lol. YF can suffer in their jocks.

  • I won't neg but these guys don't deserve any business. Shit quality food, small portions, underpaid workers on top of the debacle in Singapore.

    The reason why this has blown up is not simple racism. Sure everyone is racist, but the sole reason they were in the country was to give a speech. And in their off time they make fun of the locals with the sole purpose to mock them for their friends to see, which in turn blew up in their faces. You visit someone's house you show respect plain and simple.

  • Use the code "IMARACIST" for 50% off all orders!

  • Thanks op was hoping they’d have a code for frenzy again

  • Racist pricks. Didn’t know my money was going into their pockets. Never again!

  • Ceo needs to apologies for his poor behaviour.

  • Bloody racists. Sick CEO. You can also drop a message to woolies in Twitter to get them to drop their products.

  • As per my last comment, even without bringing in the racist founders, their food isn't that great. It's alright, nothing to write home about and hungry again in 2 hours or so.

    Congrats on your first post OP, but this is a neg for Youfoodz.

  • Thanks OP, good timing.

  • Sorry, can't support a company with a racist CEO

  • +1 vote

    There food after 2 says in the fridge really tastes like crap

  • I’m outraged at how many people are outraged.

  • …23 Marvel films later and everyone wants to be a hero. Thanks OP! Dinner is sorted for the next week. I don't have time to cook and even less time for petty boycotts. Oh the shame!

  • was just about to click but THANK YOU COMMENTS. F* them, racists, will never see my moneys again

  • Food is garbo. Portions are tiny. CEO and "model" partner are racist.

    ALSO doesn't pay his employees super on time, or at all. Says it all.


  • People saying that isn't racism should educate yourself about casual racism and its impacts on other people.
    Woolies should reconsider stocking products from this company too.

  • Garbage food, excess packaging, racist bogan management. Say no to this crap.

  • They're nearly out of business now so damn close

    • And all the staff that will lose their jobs, are you happy about that too?

      • Then they can get jobs who pay them properly 🙊

      • Do you plan to use this line for every unethical, manipulating, and or uncompetitive company/industry out there? Welcome to capitalism, job security not guaranteed

      • If the business folds then the staff can actually get their superannuation owed to them under the federal compensation scheme rather than waiting for the CEO to never pay them.

  • I vote that ozbargain should have some sort of ban on deals from unethical companies like youfoodz.
    We need to send a message to the organisations that it's not ok to be racist and/or exploit staff

  • Unethical companies can go to hell!

  • Racism is not okay.

  • As per my comment in the last deal post, racism should not be tolerated, esp. ceo

  • post to neg.

  • Good lord, thank God I read this post before I spent anymore money with this company.

    The sooner this company goes bankrupt as a result, the better.

    In the meantime, youfoodz should be bared permanently from being posted on OzB.

  • YouFoolz

  • Overpriced, underportioned food by digusting owners

  • +5 votes

    Yeah agreed, they should be black listed from Ozb
    Someone also discovered the smaller portions, snippet from review site.

    "The meals used to be 300g each, but now without telling anyone (and keeping the same price) they are 270g. If you ordered 9 meals like I did that's literally a whole meal's worth you are not getting (30g * 9 = 270g). I dug up an old vs. new picture of the meal and you can see the downsizing. This deceptive conduct will lose customers to their competitors."

  • No I'm not ordering from these clowns

  • Thats's a shame, I've been a customer of their's for years- buying in bulk and eating their meals for lunch everyday.

    I won't be any longer… because with lobbyists, unions and big business having total control of our politicans (of all persuasions), the only power we have nowadays as citizens is as consumers.

    60% of our GDP (ie ~ the wealth of the country) is from domestic consumer consumption.
    That is a big stick we can wave to affect change.

    The only time any government bows to citizens interests ahead of business and/or unions is where consumption is threatened.

    It's no accident that we have some of, if not THE, toughest consumer protection laws in the world- because 60% of our economy is reliant on us spending- the house of cards falls down if we stop spending.

    So I will be boycotting youfoodz because I want our society to be better.

    It's all but a waste of breath trying to get our "representative" politicans to make our society better- they are hopelessly compromised by the deals with the devils they make to get into power.

    But by supporting moral and ethical businesses (and avoiding those who aren't), I can help shape the society that I want my kids to grow up in.

    Because over time- businesses realise that there is actual PROFIT to be made from acting morally and ethically. And those that don't chase those dollars get left behind.

    In Australia, the power of our purchasing choices are as powerful (or perhaps moreso) than the power of our vote.

  • Shows the owners are boneheads and numbskulls to be talking and posting videos with racist comments in this digital electronic age. Boycott this brand

  • Garbage food, tried a week worth's once, food had terrible texture and servings were small.

    Suitable for all the garbage people making abhorrent comments on this post. Can't believe people still use the term 'snowflake' unironically.

  • Let's not put our trust into treacherous people. You are what you eat! You really want to be fed by a racist?

  • Food was a lot better in the past.
    Its cheap quality food now. Its all about making a strong profit.
    There are no reasons for supporting these biased owners.
    Good to see that their true colours has been revealed.

  • I understand and agree with the sentiments but it's still a deal. Also all of a sudden their food is crap while generally in previous deals people hardly mention this. One reason for a negative vote is 'major issue with retailer' but I'm pretty sure that doesn't pertain to not liking them as a person.

    • Wrong. All previous deals have had people comment on the poor taste and portion sizes. Most would just scroll past and ignore the deals, just like 80% of the deals on here.

      Self inflicted. Now people are clicking and making their voice heard.

      Don't defend this rich kid with a trust fund, who has no clue or business acumen, nor defend his "model" girlfriend who hasn't worked in a decade for their remarks.

      • Where am I defending anyone?

        And sure your point could explain the higher than usual number of complaints about the food. My main point was about the negs though. They are not warranted.

        • Where am I defending anyone?

          Comments like "Also all of a sudden their food is crap"

          It was crap before their racist comments. You are insinuating posters are lying to negatively vote.

          They are not warranted.

          Yes they are. The food is crap. The portion sizes, apparently reduced even further since I wasted money on them, are terrible value for money.

  • Comment so i can neg

  • Ridiculous that the owner would travel all the way to Singapore and then make fun of everyday people there! Extremely disrespectful, and his apology was piss poor claiming his words were "lazy". It wasn't lazy, it was racist pure and simple. Some of the nicest and most accommodating people I've met are from Singapore.

  • Hopefully Youfoodz representatives are looking at this and thanks to the neg crew some extra big discounts are going to be offered in the future .

    Please cottonball crew don't go to the drinking section of the footy/cricket or any over crowded pub . What you hear there you may never get over !

    • Voting with your wallet doesn't equate to being precious.

      You seem equally as easily upset by the words of this fictional cottonball crew.

      Maybe you should not go to the comments section of ozbargain or any overcrowded online forum.
      What you hear there you may not get over!

    • Please cottonball crew don't go to the drinking section of the footy/cricket or any over crowded pub

      ok boomer

  • So many people neg'ing just to get on a hate bandwagon. People have to get their pitchforks out for something, eh?

    Thanks for the post - I actually enjoy Youfoodz, and it'll take more than a joke in bad taste to change that.

    • Out of curiosity, have you ever experienced racism before?

      • Verbally? Yes - I mean who hasn't?
        But it's on the level of someone calling you a mean name. It's not exactly hurtful.

        If he'd been caught excluding people from his business because of a race, or holding back their ability to progress in a business, that'd be another matter.
        But this wasn't even directly the CEO - it was his missus making some bad taste comments. People need to get over it.

        • Yes - I mean who hasn't?

          Doesn't exactly help your argument lol

          It's not exactly hurtful.

          Maybe to you. Not to the many, many others out there that are not you.

          People need to get over it.

          If you think this then you're part of the problem whether you realise this or not.

          • @zeggie:

            If you think this then you're part of the problem whether you realise this or not.

            Says the agist calling everyone a boomer?
            Tell me, what's the difference there? From your argument, there isn't one, and you're the actual problem.

            But I can recognise that you're trolling - much like the CEO's missus was. So like this whole situation, I'm already over it.

            The long and the short of it is, this is a bargain website. Not a political discussion site. If you personally don't want to deal with this business, avoid them. But they are still a legitimate business, with legitimate discounts…

            • @burkey:

              Says the agist calling everyone a boomer?

              No. I did not call "everyone" a boomer. I specifically responded to certain people making ludicrous boomer-ish comments, that in no way addressed the topic, such as "Channel 9 is a 'conspiracy'" to "dare ya to go to mah rough pub moit snowflake"

              But I can recognise that you're trolling

              Nope. I'm responding to someone who likened racism to schoolyard "name calling".

              This might be news to you, but in the current day racism of all types is unacceptable and unlawful.

              The long and the short of it is, this is a bargain website. Not a political discussion site. If you personally don't want to deal with this business, avoid them. But they are still a legitimate business, with legitimate discounts…

              The long and the short of it is, this is a bargain website. Which has many forum topics and sub-topics as well. If you personally don't want to deal with people leaving negative feedback towards a business, avoid those threads. They are are still a "legitimate" business, with discounts applying to now reduced portioned products, and need to own and acknowledge their public presence and accept that negative feedback regarding their product can and will be made in a public forum.

    • Well said, typical human behaviour though. We love to come together and make someone a scapegoat so we can feel better about ourselves.

  • There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

  • There's 2 things i hate in this world
    - Racists
    - Youfoodz

  • Racism is bad mmmmkay

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