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Kogan SmarterHome 10W Ambient RGBW Smart Bulb (E27) - 4 Pack $59 (Usually $116) Delivered @ Kogan


Quite an amazing price for RGBW Smart Bulbs with Wi-Fi, Google Assistant Alexa support

Works out to $14.95 each for a 10W RGBW 1050 Lumen bulb

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  • Had these for about a year, they've been reliable so far, and relatively easy to set up. They're not terribly bright when in colour mode, but don't know how that compares with other brands.

  • Do people really use such bulbs for RGB? Can this do warm white like the traditional?

    • I don't use this model but do have other bulbs that are connect to my home automation hub and are set to change the white colour temperature to mimic the circadian rhythm.
      I have never found a use for the RGB lights however on their own.

    • Yeah the W stands for white. You may be disappointed in the brightness however. 10W isn't much by the time it gets through the diffuser.

      The only time I ever use the RGB is during parties to entertain the kids somewhat. I had the bright idea to get some yeelights for my study so I could change the white temperature for work mode and evening mode, and automate them coming on when I enter the room and turn off 30 mins after leaving. I just left them on the brightest cool mode and was disappointed in the brightness. Anyhow two of them failed and I just got some 1400 lumen cool white philips globes from Amazon and just went back to switching them on/off with the wall switch.

    • Initially, absolutely no use.

      But what I done recently is that my dining room light is set to blue all night, plus another lamp, which is just enough light to get around in when I get up to get the baby. Even the dimmest white setting is a bit jarring on the kid in the middle of the night, the blue is not too bad.

  • I Know these can be dimmed through the app, but how are they with using it on a dimmable light Switch?

    • They are not dimmable via a standard wall switch dimmer. If you try they will just turn off.

  • Any idea if these are IFTTT compatible?