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Xiaomi 10w Wireless Charger $19.34 Delivered | Xiaomi Mi Band 4 $39.95 (SOLD OUT) @ Gearbite eBay (15% off Storewide)

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    Anyone knows if gadgetbridge work with this yet?

  • Literally bought this earlier today from same seller. They shipped within an hour so too late to cancel order :(

    • why do you want to cancel the order?

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        If you order a product before it goes on sale, sometimes you can cancel that order before it ships, then reorder that same item at the discounted price and make a saving.

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      Please let me know your ebay id by oz message, i will fix for you.

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        Awesome!!!!!! Pm'd

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        Now that's good customer service..!

        • Yep he sorted it all out. Brilliant!!

      • Bought last night but no sign if it has been shipped within an hour?

        • Eh?

        • I got shipped notification within the hour. Depends on when you ordred I guess.

      • that is what we called customer service! keep it up

  • Thanks, op.

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    any chance of the $29 price from Aliexpress Mi store returning?

    • Me also looking for this deal.

    • When was it on sale for $29?

      • Singles day 11/11

  • Anyone know if the heart rate monitor on this pairs with Life Fitness treadmills? Thanks

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    Any deals on the air purifier 2s?

  • any deals on robot vacuums that can do multi-floors? i.e. xiaomi 2in1 or s6

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    do u have any deals on outside security camera ?

  • Damn sold out on mi band 4.any chance of more before coupon expires?

  • More Mi band 4 deals OP

  • :/ sad face

  • Any chance or getting more mi band 4 in stock during this offer?

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    Will the charger work with an iPhone 11? Any other suggestions for a wireless fast charger or is 10w the maximum you can get wireless on an iphone?

    • Yes and actually, iPhones only support 7.5W.

    • heads up, google "ios 13.1 wireless charging cap" and you will find most of the chargers on the market will now be capped by Apple to 5w…

  • Thanks OP, was looking for another Yeelight after previous sale and putting good use of it

  • Is the wireless charger USB-C? I can't seem to tell from the pics

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    Not sure if I’m missing something here, but hasn’t the same Xiaomi 10W fast wireless charger posted here at cheaper prices before?

    Not to mention there were concerns about the quality of the product:

    I understand this is Australian stock from a reputable seller, but still am surprised at the 100+ votes, unless they are for the now sold out Mi band 4.

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    • Can anyone here confirm the issues mentioned in the above (heat issues and charge rate dropping as a result) as I ordered the charger this morning but if these issues are common then I don't really want it tbh.

      Nevermind I requested to cancel my order anyway.

  • Thank you, this is one of the few charging pads that work with my phone case on.

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    Can anyone recommend a half decent charger/usb cable to tie in with the charging mat? I've bought one from amazon before and it was a bit sketchy. Cheers

  • Does anyone know if this Fast charger has any lights or similar? bought a different one and it has an annoying bright ring of light that goes green and blue and therefore not suitable for bedroom.

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    Wireless charger out of stock :(

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    will the Miband 4 be restocked?

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    Dam, Xiaomi wireless charger gone

    Is Blitzwolf wireless charger any good?


  • Any more deal on wireless chargers?

  • my band 4 for just over 40 landed for those who missed out here

    or CN version for under 40 bux…

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