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[XB1, PC] Play 'The Outer Worlds' with Xbox Game Pass Subscription @ Microsoft / Xbox Store


Seeing some deals floating around for The Outer Worlds, reviews look very positive.

Bit of a PSA: If you own an Xbox OR PC then you can get this game via GamePass.
If you aren't already subscribed (what are you doing) then here are the prices.

PC subscription intro price is $4.95 p/month
Console subscription price is $10.95 p/month

Edit: New users can currently join for $1.

Easily the cheapest way to play this title.

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  • Thanks, didn't know this was going to be on game pass day one.

  • I'd love to see the internal numbers for how and how much Obsidian is getting paid for this kind of thing. In theory this should remove a significant chunk of the XBox sales of this game, shouldn't it?

    • I don’t think it really matters as Microsoft owns obsidian.

      • Well, it's perhaps even more of a risk for them, then, as they're taking the loss if they don't make as much as they would have if it wasn't on game pass.

        I'm sure it makes sense, or at least there's a good chance it does, but I'd just like to see how the numbers look.

        • Yeah well it’s the same with all the first party titles. They all come day in date to Xbox games pass. Gears 5 is a recent example. Certainly not complaining.

        • it's a business finance thing - from a shareholder/investor standpoint, there's a far higher value in selling someone a $5 a month subscription than it is convincing people to fork out $70-$110 per game. Outright purchases are a one and done transaction, but if you're subscribed and part of the ecosystem, then there's a much higher value for your data, as well as being able to show a higher MRR for the finance teams

        • +6 votes

          “Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass are buying more titles and trying a wider variety of genres than they did before joining.”

          “subscribers are playing 40% more games — including titles outside the Game Pass catalogue.”

          “An impressive 91% of subscribers say they have played a title they would not tried without Xbox Game Pass, while Microsoft has noticed members are playing 30% more genres than they did before joining.”

          “Game Pass is actually driving players to pick up more titles — even outside the Xbox ecosystem. The usage for all titles included in Xbox Game Pass has increased by an average of six times.”


      • Microsoft purchased Obsidian late in production on this game, and while franchise rights belong to them now, the rights to publishing and distributing this first game remain with the Take 2 Interactive subsidiary "Private Division". Private Division would need to consent to the game being released on Game Pass, which means that they most likely got money, or some other form of compensation of value.

        If the publishing rights to this game were owned by Microsoft it's very unlikely that it would see a PS4 release, for example.

    • It's gotta be a massive amount, I can't see why anyone would buy the game on PC when you can just pay $5 to have it for a month. Maybe there's a catch though, they might have bulk DLC planned that isn't included in game pass.

      • I have a free key from GPU redemption but I also have a free 3 month pass. Gotta decide whether to sell the key and use the pass or not now! $5 a month is cheap, I didn't realise pricing was different between console and PC.

      • People like myself that would rather own games still and not rely on a subscription. There's plenty of people in that boat.

      • I'll buy it because I hate subscription game services with a passion and I prefer to be able to play the game whenever I want without having to make sure my sub is active.

        • It's the cancer of gaming if there wasn't one already.

          Gamers in 2025 be like: Remember when Microsoft sold games? Now I have to subscribe to gamepass in order to play halo. I pay $25 a month and I don't even get to own it, btw is it down for anyone else?

    • I’ve gotta say it’s working. I converted a few months of gold into the ultimate, and I’ve gotten to play Metro exodus, Gears 5 and now Outer Worlds for free. Definitely makes me want to stick around when it ends with all the value I’ve gotten from it.

  • Preload went up the other day too, got it all downloaded and ready :D

    Although it is the type of game that I would eventually like to own properly rather than rent. (Insert comment here about how you never own games)
    Definitely going to play through it on gamepass and then check out the inevitable GOTY DLC-stuffed edition once it comes to steam and off of Epic later next year.

    • I think you've just made the decision for me, I'll do the same. Play it on gamepass and sell my epic key. Then I'll get it on Steam.

    • How did you preload it? Install is greyed (blued) out for me.

    • Insert comment here about how you never own games

      That's incorrect, most jurisdictions including Australia have court decisions that mean you recieve the same consumer rights as any other good when you purchase a license.

      You are not purchasing a right to use a license, you are purchasing a specific license instance that has all the same rights under ACL as a physical good.

      In theory this means shutting down servers that prevent the use of the game due to DRM is "illegal" (or whatever violating ACL is …) if you didn't inform the customer or remove the DRM.

  • Game pass is $1 at the moment for new users, change post for any extra bargain

  • Looking forward to this, thanks for the info! :)

  • What time does the game unlock?

  • hard to say when it comes online but i think its around 10 or 11 usually

  • I was keeping my eye out for this game and never knew about Gamepass - great deal!

    Just signed up there and I'm trying to pre-load it but I think the Microsoft Store is getting absolutely flogged or something, because it's either responding with errors or going at a snail's pace (unless that's how it normally is).

    EDIT: Ok, rebooted my PC and games are actually opening up now in MS Store (instead of giving the spinning circle animation).

  • Already pre-loaded on both PC and Xbone!

  • If you haven't got Game Pass Ultimate yet then check if you're eligible for one of the $1/1-month or $2/2-months upgrade deals, then see if you can use this deal to pump up your Live Gold first (confirmed still working as of 8 days ago).

    • May I just ask, this Live Gold thing, this is essentially the online multiplayer component, isn't it? If I don't own the console and just play on PC, then would it have any advantages over subscribing to this Game Pass?

      • Sort of. You can have a Live account on Xbox (actually, I think it's required for Xbox One these days) which gives you access to online content such as updates, purchased games, etc. Live Gold is required to play multiplayer and access some free DLC and other services. In your case you're correct that you don't need to purchase it for PC since you don't have a console. You're only option right now would be to buy Game Pass Ultimate directly. AFAIK, there isn't an easy way to pump up your subscription before making the switch to Ultimate on PC. Hope that all made sense!

        • I think I got the gist of it. Thanks so much for taking the time out to try and explain it. Much obliged.

  • +1 vote

    Great feature the game pass. It’s one thing I wish Sony would incorporate with the PS4. Would love to check this game out but don’t want to pay full price given how many titles are coming out over the next month.

  • I do quite like having my PC and Xbox games saves going across both platforms too. I can play it while chilling in discord with mates. Or turn on the Xbox one x and relax on the lounge.

    PS4 won this generation, but MS Xbox have really bounced back and could be in a good position again if Halo Infinte is a system seller like Zelda BOTW.

    • Xbox have built a better foundation for next generation, for me i couldn't care less about console sales, its more about value and quality of service for the user, which is why i prefer xbox. I have both for the exclusives though

      • I agree they have done well with this game pass as they are getting me as a customer again and I'm on my way out of the Sony camp by building myself a gaming PC instead of buying a much weaker console in 12-14 months time (PS5) but MS's downfall this gen has been a very mediocre first party title collection whereas Sony have knocked it out of the park. Games sell consoles, I don't see Sony slowing down in this respect. I do hope that they decide to push all of their first party titles onto a service like this as well though (not PS Now, I don't want to stream games) as that's a win/win for PC gamers.

        • Sony will sadly always have the better exclusives.
          Microsoft were too slow to realise that exclusives win.
          Sony bought the best studios while Microsoft sat around going but we have halo!

  • So its the Ultimate ($15) Pass that I'm seeing for $1, can I change across to the regular ($5) game pass after the first month?

    • What I did was try out ultimate pass for $1 trial, let it expire.. then joined up pc game pass for $1 trial (and then probably go for the $5/month after that)

  • Dude you ROCK!! This is an incredible deal

  • I believe if you set your Xbox region to New Zealand it should unlock at 10 PM tonight

  • Look like I need to buy more SSD 2TB or better for the foreseeable future. Loving gamepass for PC.

  • This thread is a good demonstration of the poor marketing Microsoft are doing for Game Pass.

    A lot of people not knowing about GP.
    A lot not realising this game is on GP.
    Not realising its on PC.

    100+ upvotes for a deal that should be common knowledge really.

    Hopefully they start making GP front and centre in their advertising to more 'casual' audiences as its one of the best deals in gaming…ever.

    • Not sure why you're getting downvoted, I agree. It seems like a really good deal but you rarely see it mentioned, unlike Steam/Epic which are everywhere.

      • It's a fantastic deal, that's the point.

        Game Pass has been a good deal for years, but the amount of people who I speak to, who have Xbox or PC and don't know about it shocks me.
        That was reinforced by this thread and the amount of people unaware of the inclusion of The Outer Worlds.

        I wish MS would get smarter in what they do as I feel Game Pass might collapse if MS don't get the traction that they need for it to be worthwhile for them to continue. No way they are making much money from it at present.

  • Im new to these Game pass releases - can you pre download game before their official release date? Its takes a good day or 2 to download games.

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