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Microsoft Surface Go - Intel 4415Y / 4GB / 64GB Emmc - $369 Shipped @ Microsoft eBay


Appears to be cheapest price ATM. Free Shipping. 10 words.

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  • Will be $300 by the end of the month at this rate lol.

    • +10 votes

      Please don't but this.

      It's virtually unusable. This has 64GB of eMMC storage which is very very slow. The 8GB version has 128GB of SSD storage is at least usable.

      Don't buy it! Expensive landfill!

        • Damn it dude your messages are conflicting - do I buy this or not??

          • @PorkHunt: Basically, the one that has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage is really not sufficient for running Windows properly which I would agree completely with.

            However, the one that has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage is sufficient to complete the usual basic tasks as the RAM will allow you to open a decent amount of Chrome tabs at once and having an actual SSD in the laptop will make applications and Windows in general feel much snappier.

        • Please don't but this.

          i think he trying to clear this up

  • I'd buy one for $200

  • Good enough to run Android x86 OS or similar?

  • What do people use these for now-a-days?

  • Trying to decide to buy this or spend $170 less for a refurbished surface 3?

    • Refurbished surface 3 with full features

    • Where can we buy refurb surface 3 for $200 please?

        • How does the Atom z8700 compare to the Pentium® Gold Processor 4415Y in this Surface Go?

        • I've found one of these with 128GB SSD for $40 more. Would I be better off buying that? Different seller with much less feedback.

          • @chichi: Oops it’s $49 more.

            Anyone know what kind of condition the $179 ones are in?

            • @chichi: It looks like the 128gb ones are $229 with code P200SAVE

              I've been using 32gb win tablets in recent years, they're a pain, it's just not enough for win updates and such.. . 64 "should" be fine for most users…

              It's hard to say if the extra money is worth it for 128.. 64 is adequate but having 128 will decrease the need to have a micro-sd installed for extra storage and such..

              My 64 is meant to be delivered today, I'll report back on condition later.. .

              • @FLICKIT: How are these worth anything, they're basically glorified tablets and slow performers for anything other than basic web browsing and word documents.

                Also, 128GB should really be a minimum at this stage if you're planning on keeping the laptop for longer than a year

                • @Gorian4: I spend 5 months of the year traveling between a campervan and riding a motorbike to the most remote parts of the country, crossing deserts and such, I like to carry a win tablet in my backpack for mapping/route planning, browsing when I have internet, media player in the tent at night, and basic photo and video editing (I'm a bit of a PC addict, hard to survive without a win PC in arms reach, lol).. I carry a 14" i7 lappy in the campervan also but I've barely used it the last couple of years, the 4gb/32gb 10" win10 tablet/2in1 I've been carrying does a fine job, (I'm only upgrading to a Surface 3 because the microSD card reader on my old tablet has died)… Low power and USB charging are a huge bonus because on the bike I don't have power for weeks at a time, I recharge a powerbank off the bike through the day and use it to run the tablet in the tent at night…

                  Personally I think there's a lot of tech-snobs around that under estimate how handy these tablets are "if you have the need for one"… It all comes down to cost and need… You clearly don't have the "need", that's fine, we're all different…

                  • @FLICKIT: Yes, this is a perfect scenario where a glorified Win10 tablet is a perfect fit, my point is that other people on here shouldn't expect anymore than that like they would with the Surface Pro range

              • @FLICKIT: Thanks I’d appreciate hearing what it’s like.

    • Dont buy this crap. It's way too under-powered to be usable.

  • People saying they are bad… can you please elaborate in what sense?

    I'm considering this as a video player and internet browser. Maybe some Ms office. I think it would be more than capable right?

    • Absolutely would be fine for what you're listing. Anything more than that, and I'd suggest at least going to the next model up which has more RAM and faster storage.

      However, for your use, this is a reasonable choice.

      • No it’s not fine. It bloody lags doing the basics functions. You open internet browser you notice it straight away. Does it work? Of course it does but if you enjoy running on a machine that lags like a iPad one go for it

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      iPad rrp is $529, I think that will suit your needs better and worth the extra $ because my iPad from 2017 is quicker and more responsive for internet browsing than the Go I bought few days ago.

      • Apples/oranges.

        • I mean if the only thing they're using it for is video streaming and web browsing I think it's a perfectly reasonable comparison. That's one usecase that overlaps between both devices.

    • Buy iPad

    • My mum wanted to buy a tablet for her trip to UK (she comes back on Monday) and I coerced her into getting a Go. I think she got it for under $500, but this current price is crazy!

      She was able to install offline maps of all the places she was visiting in UK and bought the signature ed. keyboard. I got her a nice protective case for it.

      I got to use it briefly in late September and it seemed alright, albeit a little slower than my Surface.

      Haven't heard a single complaint from her yet. She even took it to the Microsoft store on Regent Street yesterday! :D The daily blog updates are great.

  • +5 votes

    Pissed I bought one from MS online store pricematch for $399.

    My initial thoughts about different comments that it is slow - the screen is laggy even just typing a url in Edge with nothing else open in the background. You need to budget for a keyboard for the device to be meaningfully useful, which makes the price not that attractive as I haven't found any sales on the type covers.

    • The type covers are an alright price on The Good Guys commercial website.

    • I told everyone every post I see about this surface but obviously people like to try. My honest feel is Microsoft put this rubbish together to compete with it he cheap iPad but it’s a failed product

  • Ok. Fail product. I am moving on nothing to see here.

  • Thanks OP, I bought this version a few weeks ago and although it has been usable, have been wishing It had LTE. Clicked through your link & sure enough Micro$oft have the 128GB LTE version for $648 after discount.

    I’d post a separate deal, but I think I’m under embargo until my associated store post allows me to post again.

    Now I need a cheap stylus!

    • It's $798 with the LTE one, $648 without

    • I love how people say the product is usable. What a $300 isn’t suppose to function? Use it a few more weeks and it will only get slower. Biggest potato product of 2019

  • Would this be good for someone trying to move from drawing on paper to digital art? Been looking at the galaxy tab A but this looks better

    • Nope. Not only is this not powerful enough, but the stylus is for writing not really for drawing. The surface pen has a lot of line jitter which is really bad for drawing. I would recommend to iPad Mini 2019 or the iPad 2019 for some introductory digital drawing, as the latency is better and there's no line jitter when drawing on iPads.

  • Thanks to the comments I just saved $369 not buying this.

  • 10 words.

    No wonder it’s slow: Having 10 installations of Word is really gonna eat up resources!

  • Lol over 100 upvotes. I can't believe people are buying this for that price and think it's deal. Buyers remorse coming soon….

    • Upvotes have no correlation to units sold.

      As of this comment only 10 units sold since this deal was posted.

  • It's kinda of misleading consider

    Battery life: Wi-Fi: Up to 9 hours of video playback [2]


    [2] Surface Go battery life: Up to 9 hours of battery life for local video playback. Testing conducted by Microsoft in June 2018 using a pre-production Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor, 128 GB, 8 GB RAM device

  • It's obsolete. It cannot handle windows 10.

  • I won one of these in the click frenzy promotion, it's the 128gb and giving it to my dad as he needs a laptop. Are they any good? He will pretty much use it for his daily life eg; Facebook, emails, writing documents and just general laptop use.
    Are they any good for this?