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Free Google G-Suite for 1 Month With Web Hosting Upgrade @ Ventra IP


FREE Google G-Suite for 1 Month:



Ends on 16th November 2019

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    FREE VIP Pack
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    Google already offers G Suite 1 month free.

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    Very glad I jumped on the Google for Business bandwagon before they started charging for it. And although it is very good I would not pay for it. Zoho is a much more cost effective option for businesses especially now they are hosting services in AU.


      How much does ZOHO cost?

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      Zoho is absolute garbage bundled together into a tip of shit. I wouldn't wish it on any of my competitors.

      It's Office 365 or G Suite, even then G Suite is a very very distant second.

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        I haven't had a problem with Zoho at all. Starts at $1.65/user/month. You will not find anything comparable that will do Exchange Activesync and mapping of multiple domains at this price point.

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    I will stay with Office 365 Business so much better for business.

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    Why would one signup for google suite with a reseller rather than direct? Thoughts?


    be aware that if you make use of google assistant or google home, there are various incompatibilities with G suite accounts (can't create reminders, can't invite to a home etc)

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