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[PC, Origin] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - $19.99 Per Month @ Origin Access Premier


Not sure this is considered a deal but PC gamers can get Star Wars: Fallen Jedi (Deluxe edition) on Origin Access Premier for $19.99 a month. If you're likely to smash through this game in less than a month then it's a good alternative to the $63 Amazon is asking for a "keep it" copy.

Luckily my Amazon order from last week hadn't shipped so jumped on this.

Pros: you get access to NFS Heat, FIFA 20, Madden 20, Unravel 1&2, battlefield V …..

Cons: you get access to Anthem

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  • Don't really think we need a post for every game on every service….

    • Saved me $43 so I won't complain.

      • -17 votes

        Hey I got another tip to save you money. Unply your toilet paper to 1 ply. You're welcome. You think I should post that as a deal too?

        • when people come to a bargain forum to sarcastically talk down people posting deals.

          Not the OP's fault it made main page mate, that many people liked it for that to happen, you wouldn't believe the random deals that don't make front page. Doesn't really matter if its an ad or a shit deal, the fact that it made main page is the algorithms fault.

          • @Manly Black: My personal opinion is that this 'deal' should have been posted in thr Gaming Forum. You say it doesn't matter whether this is an ad or a deal. So are you fine with every single latest game that gets added to monthly services (Origin, Microsoft, Stadia etc), getting posted as a deal? The consensus on this website is another thing. I personally believe that Ozbargain tries to keep things 'positive' by discouraging downvotes on deals. Case in point: they do not allow a negative vote unless there is a follow up comment on the post. Do you really believe then, that accurately reflects the opinions?
            Update: Now the bots revoked my deal downvote because the comment got 'too many downvotes'. Which further proves my point.

            • @Jwthsf: Yes I don't mind because unlike some people i'm not so heavily invested in a site I check once in awhile for gift ideas. If it becomes an issue i'm sure the exceptional bots and moderators would do something about it.

              Also the gaming forum is a good point but the rest of your post is insanely off topic, wasn't even talking to you lol.

              • @Manly Black: Sounds like you don't have a good comeback for my response regarding the 'algorithm'. You have a very single cell idea of how consensus works, the very type of people companies like Cambridge Analytica would love :D

        • Uh no ROFL, are you stupid? You don't do this anymore, you get your 1 ply toilet paper through an online service that a only a fraction of people have heard of. I can't believe you didn't know about this.

  • Nice ad

  • This isn't a deal

    • Had no idea this was on a subscription service so assuming others may be in the same boat

      • Still not a deal, there is no discount. You are just advertising

        • The mods can decide to take it down. As stated in my OP wasnt sure it was a deal. Just wanted others to know that they could get the game for $19.99 rather than the $63 at Amazon.

          • @twiggystix: Renting and owning are not the same thing. List a Corolla at $150 a day from Avis as a bargain then, because to buy the car outright would cost 25 grand. Surely the bargain of the century.

            • +3 votes

              @AussieZed: Do you consume a game the same way as a car?

            • @AussieZed: Yes surely an adult is capable of determining if this deal is worth it for them. Play and finish the game within a month for $20, or own the game forever for more if they want. Pretty simple. People are not dumb, not always anyway.

            • @AussieZed: Did not realize I could accomplish a lifetime of errands and trips to work in one days rental.

              In the one month "rental" of this game you can easily 100% complete it, it only takes about 15hrs to go through it.

            • @AussieZed: If you're only going to use the car for a limited amount of time and never touch it again (like most singleplayer games), then yes it's a pretty killer deal paying 4.5k instead of 25k. The only difference is that you're most likely going to use a car for longer than a month, but I guess you're too stupid to understand that.

    • Not sure why you are downvoted. This isn't a deal compare to $1 Xbox/Windows game pass for 1 month. That is a deal, this is standard pricing.

  • This isn't a deal as stated above, it's standard pricing for Origin Access no? feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.

    If there was a discount for Origin Access than this could of been considered a deal.

  • This is not a deal, just the standard price.

  • And water is wet…

  • See good in bad you do

    Technically its a deal, new game $69, play this for a week - finish it for less than $20

    Just because it isn't a deal, doesn't mean its not a bargain……

    an Oz Bargain….

    • Yeah I agree. People can save money here instead of buying a game outright.

      Why is a deal that cost $69 okay just because its standard cost is $99? I know I would much rather pay $20 for that game than $69.

      • Because it's a rental at normal price. You don't keep it. It's like saying the DVD you hired from the video store was a deal when you got it at New release price just because it would have been more to buy and keep it doesn't mean the rental would be considered a deal. Sure it will save people money that just finish it once and never again but I think what people are getting at is this should probably be in forums.

    • You are correct, but if this game is then listed as a deal, why shouldn't every other game available on EA Access (about 200 games I think?) also be listed? Why shouldn't every game on Uplay+ also be listed?

      • Because the some games are more in demand than others.

      • Because this is a new release title and many people are trying to find the cheapest way to play it. It takes about 15hrs to finish and had no multiplayer so this service is the best way to play the game imho

  • Not sure why everyone's being so harsh, this is handy to see, and the cheapest way to play the game which people may not have otherwise been aware of.

    The top deal for the month in the gaming category is the exact same thing, simply stating that you can play The Outer Worlds on Game Pass with no mention of a discount.

    • agreed, i for one am thankful for being informed and will take advantage of this deal

    • The difference is game pass is usually like $18 a month or something along those lines but currently you can get 3 months for $1. Not so much that is has outerworlds. A bit like this is the normal price for the subscription but happens to have the last Jedi. Sure it's good to know it's on there but it's probably more a forums thing.

  • Upvoting as a form of protest against all the "new game on game pass/PlayStation Plus" spam that gets upvoted.

    • I have no issue with the OP, nor the post.

      But technically those are different as those are actually deals by the fact they are cheaper/free for a limited time only.

      Access to this game at the price isn't fluctuating here.

  • Can you cancel straight away and get to play for a calendar month?

  • I wouldn't consider this a deal in the proper sense of the word, but still good to know.

    Better for people who don't care about owning the game or who want access to it right now (if you're like me and decided not to preorder then tried to buy on release only to fail to find a copy that wasn't $89 … whoops)

  • Alternatively pay amazon $63, finish it in 4 weeks and resell it for ~$50. Only cost you $13 to play.

    • what if you cant sell?

      • Of course you can sell it, the name will sell itself for all the mums and dads finding gifts for their kids.

      • Can't resell on PC, it's a key. I bought it and it's an amazing game, but I'm nearly done with the game, there is no new game+ so not sure if I'd replay it.

        In retrospect getting it on origin access might have been a good idea on PC. Consoles sure you can resell the physical easy.

    • I believe the PC versions are just Origin redemption codes which you can't resell since they are tied to your account.

    • +12 votes

      Resell PC games? You haven't been able to do that for 10+ years bud

    • It is rare that you can resell a PC game anymore, they are literally just a Steam or similar single use redemption code in a box, if they come with a DVD you might as well toss it because Day-1 patch is 50GB.

      Being able to resell is one of the console advantages.

      • I know you are right,but for some reason I thought I read the EU law was changing to force steam to allow resale? I'm aware we are not in the EU… but might filter down to us?

        • It's not even EU law. It's just France, and most likely will only apply to French residents. The 3000 euros they charged steam for non-compliance is pretty much pennies to how much they would lose if they let the ruling pass (and how much they're currently making).
          Also, a used market place would never work in the digital space. Whoever actually made the ruling in the French court clearly has no idea what the implications are of reselling games digitally.

          • @justarandyleak: In my opinion, the French have the right idea, in this case.

            Please explain how you think that the œconomics of reselling electronic keys is different from that of reselling tangible items.

    • Personally I'd be happy to pay the extra $7 to get it cheaper at launch and not have to deal with the selling process.

  • Deal or no deal - I appreciate this news - I've been wanting to stream Star Wars but didn't want to buy a copy at full price on launch - this is awesome and I wasn't aware so +1!

  • This is a deal. It's a creative way to access a game for cheaper than RRP.

  • Not really a deal but nice to know for those out there who are unfamiliar.

  • Was looking to purchase but I'd much rather do this. Thank you.

    Also love the anthem joke.

  • Not a deal but thanks

  • This is no different from the XBL and PSN spam.
    Not a deal.

  • I reported a previous streaming service release and the mods didn't even action my report. Is posting games on subscription services or movies/tv shows on streaming services what this site is about now?



    If I post another game from another game service I'll get my post deleted for trolling, and as I have stated previously the difference between a deal and not a deal is not sincerity.

    • Currently it is clear this post is helping a lot of people. I think in future these sort of posts may not be required once education levels are up.

  • I was going to go to JB Hifi and buy 20 DVDs for $400. Then I realised I could get them ALL on Neflix for $15 a month. As long as I watch them all this month, it's a great deal! Should I post this? :D

  • This is normal price.

  • I didn't even know Amazon was selling it for $63, was eyeing it on steam for $90 lol. So this is even better, thanks!

  • Technically not a deal but I think this is definitely a great awareness post - it's going to save many people from paying full price.

  • see username

  • Not a deal. Normal price.

    PC gamers should be negging the crap out of this. We don't want Origin or EA subscription services getting a foothold.

  • $239.88 pa fk me. I realise there’s a couple games but I’m not seeing deal here even at rrp.

    • If you buy 1 year upfront it is only $130 which is what I have, it is $20 per month if you buy only 1 month upfront at a time.

  • Still a bargain for me considering the confusion over EA saying it wasn't going to be on EA access, a lot of people also thought that meant the full game also wasn't going to be available on the service. Considering developers said the games story is self contained and no expansions in the future would be planned, I'd rather pay $20 to play through it close to release than $60 and have it sit in my steam library and never played again, or waiting a few months later for a sale.

    • Still a bargain for me considering the confusion over EA saying it wasn't going to be on EA access, a lot of people also thought that meant the full game also wasn't going to be available on the service.

      It's true, it's not on EA Access. Only Origin Premiere can get it, that makes it a PC exclusive. EA Access players on PS4/XB1 won't have access to this title.

  • $20 to rent a game is now a deal? Lol you're better buying a copy and selling it after. You might lose $10 $15 at the most. Game subs are cancer.

  • Rrp is not a deal

  • Thanks OP. Didnt buy it but came close.

    Don't understand why so many people are getting butthurt over this, it might be RRP but I now know the cheapest price for this is about $50 less than yesterday.

    • It's sort of about the site becoming flooded with "hire is bargain" listings.
      Hyundai i30 $25k…or hire it for just $100, bargain!
      It can get out of hand and the voting is there to keep stuff of the front page.

      • Sure, I'd hire it for 100 a day if I only needed it for a week or two and then never need it ever again. I wouldn't pay 25k for a week or two.

  • Going to neg this, because while I agree that this is a "bargain" of sorts, not all bargains are worth listing on here. After all, why not list the other 200 odd games available on EA Access as well? Or all the games on UPlay+ ? Besides, renting and owning are not the same thing. If we list subscription "bargains", such as this, they should only be compared with other subscription services. Apples with apples, people.

    • You don't own the games you "buy" on Steam or Xbox Live or PSN either. Unless you live in the EU, and I don't think that's gone through yet.

      • Technically you don't own any software you buy, even physical copies. This also applies to movies as well.

        • France has ruled that people have the right to sell there digital license. That is ownership, when you can sell it.

          • @jonathonsunshine: No, being able to sell something does not imply ownership. As I mentioned, you can buy and sell movies (DVD/Blu-ray) but you don't own those movies.

            • @AussieZed: Technically you are correct. You don't own the Movie (and hence, can't just download yourself another copy).
              But you do own the physical medium (1.2mm disc of layered plastic, and the permutations of microscopic bumps and trophs pressed into it.
              When you download a physical game, you own your hard drive/ssd and you have a license to use it (which in some cases, can be revoked).

              France has ruled that people have the right to sell there digital license.

              Some gyms let you sell your remaining membership, that doesn't mean you own the gym.

              P.S. I much prefer owning physical media when it comes to console video games. With Steam/Epic, etc, I only purchases when it's cheap or free.

      • That's not quite the same thing.

    • If we list subscription "bargains", such as this, they should only be compared with other subscription services

      Yes every month there are "bargain" posts on the front page telling the new PlayStation plus & Xbox live monthly included games as "free" even though it's a paid subscription service and just a regular inclusion

      There is no other subscription service that gives you access to Jedi Knight fallen order so there is nothing to compare it to.

  • Is Origin access premier available on ps4?

  • +3 votes

    Geez lots of time-wasting comments here. If you don't think it's a deal, move on.