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Lenny and Larrys Peanut Butter Protein Cookie 12pack $25.46 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Delicious tasting cookies received it today and it expires 01/08/2020.
Cheaper than catch of the day and has a better expiry date.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Check out some of the reviews on Amazon US - apparently great taste but several reviews state major stomach issues (gas / flatulance) caused for some. I think I’ll pass (wind). Heh!!

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      I'm gonna say that comes with any protein product. Have you ever smelled a protein fart? That filth is deadly

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      That's what happens when you consume protein supplements … farts are the "gains".

  • Leisure Suit Larry?

  • I've never enjoyed a single protein chocolate bar I've ever bought. Are cookies any nicer/closer in taste and texture to the regular variety?

    • These ones are probably the closest your gonna get to real tasting cookies, soft and moist

    • Have you tried the Musashi Deluxe ones? They're the best tasting I've had.

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        Actually today I tried a Musashi chocolate bar. Better than others but still nowhere near enjoyable to eat, for me.

        • They do a few different types, high protein, shred and burn, wafers and deluxe. The deluxe peanut or jam donut are excellent. You're always going to get some sort of dryness with a protein bar though, otherwise they couldn't get the protein content in to them.

          • @whitelie: It was the rocky road deluxe I tried and you are right about the dryness, for sure. I'll give the jam donut a go, thanks for the tip. Otherwise I'll just try get another shake in I guess. Cheers

    • These taste great. I eat them for their taste and softness; couldn't care less about their protein content.

    • Have you tried snickers protein bar? These taste really good.

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    marketing bullshit at its finest. Look at the carbs and protein ratio, if anything, it should be called, the carb cookie

    • No marketing bullshit at all. I have been eating these as junk / snack food for a couple of years and have never assumed they are a "protein cookie" - where did you even get that idea? (If it was marketed as a protein cookie i'd probably never have given it a try.)

      Yes, OP's title is improperly suggestive.

  • How do people find these grocery deals on Amazon??

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