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Google Chromecast (3rd Gen) $44.25, Google Nest Hub Max $261.75 @ JB Hi-Fi


Until Sunday get yourself 25% off^ the current ticketed price of a Google Chromecast or Nest Hub Max. Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi Store in Australia or buy online by visiting, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.

Limit of 1 unit each per Coupon. Available instore and online. While stocks last. Offer ends Sunday 24th November 2019.

This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for instore and online transactions until the close of trade Sunday 24th November 2019, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer. Coupon valid for a Google Chromecast (SKU: 343306) or a Nest Hub Max (355090 / 355089). Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. 25% off^ will be calculated from the current ticket price. Offer can be redeemed instore or online by visiting, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout.

Use this barcode for in-store purchases

Barcode is generic despite T&C's stating its unique

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    Only the cast Ultra does 4k correct, the normal one will do FullHD only?

  • Code appears to be generic, despite what T&C's say.

  • Any better deals for a Chromecast?

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      Nope, buy it now

      • Thanks, grabbed one.

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    is that a good price for Google Nest Hub Max? According to reviews it is lacking in audio quality department not sure how bad it is though.

    • its meant to be a bit better the the Google Home.

  • If it was the good home max I'd be all over this deal. Bummed I missed out on one when they were on sale a little while ago.

    • the good home max? whats the difference looking to get one

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        Think they're referring to the Max speaker.

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    This is a good price for the chromecast, i don’t have one personally. Can anyone tell me what kind of sport/bet apps chromecast has? Also i have nbn50 with tpg will this chromecast be slow and keep pausing while i’m watching? As i’ve had problems with a X96 mini 4K tv android quadcore media box pausing on me a lot while i’m watching things with nbn50. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

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      Kayo works with it. I've moved house but used to have a 50mbps NBN HFC connection and never really had issues. If it did it was rare and could have been Kayo itself, or my wifi. Even though the stream's max is 1080p it depends on the bitrate as to whether a stream will lag or not. Netflix for instance has their 4k bitrate capped at 16mbps so in theory that would work with an ultra chromecast over 50mbps

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        What about betting apps and the afl app etc, can you put them on your tv screen using your phone with chromecast plugged in? Also does it have to be an android phone or can you use an iphone to show your apps on your tv?

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          AFL and betting apps are usually restricted to viewing on mobile only so don't work with Chromecast. At least that's my experience.

        • +1

          No experience with afl/betting apps sorry but instructions for iPhone here

    • +3

      You need to speed test your connection….. "nbn50" indicates maximum speeds obtainable, no the actual speed.

    • +5

      Chromecast does not have any apps, it does mirror apps on your personal device. The only one not working in my experience is Foxtel Go, since they want more money to "multiroom it". My Optus shitty broadband not NBN delivers perfectly everything, so something must be wrong in your connection

      • +3

        it does mirror apps on your personal device.

        It doesn't mirror - it casts apps but it can also mirror your Android phone, Chromebook, or a Chrome tab on a PC. Some apps such as YouTube and Netflix can also cast from iOS.

      • incorrect, no mirroring generally, the idea is that the chromecast is its own video playing peripheral and your android or even iOs device(s) becomes its remote controller.

    • I use Kayo with a TPG 50 and it work flawlessly with no issue.

    • I have not looked for any gambling apps, so sorry I have no knowledge of those at all.

      We only use our Chromecast for Catch up type tv stations and YouTube. Cast these from an ipad or our mobiles; never had any lagging issues. Have used Belong basic and never thought of upgrading speeds etc. I think there is a limit of 5 devices at a time but not certain. (We have fibre all the way and not just the kerb here though; an early nbn connection). Maybe you need a better wifi or a range extender?

      After initial (easy) set up of Chromecast you would have to load apps onto your mobile devices, ipads etc. and see if you can "cast" them to your tv. I guess it depends on the apps if they work. I do recommend Chromecast; works a charm for us. Guess it all depends on your wifi etc. This is an excellent price.

  • Will Chromecasts get any cheaper on Black Friday? Trying to decide between this and the Amazon Fire Stick, which will be cheap as chips

  • I haven't seen any regular Nest Hubs on sale in the recent weeks. How come?

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    Any deals coming on the Chromecast Ultra?

    • +1

      I checked to see if coupon happened to apply to the Ultra, sadly it did not, still $99 at JB.

  • +1

    In for 1 Chromecast. Thanks!

  • anyone having issues with click and collect? It wont let me get to payment screen, keeps reloading the page.

    • Worked fine for me just now.
      Just bought one for a gift.

  • +1

    I got the last Hub Max at Belrose. Happy I waited to get a decent discount.

  • I got this in email too

  • +1

    I have been wanting to get a Chrome Cast for ages! I'm so glad I saw this deal. JB's Click & Collect was super fast, too - It was ready to collect in less than 20 minutes!

  • Thanks OP…just got one from JB Springfield! Great price!!!

  • +1

    BTW, this make a great Christmas present if you are stuck trying to find a gift.

  • +1

    Got one as an upgrade on my v1. I'm a big fan of these things, they just work!

  • Thanks OP, got one !

  • Noooo!

    Just bought one yesterday for $60, cannot refund and re-purchase?

  • Thanks OP. Got the Nest Max Hub, always prefer to buy from JB Hifi - fast and efficient. Item ready to collect within minutes. Final price comes to $252.22 (~28% discount) after paying with 5% discounted voucher from Entertainment Book. A family Christmas present!

    • so how do you get 25% off in store?

    • I have entertainment book but can't see the voucher for 5%? where are you located?

      • Perth. It's actually 3.75% discount after cc charge.

  • +2

    You can get an extra 5% off if you price match it at Officeworks, i did this at my local office works and it brought the price down to $248.66 although its not a big discount its worth knowing if you dont live too close to a JB Hi-Fi

    • nice 1. Ill do that tomorrow.

    • I tried, they refused. See my comment below.

    • Same as coolndeep, the guy at the officeworks i went to near work refused too, he said must be the price displayed on JB's website (which he brought up at his checkout PC), exclude coupon

  • +1

    Thanks OP, purchased one!

  • 1st generation: July 24, 2013
    2nd generation & Audio: September 29, 2015
    Ultra: November 6, 2016
    3rd generation: October 10, 2018

    When is the next gen due?

    • 2021

  • thanks, got one instore today.

  • They must be running out the 1080p chromecast. The Chromecast ultra will become the new standard since they are launching Google Stavia, a videogame streaming service which will only function on the ultra. (if you want to play on tv)

  • +1

    I tried price matching chromecast 3 at Officeworks and they said they are happy to do it but then have only returns stock available but none new ones.

    So, will try at other officeworks tomorrow.

  • I tried to get my local Officeworks store (North Lakes, QLD) to price beat Google Nest Hub Max against $261.75 JB Hi-Fi discounted price, they refused. Their excuse: can't do price beat on coupon deals. I tried calling their online ordering team, no luck there either. Any tips from those who succeded? Can someone upload a receipt?

      • still via coupon redemption though and most/all places do price-match via advertised price.

    • i think thats why (over the past couple years especially) a lot of stores are doing sales via redemption. Because then they wouldn't lose sales via price match/beat.

  • Thank you to the op, been needing to get one of these for a while.

  • Well OW have just refused to price match promotions for chromecast 3.

    • +1

      There terms and conditions do say they don't match coupons.

  • Thanks.

  • How did Chromecast work? Mainly I'm after Disney Plus.
    Will it work without a phone or does it stream the video from the phone all the time?

  • +1

    Get the app for your phone then use phone as remote basically, just choose what to watch on phone then cast to tv via the chromecast, very simple. You can still use your phone for other things if that's what you wanted.

  • grabbed one, but does it meant to be warm even on standby?

  • Never felt it lol
    Edit: Just felt mine (while in use) and it is quite warm.

  • Thanks.
    Bought one online for pick up tomorrow.

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