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Xiaomi Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro with Warm Air Dry App Control AU Version $359.50 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Xiaomi toilet seat is on sale again. Cheapest it's been so far.

Description taken from previous deal

This is the new pro version of the Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat and has a large range of options which outweigh the previous Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat.

This Australian version of the Smart Toilet Seat has many differences from the Chinese version.

We have spent 9 months getting the Australian certifications and this AU package includes:

Smart Toilet seat Assembly with AU plug, Inlet Water Hose with a Fasting Nut(Australian standard), Tee-Connector(Australian standard), Check valve, Plastic Screw Anchors, Screws, Installing Caliper(English), Mounting Plate, Securing Brackets, Water filter, Locking Fastener and English Instruction Manual.

Please confirm the suitability of your toilet bowl by checking its measurements

Toilet Seat Installation Instructions and Installation Video

App have many features, but once you set up you do not need to use app a lot. Machine will remember your app setting, for example scheduled warm seat, self clean. Side control have on/off, air dry, female wash, rear wash, temperature control. Please check APP Screenshot Here and Here


  • Warm air drying, massage flushing, suitable for a variety of toilets.
  • Multi-range air temperature setting
  • 99mm ultra-thin body design, beautiful and comfortable.
  • Three sets of operating buttons, save space, easy to use and innovative
  • High-precision ceramic instant heat system, Instant constant temperature hot water.Third-stage water temperature.
  • Pulse massage, give you a new experience

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Xiaomi toilet seat is on sale again. Cheapest it's been so far.

    Another crap deal.

    Thanks for posting…

  • I sure as hell don’t want anything described as a whale spout going near my behind. 🐳 😱🙅‍♂️

  • What sort of idea of promoting the use of phone whilst in the toilet


      You can set up your personal preference and App will remember your setting. You can use side panel to control most of function as well.

      • @Gearbite rep:

        Can the Australian watermark certification Licence no: WM-022915
        be found anywhere in the product sheet? Where can I find proof of this?

      • Hi I installed it today but how do you get the app working. Where is a link to the app?
        I have the mi home app but there isn’t a device that is a toilet seat


          How to install APP for Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro

          Go to either Google Play or Apple Appstore, download and install Mi Home app to your mobile device.
          Select ‘China’ as your ‘Region’ and create a user profile by tapping ‘Sign up’. Depending on your device you may be presented with Facebook or WeChat as alternative options to Log In, in which case you can skip the ‘Sign up’ process.
          Enter your email address as your ‘Username’ and then assign and confirm a password you wish to use. Next a confirmation email will be sent you your email account – simply click the ‘Activate Account’ option.
          Now enter your email address and password into the app and tap ‘Sign in’.
          Next you must add Whale Spout as a connected device to the Mi Home app. Tap ‘Add device’ and you are presented with a list of compatible devices. Tap ‘Home appliances’ then select ‘Whale Spout’.
          Follow instructions to connect to Wi-Fi and enter your Wi-Fi password into the Mi Home app –tap ‘Next’. Then tap, ‘Go to Wi-Fi settings’ and choose, ‘xjx-toilet-pro_xxxxxxx'.
          Once the W-Fi connection has been established between ‘Whale Spout’ and your mobile device, revert back to Mi Home app. Wait for the connection to finalise and select the appropriate room. You may tap the ‘+’ sign and create a custom room, if you wish.
          When the room has been selected, you can also rename your ‘Whale Spout’ with a custom name.
          As soon as the above has been completed, you have the option to share the device with other friends or family members who also have a Mi Home app and activated account.
          Open the app and you will have access to the ‘Whale Spout’ user interface.
    • The idea doesn't need promoting, it sells itself.

    • Who doesn't use their phone/tablet in the toilet these days? Our parents used to read books and magazines now we take our devices when doing a shit.

  • So this doesn't need to be plumbed in right? Just connect to existing cistern water supply?

  • Pro version, for when you're getting paid to shit and can't afford mistakes.

  • Really want one of these after travelling to Europe and trying the water system. Makes me laugh at the jokes around the stupid toilet paper method we have, so stupid.

  • i have the Smartmi Toilet Seat, use it every day, feels good mate

  • App control… I hope it won't get hacked? That could be awkward.

  • -2 votes

    Warm air dry.

    This country has gone downhill fast.

  • I consider myself a pro pooper so this is what I need

  • Just come for the comments. 🍿

  • How is this compared to Smarto bidet?

  • Same with IE or Chrome:

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  • How's the pressure on this one? On par with the Smartmi? Decent pressure is a must for these.

  • Do you have a basic model that doesn't have any features and cheaper?

  • Seems like it might be difficult to find a toilet that this seat will fit

  • Does it come with any Australian warranty?

  • is this one of those Japan style seats where you don't use toilet paper?

    Sparkies charge like $300 to install an outlet last time I needed one. I don't have a power outlet in my toilet. I don't think I've ever seen one.

    This would make it very expensive.

    Do people really love this seat?

    • Sounds like you need to shop around for your sparky, as $300 they are really overcharging you

      • how much do they charge you?

        • last powerpoint was about $120, but have recently been quoted $75 per powerpoint or can work out cheaper doing hourly rate if there is a few in similar area

      • Someone please get a quote on Airtasker and report back on the cheapest accredited sparky. Melbourne eastern suburbs.

    • They might charge more if the dunny smells really bad

  • @Gearbite Does the toilet seat come with any Australian warranty?